Far Left Celebs: Enemies of the Republic

By Erik Rush

In an ongoing campaign to undermine President-Elect Donald Trump, entertainment industry progressives continue to demonstrate that they are not only manifestly subversive, but clear cases of arrested mental and emotional development whose so-called rights and reason should not be considered for one nanosecond with regard to crafting public policy.

Once again, Hollywood celebrities have come together in their boundless ignorance and unbridled egotism to sabotage Trump’s political objectives. Last week, a gaggle of these entertainment industry Luddites released a public service announcement urging Americans and Congress to obstruct Trump’s legislative agenda and cabinet appointments.

“We demand that you block nominees who threaten the rights of women, the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants and the poor,” the entertainers intoned in the video.

They demand? Precisely who do these people think they are?

With all the gravity of a 1990s AIDS PSA, these utter boobs proceed to beg Americans and lawmakers to “vigorously oppose” Trump’s “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-environmental policies” despite no evidence whatsoever of these modalities being present in the President-Elect’s agenda.

A few days ago, while accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Golden Globes ceremony, veteran Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep proved herself to be every bit the consummate performer we’ve known her to be for decades – how else could a borderline imbecile represent the intelligent, focused, thoughtful characters Steep has portrayed over the years? Referencing Donald Trump’s desire to deport criminal illegal aliens, the smirking Streep extrapolated this into a blanket anti-immigration stance on Trump’s part, saying that “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts.”

Later in her dressing room, Streep doffed her white gloves and powdered wig, reclined on a velvet divan, and ordered her Negro maidservant Beulah to peel her a grape…

Well, she didn’t actually do the gloves, wig, and grape thing, but one can see the point here as it pertains to Streep’s unthinking egocentricity and Hollywood’s characteristic hypocrisy. Racial bigotry, for example, is so endemic to the entertainment industry that even its minority participants occasionally get fed up and articulate their disgust. Still, Hollywood celebrities’ deluded worldview and deep conceit militate against all reason; one wonders just how much forethought goes into such things as the aforementioned PSA or Streep’s soliloquy relative to considering the millions who might disagree or wind up offended by their content.

Hearkening back to my column of two weeks ago (wherein I pointed out that when Barack Hussein Obama was elected, those who already knew what he was made of politically voiced their concerns, but did not claim that Obama had somehow stolen the election, accuse foreign governments of rigging the election, protest in the streets, publicly slander the new President-Elect, produce fearmongering PSAs appealing to electors to flip their votes, or beat his supporters in the streets), it is evident that the respective presidencies of Obama and Trump have become almost photographic negatives of one other – at least at this juncture.

Shortly after Obama took office, the man who had already proved himself to be an amoral, racist, anti-American radical was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for having done nothing. He was lauded for the wonderful things he was expected to do, but later wound up doing precisely the opposite in every case, to the detriment of us all. Despite Donald Trump having done nothing as regards affirming himself to be a racist, a homophobe, an anti-immigration bigot, or a war hawk, he has been characterized as all of these things by the same Hollywood reprobates who supported Obama prior to his election and during his two terms. Now, they’re celebrating his “historic” presidency, even though that presidency brought America lower than she has ever been.

But you see, these entertainers are the “beautiful people.” They’re rich, fat, and happy, and the millions of “little people” who have suffered under Obama do not even cross their demonstrably limited minds. In a bitterly ironic twist, it bears mentioning that while the mentally-disturbed veteran and alleged ISIS sympathizer Esteban Santiago was gunning people down at a designated “gun-free” airport in Fort Lauderdale last Friday, our outgoing president was partying into the night with entertainment industry celebrities, the very class of people who would make it markedly easier for criminal illegal aliens and jihadis to roam our streets with impunity.

On the upside, I believe that in the wake of the destructive progressive upheaval that was punctuated by Obama’s presidency and which led to Trump’s election, many Americans have begun to see far-left celebrities for what they are: Enemies of the Republic and our liberty.
Recently, Kevin Kerwin, a computer repair store owner in Oregon posted a sign in front of his establishment excoriating liberals, the news network CNN, and rock performer Bruce Springsteen, who has been inordinately vocal in his abysmally ignorant assessment of political issues lately.

Kerwin, a conservative, was disturbed when liberals engaged in violent demonstration in his state following Trump’s election, and again when Springsteen bashed Trump and his supporters. Finally, when black thugs kidnapped and tortured a mentally-challenged white man and pummeled him on Facebook Live whilst disparaging whites and Trump, the local businessman decided to put up the sign, which admonishes liberals to “go straight to Hell where you belong.”

Which is definitely a sentiment I can get behind at this point…

Originally published in WorldNetDaily


William B Stoecker

Does anyone take these arrogant fools seriously any more? Unholywood has long been a cesspool of vice, sexual perversion and child abuse, and corruption. And entertainers are pretenders, pretending to be people they are not, telling stories that are complete fiction, or simply lying about real events. Let them continue to live and die in their fantasy world…but more and more of us “deplorable, bitter clingers” are waking up to reality.


“Precisely who do these people think they are?”

American citizens. Who are granted the right to express their opinions and demand the redress of grievances. It’s part of the 1st Amendment. We are the majority of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump and find his policies offensive.

As for undermining Presidents, Mr. Rush, shall we examine your writings and speeches of the last eight years to see how you supported President Obama? Either you support the First Amendment rights of *all* Americans to protest, organize, and work to enact their political goals or you are a gross hypocrite.

Which is it, sir?

William B Stoecker

In his writings over the last eight years, Comrade Troll, Mr. Rush has consistently told the truth. I’m sure even you have heard of the truth, although you are not really familiar with the concept.


Actually, Mr. Rush lies a great deal, but that’s besides the point, as are your silly insinuations about me.

The fact remains that we, as Americans, have the right and duty to protest what we feel is in need of protest. I disagreed with the Tea Party’s goals, but supported their right to gather and make their voices heard. Same goes for any other group. Unless they are advocating a crime, people are allowed to speak with whatever soapbox they can stand on.

If you disagree with that, then you are saying you don’t agree with the First Amendment. Freedom isn’t just for the people you agree with, or for the majority opinion.

Really???? Tell that to the people who lost their jobs or business who didn’t toe the leftist line. The Mozilla creator or those bakers. And since the election people have lost jobs because they voted for Trump. It is the left who believe they and ONLY they should have 1st amendment rights. All others they seek to censor and destroy!