Could Awakened Media Help Remove Obama?

media_suckersOver the last several days, we have seen unprecedented news coverage from the establishment press (“mainstream media”) of stories that evidence not only the detrimental effects of White House policy, but those addressing that which the MSM wouldn’t have touched mere weeks ago – and which could open the door to a discussion of the Obama administration’s criminality.

On Sept. 20, The New York Times published a piece entitled “Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That CIA and the Islamic State Are United,” which detailed the belief of government and intelligence sources in Iraq that the Obama administration created ISIS employing the CIA. While this has been reported elsewhere and confirmed via the Jordanian government, Middle Eastern and European press, until now, coverage of this (which amounts to treason on the part of the president and members of his Cabinet, past and present) is very new territory for a mainstream press outlet.

“We know about who made Daesh [ISIS],” said Bahaa al-Araji, a deputy prime minister, using an Arabic shorthand for the Islamic State on Saturday at a demonstration called by the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr to warn against the possible deployment of American ground troops. Mr. Sadr publicly blamed the CIA for creating the Islamic State in a speech last week, and interviews suggested that most of the few thousand people at the demonstration, including dozens of members of Parliament, subscribed to the same theory.

The New York Times, Sept. 20, 2014

Last fall we were alerted to the growing annoyance of some press outlets regarding the lack of access to the president provided by the White House compared to previous administrations; one of these organizations was the Associated Press. Last week AP Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee had even more to say. At a joint meeting of the American Society of News Editors, the Associated Press Media Editors and the Associated Press Photo Managers, Buzbee enumerated several profoundly sinister ways the Obama administration is stifling the release of news.

According to Buzbee, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusing to allow news organizations to shoot photos or video of bombers as they take off en route to supposed Middle East missions against ISIS, and discontinuing the embedding of reporters.
  • A blackout of information on Gitmo detainees, upcoming trials and court filings, even involving non-classified materials.
  • The intimidation of sources. AP’s transportation reporter’s sources have reported that if they are caught talking to her, they will be fired. Government press officials say their orders are to squelch anything controversial or that makes the administration look bad.
  • Lack of cooperation in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. [As an aside, the Obama administration corrupted this process as soon as Obama was inaugurated, and began to filter FOIA information, essentially rendering FOIA useless]. Many federal agencies simply don’t respond at all in a timely manner, forcing news organizations to sue each time to force action.
  • The administration is reportedly trying to control the information that state and local officials can give out. The FBI has directed local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology the police departments use to sweep up cell phone data, for example.

Police State, anyone?

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