Pre-election Race-baiting Harbinger of Things to Come

In the weeks preceding the midterm election, there was a marked uptick in the America-as-racist narrative the political left loves so well. I’m sure that the impetus for these calumnies was the collective desperation being experienced at the time by members of the Democratic Party in positions both high and low; indeed, they knew of Americans’ dissatisfaction with the Obama administration, Democrats and their policies – but that was by no means the only reason for the despicable rhetoric.

I’m talking about contingencies here, and the contingency in this case was to set the stage for blaming any Democrat electoral losses on racism and to ostensibly justify their subsequent political machinations.

As I mentioned in an earlier column, Ferguson, Missouri, where black teen Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, is and will continue to be used by the administration and its surrogates to foment racial antipathy.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in February of 2012 and the ensuing trial helped the government (through Obama’s black nationalist attorney general, Eric Holder, who used taxpayer dollars to subsidize anti-Zimmerman protests during the jury deliberation phase) set the stage for this ongoing narrative of prevalent institutional racism in America, this itself being but one of many fronts upon which the administration has manifested its assault on America at large.

To date, evidence in the grand jury investigation into the actions of Officer Darren Wilson indicates that Michael Brown was a thug wannabe who robbed a store, then assaulted a police officer (Wilson) minutes later and got ventilated for his trouble. Despite this – and the evidence that this was the case even prior to the grand jury being impaneled – those inured to the racial orthodoxy of the left came to the summary conclusion that Brown’s death was a murder based in race hatred. Obama dispatched Holder to Ferguson; his operatives have continued to keep racial tensions simmering to this day.

On Monday, while appearing on a cable news channel with a predominantly black audience, first lady Michelle Obama asserted that black Americans should vote a straight Democratic ticket this week because this would best serve their communities. In typical peremptory liberal-elite fashion – and with that renowned contempt for blacks’ intelligence – she even went as far as to say that who a candidate is, what they’ve said, or what they stand for “shouldn’t even come into the equation.”

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