GOP Leadership: Accomplices to Obama’s Crimes

GOP Leadership: Accomplices to Obama’s Crimes

Aint it great that the Republicans won so big in that midterm election …?

That would be representative of the sarcastic refrain I’ve been hearing among Republicans in social media, blogs and email blasts these days. In the wake of the Mitch McConnell-led Senate and House Speaker John Boehner both acquiescing to Democratic demands and agreeing to pass Department of Homeland Security funding free of provisions to block President Obama’s controversial (and, oh yes, illegal) amnesty, the disgust has been practically palpable.

Over the weekend, conservatives fumed over rumors that Boehner might cave, as McConnell had last week. While Boehner’s subsequent action has revived talk of his ouster as speaker, and some pundits have been excoriating McConnell for the hypocritical, corrupt old prostitute that he is, the temerity of the Republican leadership in general toward essentially ignoring the fact that Obama’s so-called executive amnesty has no basis of presidential authority is almost as offensive as Obama’s decree itself.

“I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president,” Boehner said on Tuesday – yet also said he believes the decision to vote on a “clean” bill is “the right one for this country.”

Here, Boehner evidently took one from the Obama administration’s copy of Inane and Contradictory Statements for Public Consumption.

Actually, Boehner and McConnell have been telegraphing their intentions for a few years now. If one recalls, the agreement to end the 2013 partial government shutdown crafted by McConnell and then-Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid included nearly $3 billion in earmarks for McConnell’s state of Kentucky. Blatantly whorish, shameless maneuvers like this, as well as Boehner and McConnell’s established antipathy for conservative colleagues, clearly demonstrate their allegiance to Beltway politics, big government and personal aggrandizement.

We’ve seen the same trend among GOP power players across the board during Obama’s presidency. Republican politicians and political operatives (such as former G.W. Bush adviser Karl Rove) who claim to be conservative nevertheless ridicule, demonize and attempt to marginalize conservatives in their own party, despite these being far more representative of rank-and-file GOP voters’ core values than establishment Republicans. McConnell and Boehner have reserved harsher words for the tea party and colleagues who are ideologically aligned with such groups than they do for the Islamist-supporting, openly treasonous, Marxist Obama regime.

The major take-away from all of this – to those astute and courageous enough to accept it – is that the current GOP leadership is so irrevocably corrupt as to be beyond hope for their ever doing the right thing when it comes to promoting the general welfare of the American people – even when we take into account the manifestly diabolical designs of this administration and the dire circumstances it has wrought.

Considering conservatives’ hopes for a “revolutionary” conservative candidate being nominated by the GOP in 2016, I am not optimistic about the prospects for that, either. This is because the Republican National Committee is also irrevocably corrupt; its policies are being implemented and many candidates advanced from the top down, by powerful progressive interests.

There are a few – my WND colleague Mychal Massie, most notably – who have been warning since at least 2011 that the RNC would attempt to cram former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush down our throats as the Republican nominee in 2016. While many Republicans thought this laughable at the time (given George W. Bush’s lack of popularity at the end of his second term), it has become apparent that this is quite likely what they intend to do.

Jeb Bush’s appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week, in which he tested the waters amidst the conservative faithful, was met with some “boos,” and some attendees walking out. He did have supporters – some reportedly bussed in – but the fact that he even has supporters among conservatives is illustrative of the fact that some conservatives remain astonishingly ill-informed.

Over the last few months, Jeb’s rhetoric has been vapid and vague – more befitting a beauty pageant contestant than a conservative Republican. Like liberal Democrats, he touts the benefits of allowing well-educated, industrious individuals to emigrate to the U.S., then supports the nearly unfettered illegal immigration of poor, uneducated parasites and criminals. Bush also supports the social-engineering platform disguised as education policy – that intrusive, insulting federal overreach called Common Core.

These considered, how he could be mistaken for a conservative by conservatives is plainly baffling. His presence at CPAC was simply indicative of the fact that politicians have no shame whatsoever.

