Race-baiting: From the Slime to the Ridiculous

Race-baiting: From the Slime to the Ridiculous

The blowback from two recent grand jury decisions exonerating white police officers in separate cases wherein their use of force resulted in the deaths of black individuals has taken on a decidedly surreal tone. While to an extent we have grown to expect provocateurs like Rev. Al Sharpton and his ilk squeezing as much face time out of anything even remotely controversial in vein of race, the willingness of uninvolved (and often wholly uninformed) Americans in jumping on the bandwagon in this dark travesty is discouraging, to say the least.

Some have engaged in asinine, shallow displays of solidarity, such as the hands-up gesture on the part of five players on the St. Louis Rams football team, Singer Garth Brooks canceling a Thanksgiving appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show” and Columbia Law School allowing students to postpone final exams due to “trauma” attendant to the grand jury decisions. Now, we also have the burgeoning “I can’t breathe” campaign, memorializing Eric Garner, who died after being placed in a chokehold by a New York City Police officer.

While some may argue that these gestures were harmless, they are indicative of a complete lack of critical analysis. Like the Ferguson rioters themselves, most of these people came to their erroneous conclusions despite the clear-cut nature of the Wilson-Brown case.

Some reactions were less harmless. Last Wednesday, student protesters at East High School in Denver, Colorado – ostensibly demonstrating in solidarity with the Ferguson crowd – actually cheered as a police officer on a bicycle was hit by a car and dragged underneath the vehicle.

As I’ve been saying for many weeks, agitators, operators, and politicos have been setting the stage for this tragic comedy since August. Activists and community organizers so vigorously advanced the idea that Michael Brown had been murdered by Darren Wilson that they have been able to parlay the incident – and subsequently the Eric Garner case – into a nationwide call to action against America’s institutionally racist police. Their rhetoric has been deliberately inflammatory, whether on the part of Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, who admonished Ferguson rioters to “Burn this bi–h down,” or Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who said prior to the Ferguson grand jury announcement that if the demands of protesters for the indictment of Darren Wilson were not met, “we’ll tear this g–dd–n country up!”

We cannot discount the influence of the press in this matter, however. They have not only been instrumental in shaping the flawed worldview of so many Americans, but were instrumental in validating the sentiments of those who wished to make the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner into hate crimes.

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No justice, No Peace – No Brains

No justice, No Peace – No Brains

I would say it’s a fair bet that most of those who witnessed the violence that ensued following the announcement that a grand jury in Missouri declined to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown were not at all surprised. Indeed, it appeared that many of those anticipating the decision simply could not wait to get started looting, shooting and destroying property.

The mob appeared to have a particular penchant for razing and burning local businesses. In fact, dozens of businesses in Ferguson burned on Monday night alone, and these were mostly minority-owned. Obviously, those in the community who worked at these businesses are now out of jobs.

Even assuming the decimated businesses carried adequate insurance, of course the owners and franchisees are out of work too, though many will be able to rebuild. All of this will conspire to depress the economy in Ferguson, something of which the participants in the mayhem and madness remain oblivious.

The catalyst to all of this, as the reader is likely aware, was the fact that a man was found innocent of wrongdoing by a grand jury. When you strip away the race issues, there’s not much more to it than that. One man assaulted another – a police officer – and was killed, probably after attempting to relieve him of his sidearm. Amidst widely publicized accusations of police brutality and race-based police targeting of young blacks, a grand jury determined that the officer had not acted unlawfully. Much of the testimony upon which the grand jury decision was based, we are told, was given by those of the same ethnic group as the decedent Michael Brown. In general, the evidence in favor of Officer Darren Wilson’s account of the events was overwhelming.

There are numerous components to this situation which are engender pathos, well beyond a young man having lost his life, another’s life in upheaval and a community in tatters.

Erik Rush’s “Negrophilia” takes a blistering look at America’s out-of-control racial obsession.

One is the disgusting behavior of the rioters, who found themselves unable to rise above the social and psychological garbage being fed them. Another is the manifest evil of those who have been feeding the aforementioned garbage to black Americans for the last several decades, and that of the agitators with more short-term agendas. With regard to the former, I refer to the politicians and career activists who perpetuate the notion that America remains an institutionally racist nation, and that racist police prowl the streets looking for the slightest excuse to gun down a black individual.

With regard to the latter, I speak of those such as the New Black Panther Party (some of whose members were arrested in the Ferguson area with bombs in the days prior to the grand jury decision), and Muslim activists who sought to enroll blacks in their effort to condemn the actions of law enforcement against militant Muslims in Missouri.

While it is not my intention to address this in depth here, the political manipulation of blacks across America in the name of Michael Brown is more than a mere distraction from the increasing attention being focused on Obama’s dismal reign. (Make no mistake: A measure of the agitation in Ferguson and elsewhere is being directly orchestrated by Obama surrogates and the DOJ itself.) As a landmark in the incremental sabotage of race relations, it is validation to the administration of what it can do, and what will be necessary to ignite even larger fires in the future.

That said, I can no longer hold blacks in Ferguson blameless for electing to vent their frustrations on their own community despite having been institutionally under-educated, thoroughly propagandized, socioeconomically compromised, and indoctrinated into a culture of celebrated mediocrity. Nor can I hold them blameless for having been influenced by outside agitators who capitalized on their misplaced resentment relating to the Brown shooting.

For decades, people have been asking me why, when blacks get pissed off, they promptly lay waste to their own communities. If you’re old enough, obviously you know that this has been the case since the days of the Civil Rights Movement.

