erikrush_inset1Erik Rush was born in New York City on January 1, 1961, the first child of a white father and black mother. For many years his family lived in the same neighborhood as Betty Shabazz (Malcolm X’s widow) and her children. His mother also founded a prominent African dance and drum troupe in New York; thus, Erik grew up keenly aware of the unfolding cultural issues of the day.

Erik has a background in music, martial arts, biomedical research, and business. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (with a minor in Criminal Justice) from Liberty University. He is an author and contributor of social commentary to various print and online publications. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, and is a veteran of innumerable radio appearances and speaking engagements.

In February of 2007, Erik was the first to break the story of then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a national level. His latest book, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession, is available on Amazon.com and other places books are sold.

In Runaway Slave, Rev. C.L. Bryant and leading black conservatives (including Erik Rush) demonstrate that it is time for a new Underground Railroad to help liberate all Americans from the Government plantation that has left the black community dealing with a new form of slavery: entitlements.

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Mental Health Gun Checks? Let Obama go First

On Friday, the Our Dear Leader proposed two new executive actions to ostensibly make it easier for states to provide mental health information to the national firearms background check system. This of course means that more and likely over-reaching, arbitrary criteria will be used to determine who..

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Stop apologizing: America’s New Year’s resolution

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions in general, because they tend to set people up for failure. I know I’m not unique in this, but my rationale might be; this is because the sorts of things that people typically resolve are often outside of their direct control. That might sound..

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Accept resignations from D.C. leadership says Major General Vallely

In 1775, an American people preparing to fight for their freedom turned to a retired military officer to lead them.

For more than 15 years, Colonel George Washington had been retired to farm the Virginia countryside, until Boston patriots waged their famous tea party and the Battles..

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TO: Patriots (black, white, male, female, civilian, military, truckers, bikers, militias, veterans, old, young; every American that loves freedom and liberty)

DATE: May 16 2014 in Washington D.C.

MISSION: Restoration of Constitutional government,..

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Agent: Feds allowed Brian Terry Killing to gain cartel operatives’ trust

A federal agent who exposed the Justice Department’s flawed gun-trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious says the FBI played a key role in events leading to the 2010 murder near Nogales, Ariz., of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

John Dodson, a special..

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Stop pretending Obama is our president

When are we going to stop pretending that the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama and currently holding the office of president of the United States is anything other than a foreign-backed, Marxist operative and Islamist whose objectives include the effective destruction..

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Egypt Indicts Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton

Merry Christmas, America! Indeed, it looks like someone’s chickens are coming home to roost…

As reported by the Western Center for Journalism, in two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood..

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Do Democrat lawmakers anticipate treason trials?

According to a report by Breitbart’s Elizabeth Sheld, eight Democrat lawmakers have proposed a bill that would eliminate the death penalty as a consequence for individuals convicted of numerous federal crimes, among them espionage and treason. Nothing happens in Washington without a reason,..

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