Ex US Agent: Obama Could Still Pull Off EMP Attack on America

emp1On November 25, former US clandestine operative Dr. James Garrow returned to FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! to elucidate upon his earlier charge that this Fall, three top military brass (who were later among those purged by the Obama administration) had thwarted an attempt by the President to initiate a nuclear device-generated EMP “false flag” attack. Said attack would have rendered America’s entire infrastructure paralyzed and, Garrow asserts, result in “the deaths of ninety percent of the population of the United States of America.”

Garrow’s most disturbing contention was that the heroic actions of the two generals and one admiral who, Garrow says, neutralized the operation, may not have entirely crippled Obama’s ability to attempt such an attack again. “He could still pull it off,” Garrow said, referring to the President’s alleged intention to capitalize on natural solar activity that is yet to occur in order to amplify the EMP’s effect. “What was thwarted here was the actual movement of these devices to positions where they could be used.”

Adding that Obama’s fear prompted by these revelations might prevent another attempt at initiating such an attack, Garrow also advised the listening audience of measures that they could take to shield their electronics from an EMP burst.

The interview with Dr. Garrow is archived here.