“Lynching” Furor and the Forgotten Racial History Of America

“Lynching” Furor and the Forgotten Racial History Of America

by Bob Bennett •

In these days of deliberate racialism by Democrats, who call the president—and the entire GOP racists—It’s time for black Americans and Republicans to learn their joint history.

The Civil War was not only between North and South, but between Republican and Democrat.

After they lost the War, Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan to control and subjugate blacks and fight Republicans. Famed American historian, Dr. Eric Foner, Professor of History at Columbia University, wrote:

“Founded in 1866 as a Tennessee social club, the Ku Klux Klan spread into nearly every Southern state, launching a ‘reign of terror’ against Republican leaders black and white….In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired the restoration of white supremacy.”

The Klan was founded in 1867, in Pulaski, Tennessee by former Confederate soldiers John C. Lester, John B. Kennedy, James R. Crowe, Frank O. McCord, Richard R. Reed, and J. Calvin Jones.

We hear incessant reminders of “home-grown American terrorism” in Oklahoma, but the first organized terrorist group that possessed real power was the Invisible Empire—the Ku Klux Klan. Soon after its founding, Klan terrorism made a mockery of Lincoln’s martyrdom by robbing American blacks of the most precious gifts of America, the right to pursue happiness and the right to vote.

The Klan’s hallowed mission was to suppress the Black vote. Over 2,000 people were killed and wounded in Louisiana during the run-up to the Presidential election of November 1868. The Republican candidate was Ulysses S. Grant.

The events in Louisiana’s St. Landry Parish were emblematic of the impact of the Klan. The parish had a registered Republican majority of 1,071. But after the murders, not a single Republican voted in the election.

The entire vote of the parish was cast by white Democrats, for Grant’s opponent. The KKK’s assault on St. Landry’s resulted in more than 200 casualties among black Republicans.  Twenty-five bodies were found in a shallow grave in the woods.

But Grant won anyway and made it his hallowed mission to destroy the Klan. In 1869, a federal grand jury affirmed that the Ku Klux Klan was a terrorist organization. In 1871, The U.S. Senate investigated and reported on the lawless suppression of the rights of Negro citizens in the “former insurrectionary states.”

In the spring of 1871, President Grant asked Congress to give him the power to fight the Klan and enforce the right of freed slaves to vote. Within a month, Congress responded with the Ku Klux Klan Act, which Republicans introduced “to enforce the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

The Act also gave Grant the power to suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus, to combat the violence of the Klan. This he used only a single time, in October of that year, in ten North Carolina counties that were racked with widespread Klan terrorism.

The results were the virtual obliteration of the Ku Klux Klan until about 1915, when it rose again, reaching full flower in the 1960s. The Klan’s mission, then was opposing the Civil Rights Movement.

Republican President Eisenhower desegregated public facilities in the Nation’s capital, desegregated the armed forces; and like his fellow-Republican President Grant, he used Federal troops—this time, to desegregate the schools.

Today, Democrats back-slap one another over the great things their party has done for Blacks, but conceal from America their not-so-distant past.

President Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on Oct 5, 1953, capping his sweeping reform of the Federal courts—particularly in the South—with appointments that would bring about and enforce the Brown v. Board of Education decision, which was to come on May 17, 1954.

That is the day the Warren Court declared unanimously that “separate but equal” schools were unconstitutional,  overturning Plessy v Ferguson, the 1896 decision that upheld the constitutionality of  segregation and the “separate but equal” principle. On August 29, 1957 Eisenhower succeed in getting passage of the Civil Rights Bill of 1957—after a bitter struggle with 18 southern Democrats, including Senator Sam J. Ervin, who would later confront Nixon over the Watergate scandal, complained passage of the law would give the president the power to send troops into the South.

Lyndon Johnson, who was later given credit in revisionist history for helping pass the Act, had in fact worked with the southern segregationists to limit the bill’s scope to voting rights.

New York Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. issued a press release declaring that Eisenhower had “kept his word to me 100 Percent.” Powell related that on October 11, 1956 Ike had promised him, that in his next State of the Union speech, he would call for passage of civil rights law; spell out specifically what he wanted in it and get his allies in Congress to fight for its passage.

Powell added: “After 80 years of political slavery, this is the second emancipation.” This act, together with Brown v Board of Ed., are the forgotten history of black America and the Republican Party.

Bob Bennett is a New York-based writer who has written op-eds for the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, and has appeared on Fox and Friends and America’s Newsroom. He has traveled widely and written travel pieces for the NY Post, a cover article for the Jewish Press, and an op-ed for the medical journal Cancer Biotherapy & Radioimmunotherapy. Bob was also award-winning producer of a travel radio show heard on New York stations: WMCA, WNWK and 50,000 watt WOR and the national Sky Angel Network. He now blogs on Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Community and Red State Diaries.

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Army Surplus Weapons For Fun And…

Army Surplus Weapons For Fun And…

By Jay Chambers •

People love objects that have some kind of history behind them – no matter if it’s something functional or just an ornamental piece. Such items are rare, so when you find one, you must grab it. But this doesn’t only go for simple objects you use around the house. Shooters now have the opportunity to own a powerful gun, one that was produced a long time ago and holds some history.

Military surplus weapons are a nice, cheaper way to get your hands on a well-designed gun and save some cash in the process. More than that, the simple thought of the role they played in history is enough to make your mood rise. Let’s not waste any time and see what army surplus weapons are.

What Are Army Surplus Weapons?

Army surplus weapons are guns that have been produced a long time ago and were used in the military, as the name suggests. They were produced in high numbers, and since they are not really used in the army that much anymore, they are being sold to the population. Although they don’t possess some of the latest mechanisms such as fingerprint locks, they can still be used.

These guns were mass-produced, and they have a lot of history. Luckily, there’s still ammunition available for them, so whoever wishes to use them can do so. These rifles make perfect for collectors, as well as hunters, survivalists or those who want to engage in paintball fun.

Why Do People Buy Them?

There are many reasons why people buy them. After all, there must be something great about them if people take such interest in these old-school rifles. Here are some reasons why army surplus weapons receive so much love:

  1. History

Of course, the first reason is the historical background that they have. It’s not every day that you find a rifle used during an important war. If you want a normal rifle, you just have to go to a gun shop. An AR-15, for example, can be easily found with better firepower nowadays. One example is the Bravo Company Manufacturing RECCE 16 Carbine AR 15 rifle. It’s a powerful weapon that works both at short range and longer range and is perfect to use in competitions. However, it doesn’t have the same look and feel that a historical rifle offers.

An army surplus weapon could add something extra and makes you look cool. The simple thought of owning a gun that played a part in your country’s history is enough to give you an adrenaline rush.

Also, it’s not just using it that feels so amazing, but having it for your collection can do the trick too. It would be one of the most valuable pieces, if not the most valuable one.

  1. Design

We can’t really leave this detail out, because even if you care more about functionality than looks, having both of them is always the best. Many people are in love with army surplus weapons because they look very cool. You could argue that present weapons look amazing too, but they still got nothing on the charm of these old rifles.

Design is even more relevant in the case of collectors. An old weapon will always be eye-candy for them and whoever is being introduced to their collection.

  1. Price

When you have a certain hobby, the chances are that you need money to take it to the level you want. So, if your hobby is shooting, you may want to have a nice weapon collection, but your funds may not allow you.

This is possibly one of the biggest benefits of army surplus weapons. Of course, it depends on the situation and the rifle model, sometimes, but in general, there are high chances they’re more affordable compared to modern weapons.

While modern guns come with extra features that increase their price, army surplus weapons are quite basic. Apart from that, they are second hand. So, they tend to come for a lower price than the guns you normally see in gun shops, offering you a better chance of buying them. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain?

  1. Functionality

You’d think that after decades of being used, these guns have lost their ability to function, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, many of them can still offer outstanding performance, and shooters can use them for target shooting and hunting. Especially if the person is a more casual shooter and doesn’t look for specific additional features for their gun, army surplus weapons are better options – that’s why they get so much love.

Where Can You Buy Army Surplus Weapons?

Military surplus weapons can be bought from many places but finding these places can quickly turn into a challenge. More often than not, it will take a few tries until you find a seller.

You can try going to local army surplus stores, as they’re likely to have some guns you may be interested in. Flea markets may have them too in some cases. Auctions represent another way to get your hands on one of these beauties, as long as you bid on them and you’re lucky enough to win.

A very easy way to look for them without too much effort is the Internet. With so many stores, there’s no way you won’t find someone willing to sell their army surplus weapons. However, keep in mind that buying them online requires a signature before they’re delivered.

Final Thoughts

Army surplus weapons represent a great way to find affordable guns that are not only amazing design-wise, but are also functional and have a lot of historical value. While not commonly found in your local gun shops, there are special places where these weapons can be purchased, such as auctions, army surplus stores, or the Internet.

If you want to become an owner yourself, make sure to search carefully. With some patience, your collection will have some pieces you’re not likely to find again.

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The 5 Reasons Anybody Might Go Rifle Over Pistol for Their One Gun

The 5 Reasons Anybody Might Go Rifle Over Pistol for Their One Gun

By Jay Chambers •

If you were to buy a gun, you would most likely choose a handgun/pistol, no matter what you plan on using it for. But why’s that?

Well, this is mainly because you’ve gotten accustomed to most movies that depict a pistol as the best gun when it comes to personal ownership and home defense. Also, it might be because some other people that you know own just a pistol.

In any case, the situation is very clear – most people, when it comes to choosing their first and only gun, will go for a pistol. While weight and size must also be taken into consideration, we think that a rifle might be a much better choice, even if you wish to purchase a gun only for home defense.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ve decided to tell you five of the reasons why anybody might go for a rifle instead of a pistol for their only gun to own.

  1. Better Accuracy

It goes without saying that every bullet that doesn’t hit its designated target creates a big problem for the shooter. Any of the so-called stray rounds that don’t manage to hit either an enemy or a still target are bound to fail to stop a threat or to score some points, in the case of competitive shooting.

However, let’s focus more on the home defense aspect of owning a single gun. It is safe to say that accuracy is something that has to be taken into account when choosing your one and only weapon. Naturally, accuracy is not provided only by the fact that a rifle has more bullets than a pistol but also by the increased number of points of contact the former has.

When using a rifle, your hands, the shoulder, and the cheek are in permanent contact with the gun while you are firing it. This is the main reason why a rifle might be the better choice. Naturally, we don’t even have to mention the fact that you can aim much easier with a rifle than with a pistol.

  1. Magazine Capacity

If we are to put two men against each other and give each a pistol with a 10-round magazine, only one of them will win the fight – obviously. But that won’t happen until they have emptied the magazine.

So, what could you possibly do with only a pistol if you are defending your home against multiple invaders? You should either have more than one magazine ready to go – which is unlikely, as you will panic and rush to defend your home without considering grabbing the second magazine – or hope that there’s only one home invader for you to deal with.

