Clintons, Obama, and Muslims – Oh, My!

obama_hillary_muslim_brotherhoodOn the website for Walid Shoebat, former Muslim Brotherhood terrorist turned anti-terror crusader, a December 13 post covers new allegations on the part of multiple sources submitted to Egypt’s Attorney General, Hisham Barakat that charge Naglaa Mahmood, the wife of ousted President Mohammed Morsi with “seeking to excite domestic insurrections to overthrow the Egyptian government” and return Morsi to power.

The charges, which stem from an interview Mahmood gave to Turkish TV, also reveal that Mahmood and the Muslim Brotherhood (via the Muslim Sisterhood) have been collaborating for decades with former First Lady and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

At this juncture, we are well aware of President Obama’s collusion with and facilitating of Muslim Brotherhood operations in the U.S. and abroad; these have secured a position for him as a traitor to the U.S., and will hopefully earn him a trial for treason. We also know that in his pursuits, he has insinuated such scoundrels as Mohammed Elibary, a MB operative, into the Department of Homeland Security, as well as having appointed a Muslim convert and Islamist sympathizer as head of the CIA in Director John Brennan.

These charges involving the Clintons are quite new to most, however; Mahmood has declared that the Clintons befriended her family in the 1980′s while they were living in the U.S. As one of 63 leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood, Mahmoud is a colleague of Saleha Abedin, another one of those 63 leaders. Saleha is the mother of Huma Abedin, who is a close adviser to Hillary Clinton and wife of former Democratic Congressman, Anthony Weiner.

Oh, my…

On my show FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! on December 12, former covert operative Dr. Jim Garrow said that Zhang Junsai, the Chinese ambassador to Canada admitted to him this week that among leaders in the international diplomatic community, it is common knowledge that Obama is a Muslim. In chronicling the untimely death of journalist Michael Hastings, WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi recently enumerated the many indicators that CIA Director Brennan is an Islamic sympathist; inasmuch as Hastings was working on an expose on Obama and Brennan, it gives rise to the question of whether the two conspired to have Hastings eliminated.

It also further validates the likelihood that, as Garrow has said, the Obama administration had media personality Andrew Breitbart and author Tom Clancy assassinated because they were sharing information with Hastings.

The Clinton administration – Bill and Hillary in particular – were also touched with allegations  of having eliminated political enemies, and according to commentator and talk show host Dave Hodges, a total of 93 individuals have died suspiciously or in circumstances that directly benefited the Obama administration.

How many Americans know that their President’s CIA Director is a Muslim who opposes profiling as a means toward ensuring national security? How many Americans are aware of the conflict that exists between allegiance to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, and adherence to Islamic doctrine as the supreme arbiter of Muslims’ actions? How many Americans are aware of the incremental phases of Islamic conquest that are playing out right now in Europe and America in identical fashion to how they have played out in dozens of nations and societies?

Is it time to call for the deportation of all Muslim foreign nationals in America, the arrest of all members of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations, and the strict surveillance of Muslim citizens, as some are have suggested?

Some might say that given the history of Islam and the current circumstances, we’d be insane not to.

UPDATE (and Hillary was involved) – ANOTHER SHOCKER! Egyptian Intelligence reveals documents on the case against the Obama Regime and its secret collaboration with Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood