Army Surplus Weapons For Fun And…

Army Surplus Weapons For Fun And…

By Jay Chambers •

People love objects that have some kind of history behind them – no matter if it’s something functional or just an ornamental piece. Such items are rare, so when you find one, you must grab it. But this doesn’t only go for simple objects you use around the house. Shooters now have the opportunity to own a powerful gun, one that was produced a long time ago and holds some history.

Military surplus weapons are a nice, cheaper way to get your hands on a well-designed gun and save some cash in the process. More than that, the simple thought of the role they played in history is enough to make your mood rise. Let’s not waste any time and see what army surplus weapons are.

What Are Army Surplus Weapons?

Army surplus weapons are guns that have been produced a long time ago and were used in the military, as the name suggests. They were produced in high numbers, and since they are not really used in the army that much anymore, they are being sold to the population. Although they don’t possess some of the latest mechanisms such as fingerprint locks, they can still be used.

These guns were mass-produced, and they have a lot of history. Luckily, there’s still ammunition available for them, so whoever wishes to use them can do so. These rifles make perfect for collectors, as well as hunters, survivalists or those who want to engage in paintball fun.

Why Do People Buy Them?

There are many reasons why people buy them. After all, there must be something great about them if people take such interest in these old-school rifles. Here are some reasons why army surplus weapons receive so much love:

  1. History

Of course, the first reason is the historical background that they have. It’s not every day that you find a rifle used during an important war. If you want a normal rifle, you just have to go to a gun shop. An AR-15, for example, can be easily found with better firepower nowadays. One example is the Bravo Company Manufacturing RECCE 16 Carbine AR 15 rifle. It’s a powerful weapon that works both at short range and longer range and is perfect to use in competitions. However, it doesn’t have the same look and feel that a historical rifle offers.

An army surplus weapon could add something extra and makes you look cool. The simple thought of owning a gun that played a part in your country’s history is enough to give you an adrenaline rush.

Also, it’s not just using it that feels so amazing, but having it for your collection can do the trick too. It would be one of the most valuable pieces, if not the most valuable one.

  1. Design

We can’t really leave this detail out, because even if you care more about functionality than looks, having both of them is always the best. Many people are in love with army surplus weapons because they look very cool. You could argue that present weapons look amazing too, but they still got nothing on the charm of these old rifles.

Design is even more relevant in the case of collectors. An old weapon will always be eye-candy for them and whoever is being introduced to their collection.

  1. Price

When you have a certain hobby, the chances are that you need money to take it to the level you want. So, if your hobby is shooting, you may want to have a nice weapon collection, but your funds may not allow you.

This is possibly one of the biggest benefits of army surplus weapons. Of course, it depends on the situation and the rifle model, sometimes, but in general, there are high chances they’re more affordable compared to modern weapons.

While modern guns come with extra features that increase their price, army surplus weapons are quite basic. Apart from that, they are second hand. So, they tend to come for a lower price than the guns you normally see in gun shops, offering you a better chance of buying them. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain?

  1. Functionality

You’d think that after decades of being used, these guns have lost their ability to function, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, many of them can still offer outstanding performance, and shooters can use them for target shooting and hunting. Especially if the person is a more casual shooter and doesn’t look for specific additional features for their gun, army surplus weapons are better options – that’s why they get so much love.

Where Can You Buy Army Surplus Weapons?

Military surplus weapons can be bought from many places but finding these places can quickly turn into a challenge. More often than not, it will take a few tries until you find a seller.

You can try going to local army surplus stores, as they’re likely to have some guns you may be interested in. Flea markets may have them too in some cases. Auctions represent another way to get your hands on one of these beauties, as long as you bid on them and you’re lucky enough to win.

A very easy way to look for them without too much effort is the Internet. With so many stores, there’s no way you won’t find someone willing to sell their army surplus weapons. However, keep in mind that buying them online requires a signature before they’re delivered.

Final Thoughts

Army surplus weapons represent a great way to find affordable guns that are not only amazing design-wise, but are also functional and have a lot of historical value. While not commonly found in your local gun shops, there are special places where these weapons can be purchased, such as auctions, army surplus stores, or the Internet.

If you want to become an owner yourself, make sure to search carefully. With some patience, your collection will have some pieces you’re not likely to find again.