On the other hand, a rifle doesn’t come with such issues. The standard magazine capacity for such a gun is 30 rounds and, if your aim is good enough, you won’t even need 10 bullets to stop a single attacker. Due to its rate of fire, better contact, and ease of aim, you can rely on a single 3-bullet burst to incapacitate an invader.

Moreover, keep in mind that a 30-round magazine is a standard for most rifles, meaning that you can always upgrade it, and have it hold more bullets.

  1. Round Power

Most pistols come with 9mm rounds – don’t get us wrong, they are powerful, but they may not be enough when confronted with multiple shooters that own better guns, so to say.

When it comes to the best air rifles, it is only natural that they come with much more powerful rounds, such as 7.62x39mm or 5.56x45mm. This is where rifles have an unbeatable value. Not only that you get more rounds per magazine, but you get much more powerful rounds as well.

While a bullet will hurt no matter its type, we already know that some people can withstand a 9mm shot in the leg or arm, depending on the exact location. On the other hand, they’ll have a much harder time dealing with a burst of 7.62 or 5.52 bullets in the same area.

  1. Long-Distance Usability

First of all, you already know that pistols work great at close to medium range. Once your target gets further away – or is away, to begin with – you will have a much harder time properly aiming the pistol and hitting your target.

Naturally, a rifle does wonders when it comes to long-distance work. This is due to some of the advantages we’ve mentioned before – namely, more contact points meant to fasten the gun, as well as weapon body mechanics that make it easier for you to aim.

For example, if you live in a rural area and someone enters your property with malicious intents, you have a better chance scaring them off with a rifle than with a pistol.

  1. Blunt Weapon

Let’s say that you manage to run out of ammo after an intense fight. Now, your opponent might have run out of ammo as well, especially given the fact that few home invaders actually bring something better than a pistol with them.

In this case, the only thing you have in your hands is a metal object that has no intention of firing any more rounds. Naturally, your only choice is to use it as a blunt weapon and hope for the best.

A pistol, in this exact scenario, is almost comparable with a rock, so to speak, while a rifle is basically a metal rod that can be grabbed by one end and has longer reach as well. With a pistol, you won’t be able to pull off some in the back of the head hits as you see in movies.

Instead, a rifle can work great as a club and keep you safe from any villains.

The Bottom Line

First of all, keep in mind that these reasons will apply depending on certain circumstances and situations, as well as on how you plan on using your gun.

However, if you wish to own a single gun that you can use for multiple purposes, then a rifle seems to be the best choice at the moment. You have the firepower, the increased accuracy, stability, as well as the ammo capacity to make anyone run away and never come back.

Moreover, rifles are known for being easy to shoot with, even in stressful and full of panic situations.

Jay Chambers is a Guest Contributor to

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The Top 3 Gun Safety Rules and What These Mean for Beginners

The Top 3 Gun Safety Rules and What These Mean for Beginners

By Jay Chambers •

Gun safety – this is a topic that is widely debated nowadays. And this comes off as no surprise, considering that there are so many accidents linked with guns. The truth is that you might be surprised to realize that many of these incidents occur because the shooter didn’t factor in the main safety rules that are applicable in most scenarios.

As a beginner, you might be tempted to think that such a thing as a set of rules targeted for beginners is a no brainer. But, bear in mind that, as logical and evident as these rules may seem, they should be taken into account. You should implement them, and, in time, they should become reflexes. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the top three gun safety rules and what they mean for beginners, and not only.

  1. The Muzzle Should Be Pointed in The Right Direction

This is an all-time rule that applies in all cases, no exception. This means that you should fixate your target and be 100 percent sure that there is nothing behind it. Did you know that some bullets can travel up to a mile? Yes, that’s unbelievable and true. This is why, if you cannot know for sure that there is no one behind your target, you should skip shooting altogether.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this essential rule. So, what does this mean, for beginners? So, whenever you want to shoot, you should be careful when you point the gun. You could never be too careful when handling or pointing a gun. Make sure you always keep this in mind. If you do that, over the course of time, as your shooting experience increases, it will be second nature to you to adjust your direction repeatedly before pulling the trigger.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should no longer think about what you’re doing – quite the contrary, might we add. You should think each movement in advance and understand the importance of each rule when it comes to firearm safety.

With that in mind, having a clear line of sight is crucial whenever you want to shoot. Period. It’s fundamental to understand that shooting comes with this immense responsibility. And this responsibility won’t go away regardless of how experienced you might become with handling a gun.

  1. Treat Each Gun as It Is Loaded

Now, this is another all-time rule that shouldn’t miss your attention – beginner or advanced shooter. This rule is straightforward, pointing out that many accidents do occur particularly because of a lack of awareness on behalf of the shooters. Statistics actually mirror this sad reality.

The thing is that these essential gun safety rules are connected. For example, always treating your gun as if it were loaded is connected with the first rule – namely ensuring you have a clear line of sight whenever you shoot, as well as the third rule, which implies not touching the trigger until you have spotted the target.

All these rules point out the behavior that each shooter should embrace. You are most likely passionate about shooting since it is such an exciting and exhilarating pastime. But safety is primordial, which further outlines that you should never leave your guard down and act on your impulses whenever you’re handling a gun.

Some people – not necessarily beginners – don’t take this rule seriously, which is the cause of many accidental deaths.

Keep in mind that these rules weren’t made up in order to prevent shooters from having fun and enjoying themselves. They were made with one goal in mind: safety – your safety and the safety of others.

