Obama Pushing False Narrative on Flight 17

MH17aFrom the earliest reports breaking the news that Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 had been shot down over Eastern Ukraine, my suspicions were aroused. In fact, the very first report I read clearly stated that the Boeing 777 had been brought down with a Russian-made SA-11 Buk missile.

One does not have to be a communications nor a weapons expert to know that in keeping with this timetable, the press would have practically needed correspondents standing next to the missile battery when the fatal missile was fired in order to report this information with any reliability.

I refuse to fall into the convenient trap being set for us by our government and the press wherein the Ukrainian government is “good” and the Russian government is “evil.” In my estimation, there are really no “good guys” in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

We know that Russia’s government, under former KGB Lt. Col. Vladimir Putin, is ruthless and has expansionist ambitions. Less known, for reasons of political expediency on the part of our government, is that the new uber-nationalist regime in Ukraine (which has the Obama White House in part to thank for its ascendancy) is comprised of equally ruthless men who are the ideological heirs of the Ukrainian militias that collaborated with the Third Reich during World War II.

Immediately after MH17 was downed, what one reporter called “a torrent of deafening propaganda” burst forth from the Ukrainian government, the Obama administration and its surrogates; this, before any evidence whatsoever emerged definitively implicating anyone. News consumers were treated to reports of everything from Russian separatists allegedly gloating on social media that they’d shot the plane down, to Vladimir Putin having ordered the strike just for kicks.

All in all, it seemed quite the over-reaction to something that might have simply been a tragic byproduct of war.

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