How the Left’s Lies Fool Everyday Americans

By Erik Rush

An aspect of the political left’s modus operandi that has been articulated by conservatives for quite some time is that of their inability to be forthright regarding their true agenda. The reason for this is the fact that such candidness would result in all but their most ideological supporters heading for the proverbial hills; in such a scenario, Democrats would have a very difficult time getting elected anywhere, at least at the national level.

By way of an object lesson, one can handily point to the spate of preposterous allegations leveled against President Donald Trump by liberals on an almost hourly basis since his election last November. From the utterly baseless claim that the Trump camp colluded with the Russian government to fix the election, to the alleged significance of a tweet by the President which contained a typographical error, it is clear that the left is prepared to glom onto absolutely anything that has the potential to diminish Trump in Americans’ eyes.

In this instance, what some find chilling is that the fact that the above tactic has proven effective in the past. Here, the idea is to malign Trump to the degree that his reputation becomes so sullied that Americans determine it would be best to oust him just for appearance’s sake – sort of like the community who turns against an individual who was cleared of a crime simply because the allegations were so ugly.

In addition to the falsehoods being employed in the political left’s short-term mission to oust Trump, there are the myriad lies and fallacious conventions the left has proffered over the years, many of which have helped them gain political ground. Drawing obscure connection between issues of concern and other, unrelated issues, ascribing untoward events and conditions they created to the actions of their political opponents, and citing junk science are examples of “tried and true” weapons in the left’s arsenal of lies.

One very significant example is the purported moral equivalence between Western culture and retrograde cultures (e.g., the West versus Islamic societies). This one has been advanced for decades now, and set the stage for many Westerners actually believing that there is a moral equivalence between the West and societies which place little or no value upon human life. As one can readily observe at this juncture, inculcation of this lie over time was necessary in order to engender misplaced sympathy for the sundry criminal illegal immigrants and America-hating “refugees” with whom they wished to saddle the nation’s economy and populace. This is part and parcel of a “new morality” that even conditions the children of Western nations to sympathize with the murderous motivations of primitives who seek to do them harm.

Like the Nazis, Soviets, and other oppressive regimes, the political left (liberals, progressives, socialists) knew they had to rely on abject falsehoods and other dirty tricks their political opponents were too principled to employ in order to advance their malignant designs. Engaging in such practices as pressuring companies that advertise on media venues in order to dispatch conservative pundits, as was done in the case of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, is certainly one of these. As many are aware, the same tactic is currently being attempted as regards Sean Hannity, who remains with that network. To reinforce the lie, The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf published “How Conservatives Awoke to the Dangers of Sean Hannity” on May 30, a disgusting and impudent offering calculated to give the appearance that America’s conservatives had somehow awoken en masse to what a scoundrel Hannity is, thus giving rise to the pressure being put on Fox to dump him.

This imperative for advancing lies is also behind the efforts of social media venues like Facebook, which maintains a virulently leftist culture, in engaging bots (automated Internet protocols) and online operatives to craft the illusion of an inordinate leftist presence on social media, and even paying operatives to help carry this out.

Displacing actual perils to our nation by offering substitute “threats” that fit their message is another strategem being used by the left in the same way they utilize distracting imperatives concerning climate change and the homosexual agenda to gin up support. Those on the left know that without employing such tactics, as well as propagandizing the population through entertainment media (e.g., the proliferation of homosexual characters in TV and film and inserting other favored political viewpoints therein), they will have no support but their tiny, insane base.

So, how do those on the left reconcile using such patently immoral tactics “in good conscience?” It is because they possess a deep-seated belief that their political opponents (conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists) are so fundamentally evil that any and all measures must be employed in order to neutralize them.

In other words, the ends justify the means.

To the non-ideological, non-news junkie voter, it is not always easy to discern that the left is wholly devoid of decency and character since they control what is reported in the press. Thus, it isn’t always evident how often the left uses the basest in crude, immature titillation and confrontation to promote their agenda, and aren’t even reflective enough to note that conservatives, libertarians, and Trump voters (who comprised many more than just conservatives and libertarians) aren’t the ones talking about killing the President and wearing vagina hats, and how this might impact their credibility.

In the quest to enlighten the non-ideological among our electorate, apart from conservatives’ efforts to bring to light the left’s abysmal character and amorality, one can only hope that their recent actions, incendiary rhetoric, hyperbole and histrionics speak for themselves.

Originally published in WorldNetDaily



Excellent article, Erik, as always! Wish I’d seen it on WND when it was posted on June 3rd, but they no longer send me daily e-mails.


Straight, accurate, and to the point as usual, Erik.