Waking up to global assault on Christians

Although it has not received a great deal of news coverage, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue issued a statement this week deploring the upsurge in violence in Iraq. Included therein were strong words calling upon religious leaders worldwide to “exercise their influence with the authorities to end these crimes, to punish those who commit them and to reestablish the rule of law throughout the land, ensuring the return home of those who have been displaced.”

iraq_refugees1Egypt’s top cleric, Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, has condemned the Islamic State (formerly ISIS), calling it a ‘bloody extremist group’ that has tarnished the image of Islam, and pressing for unity against it.

This week also, Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako of Baghdad said, “There is a need of support and a professional, well-equipped army.”

A call for military action by a representative of the Vatican? It sounds like they’re serious – and quite fed up.

These statements were pleas for religious leaders worldwide to employ political influence upon their governments to curtail the unspeakable atrocities that are currently being perpetrated by the Islamic State. These include the wholesale massacre of non-Muslims and non-Sunni Muslims, beheading and impaling (including children), crucifixion, the display of severed heads and bodies in public places and the abduction of non-Muslim girls and women for the purposes of forced marriage and sexual slavery.

It isn’t necessary at this time to belabor the fact that despite the outrage of religious leaders and the growing certainty among American politicians that this threat will ultimately manifest in America, the ascendancy of the Islamic State was materially facilitated by the Obama administration, given that our president and these militants are ideologically kindred.

What I’d like to concentrate on at the moment is that the majority of the unfortunates in Iraq who are facing this genocide are Christians. Indeed, the majority of those being horribly persecuted by Muslims in nations across the Middle East and parts of Africa are Christians.

In America, we are seeing a different methodology being used to disenfranchise Christians, but rest assured, many of the principals and operatives are the same people.

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Posted by Erik Rush in Columns