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The 5 Reasons Anybody Might Go Rifle Over Pistol for Their One Gun

The 5 Reasons Anybody Might Go Rifle Over Pistol for Their One Gun

By Jay Chambers •

If you were to buy a gun, you would most likely choose a handgun/pistol, no matter what you plan on using it for. But why’s that?

Well, this is mainly because you’ve gotten accustomed to most movies that depict a pistol as the best gun when it comes to personal ownership and home defense. Also, it might be because some other people that you know own just a pistol.

In any case, the situation is very clear – most people, when it comes to choosing their first and only gun, will go for a pistol. While weight and size must also be taken into consideration, we think that a rifle might be a much better choice, even if you wish to purchase a gun only for home defense.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ve decided to tell you five of the reasons why anybody might go for a rifle instead of a pistol for their only gun to own.

  1. Better Accuracy

It goes without saying that every bullet that doesn’t hit its designated target creates a big problem for the shooter. Any of the so-called stray rounds that don’t manage to hit either an enemy or a still target are bound to fail to stop a threat or to score some points, in the case of competitive shooting.

However, let’s focus more on the home defense aspect of owning a single gun. It is safe to say that accuracy is something that has to be taken into account when choosing your one and only weapon. Naturally, accuracy is not provided only by the fact that a rifle has more bullets than a pistol but also by the increased number of points of contact the former has.

When using a rifle, your hands, the shoulder, and the cheek are in permanent contact with the gun while you are firing it. This is the main reason why a rifle might be the better choice. Naturally, we don’t even have to mention the fact that you can aim much easier with a rifle than with a pistol.

  1. Magazine Capacity

If we are to put two men against each other and give each a pistol with a 10-round magazine, only one of them will win the fight – obviously. But that won’t happen until they have emptied the magazine.

So, what could you possibly do with only a pistol if you are defending your home against multiple invaders? You should either have more than one magazine ready to go – which is unlikely, as you will panic and rush to defend your home without considering grabbing the second magazine – or hope that there’s only one home invader for you to deal with.

On the other hand, a rifle doesn’t come with such issues. The standard magazine capacity for such a gun is 30 rounds and, if your aim is good enough, you won’t even need 10 bullets to stop a single attacker. Due to its rate of fire, better contact, and ease of aim, you can rely on a single 3-bullet burst to incapacitate an invader.

Moreover, keep in mind that a 30-round magazine is a standard for most rifles, meaning that you can always upgrade it, and have it hold more bullets.

  1. Round Power

Most pistols come with 9mm rounds – don’t get us wrong, they are powerful, but they may not be enough when confronted with multiple shooters that own better guns, so to say.

When it comes to the best air rifles, it is only natural that they come with much more powerful rounds, such as 7.62x39mm or 5.56x45mm. This is where rifles have an unbeatable value. Not only that you get more rounds per magazine, but you get much more powerful rounds as well.

While a bullet will hurt no matter its type, we already know that some people can withstand a 9mm shot in the leg or arm, depending on the exact location. On the other hand, they’ll have a much harder time dealing with a burst of 7.62 or 5.52 bullets in the same area.

  1. Long-Distance Usability

First of all, you already know that pistols work great at close to medium range. Once your target gets further away – or is away, to begin with – you will have a much harder time properly aiming the pistol and hitting your target.

Naturally, a rifle does wonders when it comes to long-distance work. This is due to some of the advantages we’ve mentioned before – namely, more contact points meant to fasten the gun, as well as weapon body mechanics that make it easier for you to aim.

For example, if you live in a rural area and someone enters your property with malicious intents, you have a better chance scaring them off with a rifle than with a pistol.

  1. Blunt Weapon

Let’s say that you manage to run out of ammo after an intense fight. Now, your opponent might have run out of ammo as well, especially given the fact that few home invaders actually bring something better than a pistol with them.

In this case, the only thing you have in your hands is a metal object that has no intention of firing any more rounds. Naturally, your only choice is to use it as a blunt weapon and hope for the best.

A pistol, in this exact scenario, is almost comparable with a rock, so to speak, while a rifle is basically a metal rod that can be grabbed by one end and has longer reach as well. With a pistol, you won’t be able to pull off some in the back of the head hits as you see in movies.