This has only gotten worse in recent years, since the popular culture and worldview being inculcated into young blacks by progressives and profiteers (which cannot be criticized, lest one be labeled a racist or Uncle Tom) is replete with misogyny, hatred for authority, larceny, debauchery and tribal violence. Case in point: If one scrutinizes the footage and photos from Ferguson, it’s essentially a conceptual rap video without the music.

On a daily basis, I receive vulgar communications of varying types from mind-blowingly ignorant blacks less than half my age who have never experienced an incidence of real discrimination or bigotry, and wouldn’t know one if it bit them.

They spew invective at black conservatives and libertarian types from the other side of the plantation fence as we walk by, flailing and hooting like a troupe of zoo monkeys hurling their feces at spectators. It’s a fence they could gingerly step over and be free, but they’d rather yowl at passers-by and burn their stuff on their side of the fence. That plantation, of course, is owned and operated by their real oppressors.

How long can people remain asleep? To this I truly have no answer. Scientifically speaking, inherent racial stupidity obviously isn’t a factor, but I suppose one could convincingly argue in favor of collective stupidity. In this case, it’s definitely an aspect upon which liberal politicians and career civil rights activists have relied for a long time.

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Ferguson Still a Ticking Time Bomb

ferguson_riots1Apparently, the news cycle is a harsh mistress. Nevertheless, this is a time when we need to be cognizant of devious manipulations that are taking place with regard to the news cycle and political influence thereupon, as well as key stories that have the potential to affect the day-to-day lives of Americans on an ever-increasing basis.

Like the “humanitarian crisis” that was precipitated by the flood if illegal immigrant minors on our border with Mexico, for example. Set aside the fact that it was wholly orchestrated by the White House; the press has been happy to set aside the story in favor of more timely issues. The fact is however, that the “unaccompanied minors” are still coming, and the effects of the phenomenon are more far-reaching than we are being told.

As is apparent, the story of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, has fallen off of the press radar to a large extent as well. Brown is the black 18 year-old who was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9. Despite overwhelming evidence initially available that Brown was a thug wannabe who likely precipitated the unfortunate events leading to his death, the fact that he was black and Wilson was white made the shooting a “murder by default” in the eyes of liberals and much of the black community in Ferguson who, like many blacks in America, are positively inured in the prevailing leftist racial orthodoxy.

The shooting gave rise to weeks of protests, riots, and exploitation by the melanin pimps of record, most notably Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Black Ferguson residents called for the arrest of Wilson on the charge of murder.

Inasmuch as charging someone with murder generally requires actual evidence, following much political pressure, the state impaneled a grand jury to determine whether Wilson’s actions merited criminal charges.

Like the “unaccompanied minor” immigrant crisis that hasn’t gone away, neither have the protesters in Ferguson. They’re still calling for the arrest of Darren Wilson, but they’re going to have to wait awhile before determining their next move. This week, it was announced that the grand jury investigation has been extended until January 7, 2015.

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Choosing Evil in Ferguson – and Elsewhere

fergusonriots1During the Civil Rights Movement, there were essentially two messages (or paradigms) being offered to black Americans. One was that of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which demanded social equality for blacks and envisioned an America in which ethnicity was a non-issue with regard to opportunity, social interaction and human relationships. The path was nonviolent civil disobedience.

The other message was that of militancy, if not the outright militancy advocated by radical organizations such as the Black Panther Party, a militancy wherein peaceful resistance and civil disobedience were viewed as weak, ineffectual paths to equality. Perpetual mistrust of whites (despite the millions of those who were advocating for blacks’ civil rights) was encouraged, as well as cynicism, bitterness and anger over the past mistreatment of blacks.

This line of thinking was most famously advocated by Malcolm X, the black activist who was slain in 1964. Prior to his pilgrimage to Mecca, his stock in trade consisted of such phrases as “The common enemy is the white man,” to whom he often referred as a “blue-eyed devil.” He apparently met white, blue-eyed Muslims when he went to Mecca, so he began to moderate his Anglophobic rhetoric a bit.

After Malcolm’s death, some black nationalist organizations such as the Black Panther Party made good on the violence, however. While they claimed to want equal rights, their actions made it clear that they were far more interested in seeing “white America” burn.

Since most Americans at the time still adhered to Judeo-Christian, Western concepts of human decency, they embraced the tenets of Dr. King’s message over the idea that militant blacks had a right to murder and mayhem as reparation for blacks’ collective suffering.

There is an exception to this, a very important one that explains why the state of race relations is as it is today in America.

As I have discussed before, there were those who had certain motivations for advancing the idea that despite all of the changes that have taken place regarding worldviews and institutions in America with regard to race relations, America remained an institutionally racist nation. For some it has been a monetary issue; for others it has been one of political power, whether we’re talking about Marxists or less radical statist elites.

In any case, this idea was successfully advanced and inculcated into the worldview of many black Americans in the years since the Civil Rights Movement. Thus, there are millions of blacks in America who, even if they purport to be adherents to Dr. King’s message, cling to the cynicism, mistrust and, yes, even the hatred in which the 1960s black nationalists simmered. They have been taught to believe that blacks will never be able to trust whites on any meaningful level, because (as those in the Nation of Islam actually teach) whites are genetically predisposed to oppress other ethnic groups. Never mind that Africans, Arabs and Asians have historically oppressed and enslaved far more individuals than Europeans have – in fact, they’re still at it.

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