Countering Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”

tipton_capitalism1Chattanooga TV producer and entrepreneur Melanie Tipton is producing a new documentary celebrating capitalism – and fighting back against President Obama’s push for socialism and war on Capitalism. Through her production company, Soar On The Wings of Eagles, the former athlete, sports reporter and current broadcast pro intends for this documentary to be “the opposite of liberal Michael Moore’s propaganda film against Capitalism. Our documentary is going to promote the greatness of America through the eyes of Capitalism.”

Tipton’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville documentary will show “a business owner’s struggles, rejections, hard work, determination and persistence of trying to build a successful company in today’s sluggish economy.” According to Ms. Tipton, “We will show in this documentary that capitalism and free enterprise are the backbone of America and that’s what makes the United States great and sets it apart from other countries. Government does not drive economic growth, instead growth comes from the private sector.”

Liberal Michael Moore loves bashing Capitalism but, as Tipton says, “his net worth of $50 million was made in a capitalist and free market economy. In a socialist economy Michael Moore wouldn’t have been able to do so well.”

Michael Moore has also declared on Twitter that “Capitalism is a crime.”

Melanie Tipton’s resume is indeed impressive, and her experience has prepared her for the task at hand.  Tipton, the Executive Producer of the documentary, has over 15 years of television broadcast media experience, and is a first place Associated Press award-winning sportscaster in Reporting, Best Story Telling, Producing, Editing and Photography. Her broadcast media experience includes working at WSB-TV Channel 2 Sports Zone in Atlanta, Georgia for several football seasons, and several years of experience as a contracted TV Sports Reporter for sports shows that aired on regional networks throughout the United States, including Fox Sports Net. She is also a former award-winning college fast-pitch softball player at Carson Newman and holds a B.A. in Communications.

The Conservative Campaign Committee (the same group involved with the Tea Party Express) is helping to promote the documentary. To make a contribution to the documentary project online – JUST CLICK HERE.

Journey Through Chattanoogaville link here.

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