  1. Keep the Finger Off the Trigger Until You’ve Located Your Target

What is the target? The target is the deliberate place where you want to shoot. If you aren’t 100% sure that what lies in front of you is a target, then you should keep the finger off the trigger. Under no circumstances are you to point towards a random place in your proximity during the disassembly process, and, most notably, never towards your own body.

Many gun enthusiasts overlook that only by promoting the right practices can they promote gun safety. For example, if you never point the gun towards your own body, there will never be the risk of harming or injuring yourself – even in the cases in which the gun is actually loaded. If you never touch the trigger until you’ve positioned the target, you will never unintentionally shoot someone due to your lack of responsibility and awareness.

Without the right habits, in a moment of lack of attention and awareness, the worst tragedies can happen. Some people might assume that these rules are a tad too much, as the one thing you should check is whether the gun is loaded or not and the rest is history, so to speak. But this is not true. For enthusiast shooters, all these rules should become common practices.

Why do you need rules? It is simple. You have to acknowledge that you are prone to make mistakes. All human beings make mistakes – no exception whatsoever. At the same time, mechanical devices can fail without prior notice. This is why all these rules were created, in order to eliminate the likelihood of any accidents. It is harsh to realize how easy it is to harm others or yourself, due to a second of negligence or lack of awareness.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, what do these three key rules mean for a beginner? They aren’t meant to take all the fun out of shooting or to make you feel stressed and overwhelmed whenever you take up your gun. They are meant to increase your safety, as well as the safety of those around you, which is why you shouldn’t take them lightly.

Years of practice in this field shouldn’t make you overlook these ground rules. In fact, they should help you acknowledge that it is complacency that leads to accidental discharges.

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Planned Parenthood’s Secret World War on Children, Part 2

Planned Parenthood’s Secret World War on Children, Part 2

by Bob Bennett •

The apparent mission of Comprehensive Sexuality Education is to desensitize children to what are actually aberrant behaviors, while encouraging them to try those behaviors out. CSE first establishes that we all have “sexual rights” or “reproductive rights.” These include the right to “have an intimate relationship with someone of the same sex.” (Page 28)

This of course does irreparable damage to a child or adolescent. As Stop CSE puts it:

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is one of the greatest assaults on the health and innocence of children [from The American College of Pediatricians]. This is because unlike traditional sex education, comprehensive sexuality education is highly explicit and promotes promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors to children as healthy and normal. CSE programs have an almost obsessive focus on teaching children how to obtain sexual pleasure in various ways…. The ultimate goal of CSE is to change the sexual and gender norms of society.

What Planned Parenthood really believes

The central tenet of sexuality education that Planned Parenthood and its supporters promote is that even the youngest of children have “sexual rights.” This is nothing short of madness.

Family Watch International: “This quote from IPPF’s ‘Exclaim!’ publication reveals IPPF’s core philosophy regarding young people’s sexual rights and sexual health:

“’Young people are sexual beings. They have sexual needs, desires, fantasies and dreams. It is important for all young people around the world to be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, positive, pleasurable and safe ways. This can only happen when young people’s sexual rights are guaranteed. (Emphasis added.)”—Page 4

IPPF proclaims what is undeniable: “Every single person in every part of the world is inherently entitled to human rights. Everyone is entitled to human rights simply for being human,” then adds something that leads to PP’s deranged priority:

“No one human right is more important than another. Nor should one be considered in isolation from the others. —Page 8

Further along, we read that:

All young people should be able to exercise and fulfill their rights equally, including sexual rights. No young person should be discriminated against on the basis of sexuality, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age…”—Page 17 [Emphasis added]

All young people have the right to decide freely on all matters related to their sexuality and to fully experience their sexuality and gender in a pleasurable way.

So Planned Parenthood believes all young people—even little children—have sexual rights that are just as important as the First Amendment. Of course, pedophiles traditionally make the argument that their victims “decided” to participate.

What do sexual rights entitle young people to?

Freedom to explore one’s sexuality in a safe and pleasurable way, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity. —Page 21

All young people have the right to explore their sexualities—Page 22

PP believes that underage children have a right to an abortion without parents’ permission; one of their demands is:

Removal of laws that require parental, spousal or guardian consent that discriminate against young people based on age or gender and prevent young people from accessing sexual and reproductive health services. —Page 23

FWI cites other depraved Planned Parenthood principles that are distributed to students around the world:

International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) CSE Programs and Materials Distributed at the UN (IPPF is funded by multiple UN agencies)

Healthy, Happy, and Hot booklet (Click here to read excerpts.):  promotes sexual rights and promiscuous sex to HIV-infected youth.”

FWI cites shocking examples:

“This publication tells youth who are infected with HIV that they have ‘sexual rights,’ including a ‘right to sexual pleasure’ through ‘anal sex, oral sex, rough sex and soft sex,’ and states that ‘some people have sex when they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. This is your choice.’ Alarmingly, this publication even tells youth they don’t have to tell their sexual partners they are infected with HIV.”

FWI also writes:

Not only are these harmful Planned Parenthood activities funded directly by many countries around the world, many governments are also funding the UN agencies that, in turn, fund Planned Parenthood. International Planned Parenthood Federation receives millions of dollars from UN agencies, including UNAIDS, UN WOMEN, UNICEF, and WHO.

Planned Parenthood’s war on children is being fought on our soil too. As noted above, their “It’s All One” curriculum has been distributed to every state in the Union. Yet, our own government is giving aid to what is obviously an enemy.

