Barry’s New Job

Dr. Jim Garrow

It didn’t take long for the saying to kick in – you know the one about “Idle hands are the devils workshop.” The leader of 27% of America is getting ready to put it into high gear and join the rabble on the front lines of the fight against all things American. He is just waiting for the right timing, the right mob and clearance from his Secret Service handlers to ensure that he looks wild and free while being tethered to the safety and security of his well-armed group of eight. Then he can really get into it, surrounded by eager young thugs, ready to rock and roll against “the man.”

Remember “the man?” Up until January, Obama had been “the man” for the past eight years. Like peeling back the onion, the underlying layer of Barry Soetoro was just waiting to be revealed. Transitioning from being the leader of the free world to being the commie-inspired agitator. I’m waiting for him to make the error of referencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle for equal rights for blacks. Mrs. King can then put a hurt on him with the truth of how he is in no way, style or fashion anything like the dearly-departed Reverend. That would be a classic battle come to think of it. All style versus all reality. The Poser versus the Champion. Obama might be better off thinking that one through a little more.

If folks ever got hold of the notion that he is merely an actor putting forth a characterization versus the track record of a real champion of the people like Dr. King, his goose would be cooked.

As the walls go up around the suburban home of the previous President, the metaphor of contraction, of protectionism, of trying to be the common man behind a moat and a bridge and battlements is pretty hard to hide. “Hypocrazy” is my word for it. The hypocrite whose reality is a far cry from what his press clippings would indicate, hiding behind the wall of separation while trying to convince the world that his is just one of us. The picture is worth a thousand words and I can’t wait to see if we will get some cell phone movies from the first public protest encounter showing folks being herded and shoved in order for the perfect photo op showing Barry as the man of the people. I hope no one is trampled or killed while trying to get a selfie with Barack, the man of the people. If things get really rough, Barry can always head back to Hawaii and put his feet up, throwing back a couple of Coors Lites while munching on fresh pineapple, writing his next book by Bill Ayers and Company.

Educator and former intelligence operative Dr. Jim Garrow was the runner-up to President Barack Obama for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Pink Pagoda, an organization started by Dr. Garrow, is responsible for having saved the lives of over 40,000 Chinese baby girls from China’s one-child policy.


Nathan Brazil

Barry’s past has to come out someday. I hope Trump breaks it wide open. Barry getting student aid as a foreign student would be a start.
His birth certificate is far from being sorted out.
Social Security number is not legit as well. Stinks to high heaven.

William B Stoecker

I think we can safely assume that every wild rumor about King Hussein is true. The monster really is a Muslim who hates all Christians and Jews. It is a Black racist who hates all Whites. It is a communist (which really means fascist) who hates freedom and prosperity. There is no evidence that it ever even graduated from high school, let alone the universities it allegedly attended (where no one remembers the creature). And it really was not born in America, whether half Kenyan or a Saudi, it was never legally our President, and every executive order and every bill it signed (including Obamacare) is null and void, as are all its appointments, like the “wise Latina” and the other dyke on the Supremes.