But Don’t Offend the Muslims…

Thank God that in this day and age of the press determining it wishes to aid in the downfall of civilized society as opposed to doing its job, whistleblowers and citizen journalists have the facility to bring news into the realm of public discussion.

rigby_murdererAs reported in Front Page Magazine in a column entitled The UK Confronts Islamism, Britain and other Western democracies are “attempting to address” the problem of Islamofascism and the attendant rape, murder, enslavement, and oppression it has brought to these nations. Unfortunately, they are attempting to do so by employing some of the same ineffectual methods we are seeing used in America – although at this point, their problem is much worse than ours.

The methods of which I speak include a basic denial of the reality of Islam and those who adhere to it to the degree that compels them to rape, murder, enslave, and oppress. These aspects are being referred to by European politicians as “extremism,” and in their approach, they seem to believe that that can separate the “extreme” actions from the perpetrators, or the perpetrators from the system (I use the term system rather than religion because Islam is a system with a religious component, much like Marxism, which simply does not codify its religious zealotry).

Part of this, I believe stems from their squishy desire to be politically correct and not offend Muslims, and the other is sheer stupidity. Obviously they do not remember their own history, wherein 1000 years ago, Islamists attempted the subjugation of Europe in precisely the same manner they are attempting now. This is even proscribed in their writings; the small religious factions that emigrate into a nation, the politicizing of that faction as it grows, then finally the militant uprisings which overthrow the establishment. This is what Westerners refer to as radicalization.

But Islam has always been radical, and save for the tiny minority of Muslims who enjoy living in Western democracies and republics (and who would be quite happy if the process never progressed), Islam remains what it always has been: Manifestly unable to coexist with any other creed, and thus wholly incompatible with Western society.

So if we wish to avoid having American women raped in accord with the rapist-mass murderer Muhammad’s directives, have our citizens beaten, robbed, and hacked to death in the streets, and ultimately to be completely subjugated by howling, bearded, dress-wearing, pedophiliac primitives, we’d better get about it now.

As far as offending Muslims goes: You know what they say about making an omelet…