Our government is one of those funding Planned Parenthood—to the tune of half a billion dollars annually, not to mention our funding of the UN, which funds international PP. It seems an obsession in both parties to fund the evil empire of Planned Parenthood, no matter what voters want. As I write this, Congress is considering a spending bill. Now is the time to call about this.

If you’re not convinced yet, watch this video of PP’s activities, right here in America. WARNING: EXPLICIT

Join Stop Teaching Sex and Islam in Schools.

Bob Bennett is a New York-based writer who has written op-eds for the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, and has appeared on Fox and Friends and America’s Newsroom. He has traveled widely and written travel pieces for the NY Post, a cover article for the Jewish Press, and an op-ed for the medical journal Cancer Biotherapy & Radioimmunotherapy. Bob was also award-winning producer of a travel radio show heard on New York stations: WMCA, WNWK and 50,000 watt WOR and the national Sky Angel Network. He now blogs on Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Community and Red State Diaries.

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Planned Parenthood’s Secret World War on Children, Part 1

Planned Parenthood’s Secret World War on Children, Part 1

by Bob Bennett •

There’s been a great deal of reaction to the murder of 17 high school children in Florida—from media, school children and parents. But there’s been zero interest in the irreparable harm being done to children by Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), in their school curricula. These curricula do not reflect the views of the average American and do not reflect the views of parents.

They represent the views of the far Left, in particular the International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPFF) and its spinoffs, plus the United Nations. That’s right: Planned Parenthood is not only the provider of preventive medical care and abortion in the U.S.; it’s far more: It’s international entity strives to alter the established social norms for sexuality and gender around the world by inserting their own radical ideology into school curricula.

And we help fund it.

An excellent but shocking video created by Family Watch International (FWI) outlines the efforts of IPFF and other entities to refashion the view of societies around the world—through the early education of children.

Planned Parenthood defies science to overturn sexual values around the world

PP and its allies seek to upend the practice of humanity for the past 2,000 years, wherein humans follow the obvious design of biology: they accept the sex they were born into; sex and marriage are between a male and a female, anything else is an aberration. PP is particularly focused on presenting homosexuality as a perfectly normal, viable option for children to adopt. This is separate and apart from their clear right to live, work and be safe from physical attack.

Instead of aberration, scientists would use the term “disorder.” Is homosexuality a disorder? Psychology Today reports that:

“In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association asked all members attending its convention to vote on whether they believed homosexuality to be a mental disorder. 5,854 psychiatrists voted to remove homosexuality from the DSM, and 3,810 to retain it.”

So, a plurality of 2,044 shrinks decided that homosexuality was normal in a nation of over 300 million Americans today. It seems that society changed and homosexuality became more acceptable, so the DSM changed its opinion on homosexuality. But that works both ways: the DSM’s opinion change has been cited innumerable times to promote a change in society’s opinion.

Yet another reason to distrust the experts.

The most recent edition of the psychiatric bible—the DSM-5 defines a “mental disorder” as:

A syndrome characterized by clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition [thinking], emotion regulation, or behavior that reflects a dysfunction in the psychological, biological, or developmental processes underlying mental functioning.

Socially deviant behavior (e.g., political, religious, or sexual) and conflicts that are primarily between the individual and society are not mental disorders unless the deviance or conflict results from a dysfunction in the individual, as described above.” [Emphasis added.]

Note: Even the current definition allows that dysfunction in the individual amounts to a mental disorder.

We could certainly say that, no matter how society and an overreaching Supreme Court might accommodate it, a man loving and marrying another man is dysfunctional according to the pattern that nature has long established.

The argument is often made that since there is such a high percentage of gays in society it can’t be considered abnormal. It might surprise you to know that people only think there is a high percentage (or perhaps they’ve been indoctrinated to think that.) Gallup, in a very large 2015 study found that when asked: “What percentage of Americans are gay or lesbian?” most people believe the percentage is about 34%.

However, when asked: “Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender?” only “3.8% [was] the most recent result, obtained from more than 58,000 interviews conducted in the first four months of this year [2015].”

Notice: that includes transgender, so the number of self-identifying homosexuals is even less than 3.8%. Can we use that small a number to deny that homosexuality is a form of dysfunction? Considering the fact that sexual reproduction has been the rule for hundreds of millions of years among animals, that would be pretty unscientific.

Let’s look at something we know is dysfunctional, completely abnormal, yet exists in only a small percentage. Psychology Today also said, regarding pedophilic disorder, “The highest possible prevalence in the male population is approximately three to five percent. The prevalence in the female population is thought to be a small fraction of the prevalence in males.”

But, Pedophilia is part of PP’s heritage. Under the new ideology, homosexual sex is promoted as equivalent to heterosexual sex, and gender itself is fluid: you can be any sex you want to be. Teaching this to children is based upon the twisted doctrine that children from birth are sexual beings and have a right to seek pleasure wherever they choose. This philosophy is based in large part on the “research” of Alfred Kinsey, which supposedly proved that children of any age can enjoy sex. He did this by using pedophiles to abuse 317 children—as young as 5 months old—and kept a record of it. You can view the record here.

It’s All One curriculum,” just one of the many instruments used by the Left to reprogram children around the planet, provides guidelines for school systems to design their own CSE curricula. It’s funded in part by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and is “also promoted by PP,” the video says [10:22]. “It reveals the multiple, manipulative tactics to sexualize children through CSE.

“It promotes abortion (112 references), mentions sexual pleasure (62 times); it promotes multiple sex acts, …and instructs children how to stimulate themselves or their partners orgasms. Children are also asked to read personal stories about feeling sexually attracted to someone of the same sex.”

