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Recently in this space, I addressed the incongruities of those on the political left expending vast amounts of time and energy attempting to discredit those on the right whom they maintain are conspiracy theorists, fear-mongers, or straight-up mental defectives. To this end, I highlighted some of the nefarious activities against which my colleagues and I warned and how these notions were ridiculed, only to be confirmed via impeccable sources later on.

Among the more outlandish and absurd postulations I made involved those whom I lovingly call the “White House Basement Bloggers.” My contention: The Obama administration has in its employ cadres of operatives dedicated to Internet activities aimed at everyday American Internet users, as well as those conservative blogs or websites that are more vulnerable than larger, well-funded entities. The anecdotal as well as technical evidence of this has been overwhelming, yet, inasmuch as this administration admits to nothing – even when evidence is overwhelming – nothing definitive had been proved.

Until now …

Once again, my outlandish and absurd postulation has been unequivocally proved. The abysmal Healthcare.gov website rollout (which was abysmal by design) notwithstanding, we’re aware that this administration is the most tech-savvy we’ve had to date.

This week, award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald released the first in a series of news articles confirming that Western governments (including the United States, of course) are “attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the Internet itself.”

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