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Posted by Erik Rush

What really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

It sounds like an expensive cigar, but Diego Garcia is actually a United States military base that we technically rent from the United Kingdom. At 967 nautical miles south-southwest from the southern tip of India, it is more or less midway between Indonesia and the African continent. The US Navy operates its Naval Support Facility (NSF) there, which is a naval ship and submarine support base, military air base, as well as a communications and space-tracking facility.

It also includes a base of operations for the CIA. You’ll note there is no question mark at the end of this article’s title.


Why so few have postulated that this facility may have played a part in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may or may not seem odd at first blush given the circumstances: I mean, it’s not a secret base, though clandestine activities conducted there certainly would be. At any rate, I am told Diego Garcia is the location to which Flight 370 was diverted. My source has actually been to Diego Garcia, and assures me that you can land a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy there. Those are the military transport planes they load tanks aboard, and they’re just about the size of a Boeing 777.

At Diego Garcia, some 20 civilian technical personnel were removed from the aircraft for interrogation. On March 8, Reuters reported that 20 employees of U.S. chipmaker Freescale Semiconductor were passengers on Flight 370, according to a statement from the company. It is said that these employees traveled regularly between company facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur. It may be presumed that these individuals were the same 20 who were reportedly taken to Diego Garcia for interrogation, although my information holds that the detainees (if you will) were working in their capacities as contractors.

Reports earlier this week that the flight plan deviation was programmed into a computer system on board (rather than being executed manually by one of the pilots was quite accurate), I am told. The airliner was taken over remotely by US intelligence operatives at the behest of those at the highest levels of our government.
It has been speculated that the plane was hijacked and the 20 Freescale Semiconductor engineers kidnapped in order that nefarious parties might access a revolutionary software package that could prove invaluable to those in the espionage community. I have been informed that this is not the case, and here are a couple of reasons I am inclined to believe so: Whistleblower Edward Snowden was able to purloin thousands of NSA digital files, distribute them, and escape the country without involving one other person. I’ve also heard – firsthand – of even more intricate and dangerous missions being carried out by less than three individuals.

No, there would have to be a great deal more involved than a software package to commandeer an airliner, kidnap technical contractors, and then “disappear” the plane and over 200 passengers (who, sadly, were most likely murdered for the sake of expediency).

The “great deal more” I am told was rather a revolutionary piece of hardware, not software, and it is not integral to digital data systems, although it is no doubt used in conjunction with them. The engineers were part of a joint US-China effort that resulted in one of the most advanced small gyroscopes for flight ever developed – flight, as in long-distance space flight.

As you probably know, China has made great strides in the area of space flight in recent years, and they’re quite proud of it. And considering the Obama administration’s intentions to devastate America’s economy, enslave her people, and part out her resources to Russia and China, a joint US-China space initiative doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. Why, it’s as American as McDonald’s on a Beijing street corner, right?

So what went wrong? Well, apparently the DOD got wind that these engineers (who, despite operating under the auspices of Freescale and/or other companies, were not American nationals) were on their way to abscond to China with their prototypes (which were in the cargo hold of the 777) and other valuable materials, thereby cutting the US out of the program entirely.

And why not? It’s fairly well-known in the intelligence community that the Chinese government has absolutely no respect for President Obama, and his telegraphing weak foreign policy all around the world wouldn’t lend itself to a sudden changing of his stripes (ineffectual posturing over Ukraine notwithstanding). Additionally, my understanding is that China technically owned this technology; the US was aiding in its development under a partnership, which apparently the Chinese decided to end in a rather ex parte manner.

The CIA went into action, in concert with the DOD and Boeing engineers. They commandeered Flight 370 en route, digitally, without the foreknowledge of the pilots or crew, diverting it to Diego Garcia. I imagine that’s where the aircraft made that now-infamous and mysterious turn just northeast of Malaysia.

So essentially, the CIA double-crossed the Chinese before they could double-cross us.


The fate of the airliner is an aspect of this story which was not made entirely clear. I understand that there is still a possibility that it has been or will be crashed somewhere along its original flight plan, so that officials can claim having “missed it” during earlier phases of the massive search. Amidst the tangled wreckage, no one will be able to tell that the passengers had actually been dead for a week or two. Another possibility is that the airliner was later transferred to Pakistan, where its final disposition is anyone’s guess.

Flight 370’s pilots (one of whom being the pro-Islamist Zaharie Ahmad Shah) may have been afforded the opportunity to continue on to another Muslim country, blend in and take on a new identity, given the sentiments of those in the current administration. In any case, it was the geeks and the goods that the CIA was after, and I’m led to believe that’s what they got.

My understanding is that the foregoing information has been confirmed at the highest levels of our government, though not the current one, if that’s cryptic enough for you.

At least, that’s what my source tells me. And they haven’t been wrong yet.

Posted by Erik Rush

FULL-CONTACT Seeks Account Executive

The FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! Streaming radio show seeks a highly-motivated Account Executive. This is a contract/commission position, and experience is essential. This will involve placing inventory (broadcast time on the show) with various national business advertisers and sponsors. Candidate should have experience in and familiarity with the News/Talk radio market.

Qualified candidates will be self-motivated, eager to win and overcome challenges. Income potential is directly proportional to candidate’s self-motivation. Full or Part-time; this depends upon candidate’s efficiency.

Account Executives (AEs) typically follow this six-step cycle to drive revenue:

1. Find new prospects to cold-call

2. Set an appointment with the decision maker

3. Meet with the prospective client (either via phone, digital media, or personally)

4. Create a customized sales proposal based on the information uncovered in meeting

5. Close client

6. Resell client

Key Tasks include:

· Prospecting/cold calling

· Capable of initiating and cultivating long-term business relationships

· Superb written and verbal communication skills

· Setting appointments with prospects

· Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Work, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet/Intranet)

· Developing creative client presentations and marketing plans

· Appreciation for process, performance measurement and a results-oriented sales approach

· Increase client base

· Account management

AE will be provided with rate card, promotional materials, and background on the Show, and will receive 25% of gross revenues generated. AE will receive a Federal Form 1099 at year end for tax purposes.

Interested parties may inquire at fullcontact@erikrush.com . Please use “Account Executive Query” as the Subject Line.

Posted by Erik Rush

Why do we celebrate inferior, foreign cultures?

America’s history is one of having absorbed some of the best of culture from around the globe, while having eschewed some of the more disagreeable aspects of societies from which she adapted these cultural components. The result has been a synergy that resulted in a powerful and unique product, if you will, which in some ways surpassed the sum of its parts.

cavemen2If you think this notion a conceit, I would point to the two centuries of America’s profound and rapid success in nearly every area of endeavor compared to other nations.

Still, for many years, I have puzzled over Americans who become inordinately and superficially enamored of foreign things. We’ve all seen the plight of starry-eyed young American girls who fall in love with a mass media-proffered stereotype of some romantic foreign male, then run off and marry one, only to discover that the man’s culture is frighteningly cloying and patriarchal, sometimes dangerously so. They wind up losing their children to a parental kidnap, or having to escape a sadistic family situation in a misogynistic regime somewhere, coming to the heartbreaking realization that their studly beau was only looking for a quality breeding cow.

We’ve also witnessed the fads that have come and gone from overseas – sometimes not going fast enough – having been brought to light by the media or some celebrity du jour. In the 1960s, the Beatles brought East Indian culture to the West, and the ripples of that introduction are still passing through the lives of Americans in the form of yoga and other such pursuits.

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Posted by Erik Rush