On page 24, sexual identity [orientation] and gender identity are identified as “universal human rights.”

It’s All One curriculum is in high demand, having received requests from 150 countries and every state in America. “This program has been taught to children across the world.”

Oddly divergent from the Left’s stated view on homosexuality—that they are born that way—the Left claims that gender is learned behavior. Page 44: “Gender roles are learned. They are not innate or ‘natural.’” Why? Because holding these views makes it taboo to try to change sexual orientation and permissible—even desirable to change birth gender on a child’s whim. That ignores the scientific fact that every cell in our bodies is either male or female, from conception. Having such a whim is not a bad thing, according to this brave new ideology:

On page 46 it says, “Some children … come to feel ambiguous about their gender identity, or clearly identify with the gender other than the one with which they were reared.” In truth, children are reared according to the gender that is manifest as soon as they’re born.

Next week: Desensitizing children to aberrant behaviors in Part 2.

Bob Bennett is a New York-based writer who has written op-eds for the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, and has appeared on Fox and Friends and America’s Newsroom. He has traveled widely and written travel pieces for the NY Post, a cover article for the Jewish Press, and an op-ed for the medical journal Cancer Biotherapy & Radioimmunotherapy. Bob was also award-winning producer of a travel radio show heard on New York stations: WMCA, WNWK and 50,000 watt WOR and the national Sky Angel Network. He now blogs on Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Community and Red State Diaries.

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4 Reasons Why Training To Become A Gunsmith Is A Top-Notch Idea

4 Reasons Why Training To Become A Gunsmith Is A Top-Notch Idea

By Jay Chambers •

Have you felt the need to hold your tongue as the anti-gun conversations of today’s poorly informed politics steal center stage in every possible social setting? If you’re like most gun hobbyists, you’re probably there right now.

We’ve watched our sport be labeled as dangerous, villainous, and worthless by people who have never set foot in the gun section of a sporting good store, let alone visited a range or actually handled a weapon.

We know the effective safety measures and attention to detail practiced at every range, and we know the level of care that goes into everything we do. Too bad anti-gun Americans don’t think they should listen to “gun nuts.”

So here’s a Call to Arms for you:

Become a gunsmith.

Really! Think about it. Younger Americans are being brainwashed into the 4-year university track, so the number of gunsmiths around dwindles as they retire. There is absolutely a job open for you.

Plus, what would scare the left more: a “gun nut,” or a passionate and professionally trained gunsmith?

It isn’t the most glamorous profession, with the average gunsmith in the US making $36k per year, but you can turn your passion into a business and spend your time doing what you like, with people who think like you.

The recruiting webpages for the gunsmith programs at various trade schools will prattle off twenty or more reasons to become a gunsmith, and they’re not wrong. There are tons of great arguments for entering the profession.

These lists can really be streamlined into four compelling categories, so, without further ado, here they are.

Here are the top 4 reasons to become a Gunsmith

  1. You’ll Learn a Trade

Gunsmiths do not require four-year degrees or graduate school. Trade schools have been woefully underrated recently, which reflects in the market.

You can learn the trade in a short-term class (as little as two weeks) or more traditionally scheduled courses at local community colleges and trade schools.


You’ll get to contribute actual, valuable skills to the market with your actual hands. Maybe you’re already doing this in your current profession, but wouldn’t it be better to channel your expertise into your favorite hobby?

Plus, most courses emphasize hands-on learning, so you’ll improve your shot even before you finish training as you learn the intricacies of the weapons you build, repair, and ultimately use.

  1. Widely Applicable Skills

If you spend any amount of time at the range, out hunting, or at gun shows… In short, within “gun culture,” you probably know your way around some of the mechanical aspects of guns.

By formally learning the gunsmith trade, you’ll pick up machining, drawing, geometry, and physics just by sheer volume of practice. Rest assured, if this gunsmith thing isn’t full-time, there will be no shortage of jobs begging for someone with a brain like yours.

And here’s the silver lining to running a gunsmith business:

Every day, when you’re not working on guns, you’ll be working with customers. Most likely, they’ll be better educated in guns than your average citizen. The fact remains that you’ll be combining customer service politeness with the nuts and bolts of guns and shooting on a daily basis.

Which means…

Your gunsmith business will turn you into an eloquent and powerful ally for the Second Amendment, and you’ll be able to turn around those infuriatingly misinformed anti-gun conversations like a pro (because you are literally a pro).

  1. Keep Up Your Hobby and Improve Your Shot

So you don’t get to spend every day out shooting, but you’ll finally have significant overlap between your job and your passion.

It goes without saying that knowing how to repair, modify, build, and rebuild guns will get you the best shot, but how will you know that your repair or rebuild worked?

You have to test it, of course!

As you fill orders or complete your own projects, you’ll get real-time feedback by testing your handiwork. And it’s probable that you’ll have to test a wide range of builds and calibers. With that, you not only strengthen your gunsmith talents but your skills as a shooter.

Have you seen those people who are able to calm nervous horses quickly? They’re so experienced and have such time-tested intuition that they can really get in the animals’ heads and ultimately control them. That’ll be you, but with guns.

  1. Improve Gun Culture

For lack of a less liberalized term that still encompasses the whole sphere, that’s what it is. By this, I mean you’ll improve guns for the people that use them, and you’ll put more knowledge on the playing board in the fight to protect the Second Amendment against many Americans’ misguided attempts to make the country safer by stigmatizing guns.