Nevertheless, the elites who run the RNC will attempt to do the very same thing with Jeb that they did with George W. Bush – selling America on the notion that Jeb is something apart from the rest of his globalist clan. The only question I have at present is whether they plan to package him as a conservative, or as a centrist in the mold of the last three losing GOP nominees.

Two glaring factors finally bring the depth of corruption and treachery of these establishment Republicans into sharp focus;:one is the alacrity with which they skirted the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of president and the widespread criminal fraud attendant to his candidacy. Worse, they having completely ignored the blatant and mounting criminal actions of his administration. These speak to their roles as accessories after the fact, if not direct accomplices.

It is apparent that the GOP leadership – the only legal and practicable impediment to this administration – intend to let Obama shepherd America straight to hell without lifting a finger to stop him, no matter what he does.

In my view, the “no matter what he does” part has a profound and increasingly frightening ring to it.

Originally published at WorldNetDaily.

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The “Filthy 15”


Just so we don’t forget – here is the list of the 15 Republican senators who chose politics over principle and alliances with  leftist elites over the American taxpayers when they voted for the 2013 Senate Amnesty bill on June 24, 2013.

  • John McCain (Ariz.)
  • Lindsey Graham (S.C.)
  • Marco Rubio (Fla.)
  • Jeff Flake (Ariz.)
  • Bob Corker (Tenn.)
  • Lamar Alexander (Tenn.)
  • Kelly Ayotte (N.H.)
  • Jeff Chiesa (N.J.)
  • Susan Collins (Maine)
  • Orrin Hatch (Utah)
  • Dean Heller (Nev.)
  • Mark Kirk (Ill.)
  • John Hoeven (N.D.)
  • Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
  • Roger Wicker (Miss.)
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You can’t win a rigged game


I had the opportunity very recently to have an extended conversation with a young gentleman who officially became a U.S. citizen just over a month ago. He claimed that he had always felt he “belonged here, ” took the first opportunity to come to the U.S. presented to him and “never looked back.” He worked all sorts of jobs, traveled all over the country and met people from every socioeconomic sector and demographic.

Coming from a country where the citizens have substantially less opportunity than in America and a more or less homogenous population, there were many things he still found strange about the U.S., even after having been here for more than 10 years. We talked about a multitude of subjects, from nationalized health care to race relations. He said that he often pondered certain inconsistencies, like why so many Americans harbor antipathy for their own country, why so many don’t vote and why young black celebrities are so angry being but a few. Like many naturalized immigrants I have encountered, his was more intense curiosity than judgment.

Describing his swearing-in ceremony, he could not have been prouder. The account of his thoughts and feelings as he and his fellow new citizens pledged allegiance to the flag and sang the National Anthem was nothing less than spiritual. “Something changed in my heart,” he said more than once. He related suddenly feeling part of something great and finally connected to all of the people who had gone before him to contribute to the success of this nation – and how America’s history of immigration played a big part in that.


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Liberals killed Trayvon Martin, and Jamiel Shaw, and…

trayvon_jamiel1What we do know for sure about the night of February 26, 2012 is that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to death in Sanford, Florida, later claiming self-defense. Despite altogether too many having made up their minds about who was to blame within minutes of hearing of the incident, and the biased, tainted press reports, enough facts have subsequently shaken out that I believe a reliable determination can now be made as to why Martin died that night.

Other than the summary accusations and presumptions of racism on Zimmerman’s part, very little has come to light towards definitively affirming the mixed-race (Latino-Caucasian) neighborhood watch participant as a racist individual. Quite the opposite, in fact: Zimmerman’s actions and activities in the weeks and years prior suggest that he was anything but racially-biased.

Given the statutes governing those possessing concealed carry permits for firearms (as did Zimmerman), the names of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman would have been long forgotten by now were it not for the ensuing politicization surrounding the racial component here. Typically, these statutes do not demand that one waits to be physically overpowered before discharging their weapon.

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