Instead, a rifle can work great as a club and keep you safe from any villains.

The Bottom Line

First of all, keep in mind that these reasons will apply depending on certain circumstances and situations, as well as on how you plan on using your gun.

However, if you wish to own a single gun that you can use for multiple purposes, then a rifle seems to be the best choice at the moment. You have the firepower, the increased accuracy, stability, as well as the ammo capacity to make anyone run away and never come back.

Moreover, rifles are known for being easy to shoot with, even in stressful and full of panic situations.

Jay Chambers is a Guest Contributor to

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Women and Guns: How The Left Gets It Wrong

Women and Guns: How The Left Gets It Wrong

by Sam Bocetta •

The left are jubilant this week, after a report by the Violence Policy Center claimed that women were a hundred times more likely to be killed by someone with a gun than to use one in self-defense. This skewed statistic has been reported in many “mainstream” media outlets over the past few weeks, and taken out of context it is very misleading.

First, people are more likely to be killed by guns than to use one in self-defense, for the simple reason that the number of people who regularly carry weapons is still quite small. Leaving that aside, though, even The Nation admits that the study did not count women who did not die because they defended themselves with a firearm.

Perhaps most damning, though, is the hypocrisy shown by the left when it comes to the safety of women. Even in an age when self-defense classes for women are regarded as both necessary and empowering, the left’s squeamishness about guns means they are not able to take the next step, and sensibly recommend that women carry a self-defense weapon.

The Changing Demographics Of Gun Ownership

It seems that many women have realized this for themselves, though, and many more women are now choosing to carry a firearm.  There are now many groups that aim to give women a safe space to train with guns, and the huge expansion of sites like The Well Armed Woman over the last two years is a sign of a strong community.

Perhaps the only unfortunate outcome of gun activists’ defense of our Second Amendment rights is that it actually makes it pretty hard to get reliable numbers on the number of people who own weapons. For this, we have to rely on the Pew Research Center’s annual survey.

This shows that there is still a large disparity between the number of men and women who own guns. 37% of men say that they personally own a gun, in comparison to just 12% of women. That said, if we look a little closer at the numbers, a different picture emerges. Almost a third of women report that they live in a household with a gun, even if they do not personally own one. Much circumstantial evidence points to the fact that these women actually use guns a lot.

Another interesting facet of female gun ownership is that women tend to own guns for different reasons than men. In particular, research suggests that 27% of women own a gun only for self-defense, as opposed to just 8% of men who state that this is the only reason they have a weapon.

Guns For Girls

Two groups stand to benefit from this shift – gun manufacturers, and activist organizations like the NRA. The latter have recently expanded their “NRA Women” program, and they’ve hired a female spokesperson, Dana Loesch. The group have long stressed the need for women to protect themselves, both with firearms and other means, through their Women’s Leadership Forum.

For gun manufacturers, the increase in female attention could be an opportunity to offset some of the effects of the Trump Slump – a general downturn in guns sales since the last election.  Southwick associates, a market research firm who specialize in the hunting industry, have told adage that women account for 46.8% of the 24 million Americans who do not currently own a gun, but are interested in doing so. In order to tempt these new gun owners, several manufacturers are producing handguns specifically aimed at women.

The Hypocrisy Of The Left

Like I said above, the news that hundreds of women are killed each year was widely celebrated on the left, because they think it proves their point – that guns kills people. What they seemingly fail to realize is that for many women, owning a gun is a necessary part of self-defense, and that it is likely that more women would die if they were not armed.

These facts are conveniently left out of the statistics published this week. Of course, this fits into a much wider pattern, in which the left continually warps the numbers in order to justify increasing gun restriction. Half the time, those arguing for tighter gun laws claim to have naively overlooked the larger, more complex picture, but I don’t for a second believe that they are that stupid: rather, this ongoing misrepresentation of the truth about guns is a willing blindness on the part of those who wish to ban guns outright.

Sam Bocetta is a retired contractor who worked for over 35 years as an engineer specializing in cyber warfare and Navy computer systems. Past projects include the development of EWTR systems, Antifragile EW project, and development of Chaff countermeasures. Sam now teaches at Algonquin Community College in Ottawa, Canada as a part time engineering professor.

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