Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession
by Erik Rush
Negrophilia studies the undue and inordinate affinity for blacks (as opposed to antipathy toward them) that has been promoted by activists, politicians and the establishment press for the past 40 years and which has fostered an erroneous perception of blacks, particularly in America. The book dissects the dynamic of race relations and race politics with an emphasis on same since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, how these are likely to develop given a Barack Obama presidency, and how conscientious Americans may discern the deeper truths of these matters and thus develop healthier perceptions.
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Ex US Agent: Obama Could Still Pull Off EMP Attack on America

On November 25, former US clandestine operative Dr. James Garrow returned to FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! to elucidate upon his earlier charge that this Fall, three top military brass (who were later among those purged by the Obama administration) had thwarted an attempt by the President to initiate..

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Holder & Obama: A 1-2 impeachment punch

Holder & Obama: A 1-2 impeachment punch

On the one hand, I’d hate to be a fly on the wall of the White House these days, considering the palpable tension that must certainly exist given the pressures from mounting scandals, the ire of the American people over the chaotic Obamacare rollout and President Obama’s serial deceptions..

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Countering Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”

Chattanooga TV producer and entrepreneur Melanie Tipton is producing a new documentary celebrating capitalism – and fighting back against President Obama’s push for socialism and war on Capitalism. Through her production company, Soar On The Wings of Eagles, the former athlete, sports..

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Ex-US Agent Claims Military Thwarted Obama False Flag Nuke/EMP Attack this Fall

Dr. James Garrow, the philanthropist and former US clandestine operative revealed on Nov. 18 in posts on social media that among the top military brass who have been relieved of duty by the Obama administration, there are three who were involved in preventing the President from launching a “false..

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Obama Turned Down IBM Offer To Cut Medicare Fraud By $900 Billion in 2010

On February 23, 2011, Barbara Hollingsworth reported in the Washington Examiner that in 2010, the CEO of IBM offered the Obama administration a free software program that would have cut Medicare and Medicaid fraud by almost a trillion dollars, but he was turned down – twice.

“We could have..

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Oprah Winfrey is a Slug

Oprah Winfrey is a Slug


Oprah Winfrey is officially a slug. A big, squishy, fat black slug. No, wait! Actually, I think she’s the gunk that comes out of slugs; that silver slime they leave behind where they’ve been.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Oprah said that both Barack Obama..

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FULL-CONTACT Seeks Account Executive

The FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! Streaming radio show seeks a highly-motivated Account Executive. This is a contract/commission position, and experience is essential. This will involve placing inventory (broadcast time on the show) with various national business advertisers and sponsors…

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Obamacare: Best chance to defeat the left –– for good

Well, it’s finally happened. We have reached the point where it has become so evident that President Barack Hussein Obama is just this side of evil incarnate and that his administration and radical leftists in Congress are constitutional criminals that those who continue to support them and..

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“Hosurance” Reveals Left’s Disrespect for Women

“Hosurance” Reveals Left’s Disrespect for Women

Like many of you, I find the sexually suggestive advertisement by ProgressNow Colorado and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (which has gained national attention) stupid and disgusting. Also like many of you, I initially thought it was a parody, as did many people on both sides of the political..

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Jay-Z, Other Celebs Pushing Satanism?

Now, this really pisses me off. Not just as a Christian, (as such, I take Luciferianism very seriously), but given the moral ambivalence and social decline America is facing, to have inordinately revered celebrities (idols) embracing and advancing satanic cults is just too over the top. Wake the hell..

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