First and foremost, your job as a gunsmith is to create a safe and reliable product. The integrity of that imperative should attract any gun hobbyist, especially as the market is flooded with cheaply manufactured, mass-produced, and ultimately faulty firearms at a rate unlike any other time in history (at the same time as smiths of any type are facing mass extinction rates). We need skilled, local gunsmiths to ensure the quality of our guns and improve them beyond cookie cutter factory offerings.

As you learn about working on guns and with their owners, you’re bound to pick up more knowledge than you ever thought possible sitting in trade school (or sitting here reading this). It’ll only be natural that you pass along that knowledge, in everyday conversation or even by teaching aspiring gunsmiths the fun of building or repairing firearms and scopes like this model.

By learning to become a gunsmith, you’ll turn your hobby into a business, and you’ll have the knowledge to debunk rampant anti-gun claims. As a gunsmith, you will be able to exercise and protect the Second Amendment with professional expertise.

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The Next Generation of Tyrants

The Next Generation of Tyrants

By David Risselada •

On Saturday March 24th, students across America will once again be taking to the streets to demand law makers pass stricter gun laws. Poor, brainwashed kids don’t even realize there are already thousands of gun laws on the books. None of which by the way stopped either the Parkland shooter or the most recent attempt at mass murder in Maryland. The latter showed quite clearly that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In this writers humble opinion, any school shooting that happens after the nation witnessed this truth will be squarely on the shoulders of the school district who failed to provide adequate armed security at their school. This doesn’t mean providing your students with a bucket of rocks as Pennsylvania school superintendent Dr. David Helsel believes.
While the media and their government cohorts attempt to portray this movement as grassroots in nature, led by students demonstrating great leadership, the truth is vastly different. Powerful leftwing groups such as Planned Parenthood, Every Town for Gun Safety and the Woman’s March are behind the funding. Public schools, using taxpayer dollars are also encouraging kids as young as kindergarten age to participate. In one instance a student was suspended from school for refusing to join in the protests as he was a second amendment supporter.
When schools force students to participate in political activities they are essentially causing, whether intentionally or not, conflict and confusion in school students because the values the school system intends to push may contradict the values the student is learning at home. This is unacceptable. Also, if a student chooses to express himself in a different manner or express values that are not in line with the masses, the student could become isolated or even targeted for retaliation.
The sad reality of all of this is that our students are being denied the truth of history. All through the twentieth century mass movements against what was considered to be the normal culture always ended in mass violence and bloodshed. Tyrannical dictators like Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung worked incessantly on the children of the nation, turning them into agents of the state while programming them with the idea that the culture they grew up in was somehow backwards while teaching them they had the power to fix it all. The result was mass slaughter and the destruction of nations. Some may consider this to be an inappropriate analogy however, this writer disagrees. Last week during the school walk out against gun violence we witnessed student mobs engaging in behavior like ripping down an American flag, storming and trashing a Wal-Mart and attacking police. Our students are turning into out of control mobs with the help of the public school system.
Another example of this out of control behavior occurred near this writer’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. A young student of Glenpool High School was viciously beaten to the point where surgery was necessary simply for expressing opinions that went against the tide. In a post on social media this student made a comment referring to the protests by saying he would catch all the clowns heading to the sports arena for the circus. He claims he was referring to the students participating in the walk out simply to get out of class. In other words, he was beat for not participating in the anti-gun walk out because he had given the impression that the clowns he referred to were the protesters themselves. Did he really deserve this? Is this the new reality we live in now? Where expressing different opinions can get us beat down?
The left likes to refer to those of us who support the constitution and the bill of rights as Nazi’s and bigots. The truth is that the school system and other leftist controlled organizations are creating the next generation of  tyrants. They have taught our kids nothing of truth, but instead filled their heads with lies about being oppressed victims. They have taught our kids that they live in a nation of white supremacy and that we are all racist unless we abandon our values and march in lockstep with leftism. They have taught them that the state is their controller and master and conditioned them to live in fear always looking to government for answers. This is not likely to end well. In conclusion I would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes.
Here is a link to the go fund me page for the student in Glenpool.

David Risselada is a former U.S. Serviceman, commentator, and author of the book “Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education.” 

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Planned Parenthood Ain’t Just About Abortions

Planned Parenthood Ain’t Just About Abortions

by Bob Bennett •

We think of Planned Parenthood, which the Republican-controlled Congress insists upon funding, as the nation’s largest provider of abortions. But you may not know that PP describes itself as “the nation’s largest provider of sex education.” And the kind of education it fosters is in reality a tactic to turn young people to a far-left sexual viewpoint that children of 12 or younger are not equipped to make judgements about, and parents do not approve of.

Although abstinence is mentioned, the ideology they’re pushing is, since young people are going to have sex anyway, they might as well use condoms. Their program also embodies making an equivalency between LGBT sex and hetero sex. In addition, it encourages students to think about which “gender identity” they might want to adopt. One objectionable vehicle for this dogma is PP’s Get Real program, which it’s pushing in Massachusetts and other states.

Planned Parenthood claims the Get Real program has been shown in a study of 2453 Boston students to “Delay sex among middle school students who received Get Real [and] empower parents to be the primary sexuality educators of their children and help their kids delay sex.”

The 2014 study divided the students into two groups, one receiving Get Real training, the other not receiving it. The students were followed from the sixth grade to the end of the eighth grade. According to the study, “In schools where the program was taught, 16% fewer boys and 15% fewer girls had had sex by the end of 8th grade compared to boys and girls at comparison schools.”

However, Celebrate Life Magazine reveals that the study, which it describes as “politically tainted,” is deficient in a few key aspects.

