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Since August 2013, FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! has decoded news, unraveled mainstream media spin, and busted political hype, blunting the relentless propaganda assault against our besieged nation. Via FULL CONTACT, Rush delivers unvarnished Truth – arming We The People to effectively combat America’s vile enemies who attack her from within.

In his Monday through Friday 2 hour live-streaming radio talk show, Erik aptly communicates America At Peril – exposing not only the crimes and sabotage of the aka Obama administration, but the back stories, histories, and motivations of key players in this tense drama.

Nowhere else can America’s Patriots access the kind of insight that Erik Rush provides. From the wicked, destructive machinations of aka Obama and his Administration; to the brave, dedicated efforts of everyday Americans fighting to protect and defend their beloved country, every day, Rush delivers, resoundingly combating the criminality, destruction, vulgarity, abominations, deceit, lies, manipulation, irreverence, desecration and godlessness that characterize all things “Obama”.

With guests like Gen. Paul Vallely, Col. Harry Riley, Dr. Jim Garrow, and Trevor Loudon, as well as up-and-coming conservatives like Katrina Pierson, FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! brings straight to your ears the voices of those leading the charge against our Enemies Within.

I’m issuing a call for 99 patriots to join me in pledging $10, over these next five days. If America is to survive its attacks from within, and defeat its wicked enemies, we need Erik Rush. Please show him you value his fearsome efforts on America’s behalf, and on yours.

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