Obama Swan Song Epitomizes The Left’s Character

By Erik Rush

Earlier this week, my WND colleague Jesse Lee Peterson penned a thorough enumeration of actions taken by Barack Hussein Obama since the November general election to do as much damage to the nation (as we understand it) as well as to delegitimize the presidency of President-Elect Donald Trump prior to his inauguration later this month.

Shortly after the election, I admonished readers of this feature not to be surprised at anything the left comes up with to that end between now and the day Obama leaves office, and Peterson’s column handily provided bullet points for that argument.
During a weekend appearance on Fox News, pollster Frank Luntz dubbed Obama’s campaign of executive orders, slandering of Russia, and attempted sabotage of Trump during his final days as president an “F-You tour.”

Most prominent among Obama’s actions has been his harrying of Russia vis-à-vis accusations that her government somehow influenced the November election in Donald Trump’s favor through digital means despite any evidence whatsoever of this having taken place. Relying as always upon the complicit establishment press to back him up, Obama took punitive steps against Russia in the form of sanctions and the expulsion of some of its diplomats from the U.S., a futile but insulting move calculated to antagonize rather than penalize.
Would Obama would be perfectly happy to catalyze World War III through these antics? Probably – but if there’s anything the left’s radical icon Saul Alinsky stressed, it was patience. Chances are that Obama is looking forward to his days as a celebrated elder statesman and the opportunities this will present for furthering his destructive mission.

It is noteworthy that earlier this week, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer referenced the massive 2015 hack wherein – among other things – millions of federal employees had their unique fingerprint records stolen. While U.S. officials accused China of initiating that event, there were never any repercussions for the Chinese government. This is significant not only because the hacking event was well-publicized, but because some in the Western intelligence community suspected that this was done with the full countenance and cooperation of the administration.

Obama’s federal land grabs and clandestine importation of yet more unvetted Muslims into American cities further validate the contention that these actions are deliberately spiteful. Rest assured that we can look forward to more of this sort of thing prior to Inauguration Day.

One may recall that a hallmark of the Obama administration has been its habit of doubling-down on questionable policies and criminal procedures when confronted, threatened, or when one of its dark machinations are brought to light. When Border Patrol officer Brian Terry was killed by drug cartel soldiers in 2010, thus revealing the motivation behind the administration’s Fast and Furious gun running operation (this being to foster a widespread and irrational fear of firearms via turning our southern border states into a war zone), Obama and his minions did not dial back their actions. Rather, they proceeded to exploit each and every subsequent crime in which a firearm was employed as evidence of the need to incorporate draconian firearms measures into law. Some suspect that the administration may even have orchestrated a high-profile gun crime or three to drive home the point; it is difficult to make this determination, since the principals in these incidents are, and are likely to remain, quite dead.

Obama’s current exploits are certainly consistent with regard to this particular modus operandi.

What kind of person would feverishly engage in actions so demonstrably harmful to our national security, domestic tranquility, and which fly in the face of the rule of law?

Some of us have been addressing this question for the last eight years. The answer? A malignant narcissist who, as I said last week in this space, possesses the belief that his worldview is so superior to all others that he has the right to impose it upon everyone else. Factor therein a deep hatred of America (as we understand it) and we have a ruthless, ends-justify-the-means dictator who has not been recognized as such only due to the treachery of the press and the American progressive-socialist machine which it serves.

Another answer: The sort of person who can smarmily lie time and again regarding his having saved millions of American jobs while half of our workforce is out of work, or about his signature health care law having covered millions of uninsured Americans when in fact the law has forced millions into the federal system of substandard medical care.

Yet another answer: A person whose policies directly led to the deaths, maiming, and enslavement of tens of thousands of souls across the Middle East and Africa, and who could sleep like a baby after deliberately leaving American diplomatic personnel to die at the hands of jihadis one night in Benghazi, Libya.

The widespread baseless accusations, fearmongering, and despotism in which Obama has engaged since the election underscore who he is at his core: An ill-bred, horribly maladjusted and arguably psychopathic low-level street organizer and catty, vindictive bath house homosexual who has been allowed to believe his own publicity for far too long.

More importantly, his presidency is emblematic of the sort of person that American progressives would choose to lead them for eight years.

Originally published in WorldNetDaily

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William B Stoecker

Most of us conspiracy researchers (we are not “theorists”) who have studied the history of the globalists and their fascist and Islamofascist street thugs and organizers realized some time back that what motivates them is radical, even demonic evil, evil for the sake of evil. They do not torture and murder and start wars and engineer depressions to gain and keep power; rather, they crave power so that they can murder and torture. The end does not justify the means…the means is the end.
But for many of us, the final horror came when we realized that George Sauron, King Hussein, and all the others are not even rational…they are stark, raving mad. If they realize that they cannot have the world, they are perfectly capable of starting a nuclear war to destroy it.