The ruling class unmasked – on YouTube?

The recent YouTube video by a young woman that was featured on a colleague’s website got me thinking about the progress patriots are making against the Obama administration and the oligarchs in Washington. Carey Wedler’s video, “Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama, ” has enjoyed quite a few views and chronicles the 20-something’s journey from liberal Obama groupie to what I’d call a quasi-libertarian at this point. She still has a ways to go.

In this video, the terminally cute Wedler, who is wearing a faded Obama T-shirt, discusses why she is disillusioned – nay, profoundly disgusted – with our president. She proceeds to rattle off a pretty accurate litany of some of the president’s more public shortfalls (though by no means his most egregious), then proceeds to doff the shirt and burn it with a propane torch. She doesn’t look old enough to have voted for Obama in 2008, but offers a photo of herself – wearing the new, unfaded and unburned Obama shirt – and her friends celebrating on the night of his first electoral victory, so who am I to call her a liar?

After the pyrotechnics, Wedler further excoriates our richly deserving chief executive, then explains that our government has become so corrupted that the American people are pretty much screwed (I’m paraphrasing). She claims in her Comments section that she would never again vote for a liberal or a conservative, since the efforts appear to garner the same results for the nation, its allies and the world in general.

With regard to her account of Obama’s crimes, all I can say is “You don’t know the half of it, lady.” Then, I would take issue with the wholesale conviction of liberals and conservatives.

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Obama backs Nazis, crickets from the press

Obama_Yatsenyuk1Without a doubt, the political landscape in America has become such a surreal wasteland of utter deceit and conspiracy that should a preponderance of citizens ever become aware of its breadth and depth, we will collectively suffer a paroxysm of shame as well as horror in having been so completely duped for so many years by so many whom we trusted.

Since December, the European press has regularly reported on the fact that the Obama administration and congressional emissaries have lent support both moral and economic to factions that later became the revolutionary government in Ukraine. These factions, which fomented the uprisings leading to the flight of President Viktor Yanukovych late last month, are essentially Nazis.

In mid-December of 2013, Sen. John McCain traveled to Kiev and visited with members of the Svoboda Party, an ultra-nationalist, anti-Semitic group that is aligned with other European nationalistic parties; initially, they were called the Social National Party of Ukraine. Their symbol is a swastika-style logo. Since 2010, the Svoboda party has garnered a healthy following, winning their first parliamentary seats and taking just over 10 percent of the vote to become Ukraine’s fourth-biggest party.

I believe that the sole reason the European press feels safe in reporting these things is twofold. One is distance: The issue deals with the American government, rather than European governments. Two, their reporting is typically replete with references to the Svoboda Party and other Ukrainian ultra-nationalists as “far-right,” a term that is accurate with respect to the 20th-century European political model, but inaccurate with respect to the present one. It is convenient, however, in demonizing conservatives, particularly American conservatives – so the “far-right” appellation works for them, as well as the American press in other areas.
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Who is Putin really fighting in Ukraine?

obama-putin1It would be an understatement to say that I was decidedly irked at Sens. John McCain, Lindsay Graham and others of their caliber making the rounds of television news shows this week bemoaning President Obama’s weakness on foreign policy as the cause for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Equally irksome was their bastardization of conservatives’ talking points pertaining to the issue; i.e., extolling the wisdom of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney in their admonitions to beware Russia in 2008 and 2012, respectively.

Palin and Romney were right, to be sure, but it is the GOP leaders’ hypocritical theatrics that gall. It has not been Obama’s weakness that is to blame for Putin’s excursion into the Crimean Peninsula, it is Obama having purposefully telegraphed weakness – in the same way he has telegraphed weakness in his foreign policy overall, thereby emboldening both enemies and potential enemies alike.

What’s the difference? The difference is huge. Jimmy Carter was a foreign-policy bungler. He was weak because he had a delusional overview of geopolitics and his significance as a world leader. Barack Obama has advanced similar policies, but this is not because of miscalculation; it is because of his desire – essentially a lifelong desire – to diminish the United States’ status as a superpower.

Obviously, Obama does not care if his detractors declare that he is weak or inept at foreign policy, any more than he cares if they believe he is a poor economic manager or leader on domestic issues. His policies, which have been detrimental to America on every front – economic stability, national security, domestic tranquility, foreign policy – are the sabotage of an enemy operative, not the careless acts of a ham-handed politician.