“The study supplies no information whatsoever about the sex education provided to the control group,” in their schools, wrote CLM.

Studies that are truly scientific make certain that both treatment group and non-treatment group are as near-identical as possible, except for the treatment. Otherwise, the results are meaningless.

The magazine also relates that, “according to the report, the effort to follow the students was largely unsuccessful because of student transience, resulting in large gaps in the data.

“The Planned Parenthood study admits that extensive missing data poses a ‘critical threat’ to its impact evaluation and that ‘working with a relatively low number [of schools]’ is problematic. Rather than discounting the research findings, however; the study defends them, calling for the exposure of many more children to PP’s curriculum to test the results!”

That’s like proposing to give a new drug to thousands of patients to validate the results of a badly flawed study.

That might not be such a good idea, in the case of Get Real, because there are some apparent side effects of the “treatment” that parents will not like. Even though Get Real claims to “empower parents to be the primary sexuality educators of their children,” the program is teaching the students its own version of sex, including desensitizing them to LGBT and sexual transition.

CLM adds that 14-year olds who completed the program regurgitated these “bumper-sticker” slogans, in their “capstone project”:

  • “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning. Get Real and Get Over It.”
  • “Got Consent?”
  • “Male plus Female equal Love; Female plus Female equal Love; Male plus Male equal Love.”
  • “Stay True to Yourself” with “lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, question” in small print across the background.
  • “Instead of spreading diseases spread the WORD. Keep the world safe. Use protections.”

In the video presentation of student capstones, I also noticed one that displayed the word RESPECT over a background of the LGBT rainbow. On the positive side, a number of students did produce abstinence messages. But the video is just a sampling, so we do not know how many actually chose abstinence after finishing a program that teaches how to put on a condom.

The author of the CLM article is Rita Diller, “national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International and The Pill Kills programs.”

The video opens with an inspirational message about “sexuality education,” from SIECUS (the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States)—a Planned Parenthood spinoff. Since 2004, SIECUS has put out “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten-12th Grade to help educators create new sexuality education programs and evaluate already existing curricula.” The Guidelines are compiled by what they call the National Guidelines Task Force. The “experts” who make up the Task Force believe this should be the sex education standard everywhere, even internationally. You can read the Guidelines in full here.

The publishers state that the Guidelines is “one of the most influential publications in the field and a trusted resource for educators, curriculum developers, and school administrators.” I have no doubt that it is. The book is divided into topics and grade levels.

When you hear the term, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), this is what it means.

For example, children aged 5 through 8 (Level 1) are taught in detail about the reproductive system including the gratuitous info that “Both boys and girls have body parts that feel good when touched.” Of course, children are sure to try that, leading them to masturbation. They’re also told that “Human beings can love people of the same gender and people of another gender….” and “Some people are homosexual, which means they can be attracted to and fall in love with someone of the same gender.” Children as young as 5 are told such people are called “gay men and lesbians,” and told very early on not to use nasty terms when referring to those whose sexual orientation may be different.

Kids aged 9–12 (Level 2) get to know that “Gender identity refers to a person’s internal sense of being male, female, or a combination of these.”

Parents in North Carolina didn’t take kindly to Get Real. Breitbart reported, last October that “The complaints of hundreds of parents of middle schoolers in North Carolina’s Cumberland County” forced their school board to put Get Real on hold.

At a “packed meeting” on October 20, 2017 “concerns about the curriculum included its focus on sexual preference and demonstrations of condom use and that the program is the product of scandal-ridden Planned Parenthood.” Apparently Get Real is a lot like SIECUS’s curriculum; Breitbart said:

Get Real is a Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) program that assumes all young people will be sexually active. In addition to teaching children about contraception, the program focuses on LGBTQ issues and terminology.

According to the program’s table of contents, in Grade 7, students also discuss sexual identity and “examine the myths and facts about sexual orientation.” They also learn how to use a condom and review the use of hormonal contraception, including emergency contraception after sexual intercourse.

CBS News reported that “Cumberland County Board of Education voted [on February 13, 2018] to get rid of its Planned Parenthood sex education program after criticism from some parents.” CBS added, “The Get Real program is taught in 31 states and reaches more than 221,000 students.”

In spite of the efforts of the purveyors of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, parents are the best people to explain sex to their children. And not just because it’s the right thing to do.

Children are simply incapable of processing the kind of choices that teachers are presenting them with. Girls and boys may ask themselves, “Am I attracted to the opposite sex or my own?” They may ask themselves, “Am I comfortable with my physical gender or would I feel better as the opposite sex?”

In reality, young people are not physically equipped to make what could be life-altering decisions. University of Rochester Medical Center’s encyclopedia reveals a widely accepted fact—so widely accepted that the designers of CSE are surely aware of it:

The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so.

In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala. This is the emotional part.

In teen’s brains, the connections between the emotional part of the brain and the decision-making center are still developing—and not necessarily at the same rate.

This is why children need their parents to guide them—not far-left ideologues.

Join Stop Teaching Sex and Islam in Schools on Facebook.

Bob Bennett is a New York-based writer who has written op-eds for the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, and has appeared on Fox and Friends and America’s Newsroom. He has traveled widely and written travel pieces for the NY Post, a cover article for the Jewish Press, and an op-ed for the medical journal Cancer Biotherapy & Radioimmunotherapy. Bob was also award-winning producer of a travel radio show heard on New York stations: WMCA, WNWK and 50,000 watt WOR and the national Sky Angel Network. He now blogs on Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Community and Red State Diaries.

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