It’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’ if there’s a real conspiracy


“The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. …”

– Father Merrin, “The Exorcist”

On May 15, the foundering fish-wrap Newsweek magazine ran a story by Kurt Eichenwald entitled “The Plots to Destroy America: Conspiracy Theories are a Clear and Present Danger, ” which apparently sought to single-handedly debunk every so-called conspiracy theory ever devised while attempting to reinforce the existence of a vast right-wing conspiracy intended to undo all of the good that’s ever been done in the world.

Leading off with the revolt against an “award-winning plan to provide guidance for private-sector developers” designated a “communist plot” by the woefully unenlightened residents of Baldwin County, Alabama, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s condemnation of “death panels” under Obamacare, Eichenwald bemoans the supposed proliferation of conspiracy theories, the abject stupidity of their adherents, and furtively touts the kind, wise and benevolent agenda of global elites.

What Eichenwald misses (or simply denies) is the fact that a conspiracy theory isn’t a conspiracy theory if there’s a real conspiracy at work.

The “award-winning plan” to which he refers was indeed a United Nations Agenda 21 design. Like Smart Meters mandated in municipalities and then installed in private homes while local law enforcement stands menacingly by, there are literally hundreds of Agenda 21 “suggestions” in regulatory queues across America, sponsored politically and financially by radical local politicians and ideological millionaires. In my community, we certainly know who they are.

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