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Obama’s manipulation of the Internet


German citizens protest President Obama

Recently in this space, I addressed the incongruities of those on the political left expending vast amounts of time and energy attempting to discredit those on the right whom they maintain are conspiracy theorists, fear-mongers, or straight-up mental defectives. To this end, I highlighted some of the nefarious activities against which my colleagues and I warned and how these notions were ridiculed, only to be confirmed via impeccable sources later on.

Among the more outlandish and absurd postulations I made involved those whom I lovingly call the “White House Basement Bloggers.” My contention: The Obama administration has in its employ cadres of operatives dedicated to Internet activities aimed at everyday American Internet users, as well as those conservative blogs or websites that are more vulnerable than larger, well-funded entities. The anecdotal as well as technical evidence of this has been overwhelming, yet, inasmuch as this administration admits to nothing – even when evidence is overwhelming – nothing definitive had been proved.

Until now …

Once again, my outlandish and absurd postulation has been unequivocally proved. The abysmal website rollout (which was abysmal by design) notwithstanding, we’re aware that this administration is the most tech-savvy we’ve had to date.

This week, award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald released the first in a series of news articles confirming that Western governments (including the United States, of course) are “attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the Internet itself.”

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Republicans in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood?

malikobama1It appears that with each passing week – if not more often than that – we are made aware of yet more evidence of the transcendent corruption in our government and political infrastructure, if you will. Although the emerging tyranny of the Obama administration and its audacious proliferation of collectivist policies defy reason, the façade has indeed begun to crumble.

As the crimes of the president and his collaborators are revealed, however, the evidence of even more entrenched subterfuge and malevolent designs comes to light. Some of these – like the overall objectives of Marxists like Obama – have been decades in the making, and involve individuals and organizations the average American would never suspect.

The Egyptian publication Ahram Online reported Tuesday that Egypt’s Field Marshall Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi met this week with a congressional delegation led by Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. Rogers is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; his discussions with El-Sisi reportedly “covered matters of mutual interest between the two countries, as well as regional and international issues.”

According to the Shoebat Foundation website, at least part of the delegation’s mission may be to look into the Egyptian government’s case against President Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama. He has been charged by the Egyptian government with participating in conspiracies involving the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now officially outlawed in Egypt. As reported in this space previously, the working relationship between the brothers Obama (which the administration maintains does not exist) coupled with the administration’s role in the rise of the Morsi regime in Egypt lend credence to the administration’s overall collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood.

In its most recent release on the subject, the Shoebat Foundation cautions readers not to jump to positive conclusions with regard to Rogers’ motives. It would not be the first time Republican members of Congress had interceded in this process of forming a new government in Egypt since Morsi’s ouster and had their motivations or allegiances questioned. In August of 2013, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham traveled to Cairo at the behest of President Obama and met with Egypt’s interim leaders in an ostensible attempt to bring the military and civilian factions to the table following Morsi’s removal and arrest. Many contended that this was actually a show of support for the Muslim Brotherhood and intended to undermine the military.

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Time to push back against the regime

birtherTOSOn Feb. 8, 2014, one of the oldest and most highly trafficked websites addressing the eligibility and fraud of the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama II was shut down by Google (Blogger) on a pretext of Terms of Service (TOS) violations.

As you may know, Google and several other highly successful tech and Internet companies have cooperated with the Obama administration and its nefarious data-mining and censorship practices, despite Obama’s disdain for business in general and capitalism in particular, and his habit of co-opting entire business sectors.

After the complaints of the website’s owners, users and negative publicity, Google re-activated the website two days later. Their claim to the owner was that hackers had compromised various servers and ad servers, thus leading to the interruption of service. Many users and observers find this implausible given prominent notices that appeared on the website during that period, which specifically indicated that it had been shut down due to TOS violations.

Leaving aside the relative imprudence of the owner hosting a site with such content on a Google server (knowing their ties to the administration), let us examine the facts as we know them:

Over the last few years, American citizens, patriot groups and even members of the press have been targeted by the Obama administration for illegal scrutiny, harassment and intimidation. We are aware of the high-profile IRS scandal, wherein conservative nonprofits were targeted for inordinate scrutiny during the application process – but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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‘Nazi underground’ in Middle East

al-husseini-and-hitlerEvidence that has emerged in recent months regarding long-standing ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and high-ranking members of our government – both past and present – has given rise to a myriad of particularly grave questions. As reported by several Middle Eastern news agencies and by former Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Walid Shoebat, Egyptian authorities have implicated not only President Obama and members of his administration, but Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as members of the president’s family in plots to reinstall a Muslim Brotherhood government in that country.

In fact, in light of evidence his organization recently obtained (which reportedly includes Israeli intelligence reports), Shoebat has called for the arrest of Malik Obama (President Obama’s half-brother) on charges of being a principal in a clandestine outfit that funds the promotion of global terrorism. Malik Obama is, according to the evidence, a U.S. resident who has lived in Washington, D.C., since 1985. Shoebat also asserts that this cabal includes several Kenya-based Obama family members as well.

As widely reported, Malik Obama has been named by the government of Egypt as a conspirator in crimes ancillary to the above pursuits and is the principal in a nonprofit organization that was personally fast-tracked by embattled former director of the Internal Revenue Service Exempt Organizations division, Lois Lerner. This occurred after Obama’s nonprofit had been operating illegally in the U.S. for two years.

In light of all this, one would naturally surmise that the organization was a vehicle for funneling money to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Shoebat’s new report is comprehensive, but is by no means the smoking gun one would hope Congress (or at least Republicans in Congress) would display with relish as affirmation of the president’s collusion with international terrorists. Why do I say this? Because this evidence is but one of many smoking guns littering the political landscape that American lawmakers and the press have refused to even look at, let alone pick up and brandish for all the world to see.

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Beware of wolves in patriot’s clothing

evil eyes1Those who have taken up the mantle of America’s founders and purposed to defend the republic against the communistic designs of the Obama administration and the oligarchical collectivism that it is attempting to usher in with the aid of congressional Democrats, turncoat Republicans, the press and others must bear in mind that these actions are the culmination of a decades-long political war of attrition.

The beginning of the last century of course saw the advent of the modern progressives who, while not communists, were narcissistic, big-government elites who fancied themselves every bit as wise as America’s founders, if not more so. The infiltration of communists into the mix gained momentum in the 1960s and set us on track for where we find ourselves today.

Thus, as patriots – some newly awakened to the gravity of our peril – gird their loins for what could wind up being a literal battle for America, they must also realize that such villains as we fight, like any well-entrenched enemy:

  1. cannot be expected to surrender unless their capacity for aggression is neutralized, and
  2. should be expected to employ all of the implements they would have accumulated in their arsenal over decades of preparation.

In the coming months, it is likely that American patriots will initiate decisive action against the Obama administration, elements of the corrupt Congress and the bloated bureaucracy our federal government has become. This will probably begin with large-scale peaceful demonstrations. To that end, there is a great deal of grass-roots organization taking place. Much of this is taking place in cyberspace and, to a lesser degree, over the airwaves.

Inasmuch as there are politicians, activist judges, lobbyists, consultants, academics, media personalities and government functionaries who have insinuated themselves into their places of influence and crafted their strategy over many, many years, it is reasonable to assume that they have prepared individuals to infiltrate the ranks of patriot organizations.

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Blacks’ blind allegiance to ‘blackness’

sharptonrally1“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”

– Barack Obama, the New Yorker, Jan. 27 edition

Well, the race-baiters are at it again, and with the uncanny tendency of their inflammatory rhetoric to come in waves within news cycles – or even touching them off; one wonders if they might be coordinated. So, President Obama says in his recent interview with the New Yorker that racial tensions have militated against his popularity among white voters over the last two years. While Obama did add that there are some blacks and whites who may like him simply because he is black, this does not mitigate the cravenness and utterly disgusting nature of his claim.

Indeed, I would submit that Obama would not have become president except for his ethnicity. That aside, he would be wearing an orange jumpsuit by now – at the very least – if not for the fact that he’s black. One could argue that his words were irresponsible, but the term “irresponsible” carries the connotation that he didn’t fully grasp what he was saying. Obama knew exactly what he was saying; lest I digress, he used the New Yorker interview to interject quite a few other points of salacious propaganda, all quite calculated.

The idea that racism has played a part in Americans’ dissatisfaction with Obama obviously defies logic. Did the whites who voted for him in 2008 and 2012 suddenly decide to embrace their “inner racist”? No. Of course, Obama knows that there is no logic in this whatsoever – but it doesn’t matter. He is playing to hopelessly propagandized blacks and leftist ideologues – the sorts of people who might vote in an outright communist as mayor of New York City, for example.

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