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The Bundy Ranch: From My Perspective

by Dr. Jim Garrow

I want to thank Mr. Obama once again for firing me in October. By setting me free he has enabled me to speak the truth about what I know and the many circumstances that my work for the United States provided me with. That of course is limited by my oath and the very carefully crafted set of guidelines that my lawyers provided me with to keep on the right side of the oath and the other details of my working agreement. I had no idea how well written that agreement was when I signed it back in 1969.

The current and continuing situation with the Harry Reid fiefdom of Nevada had me involved from 2006 when I was approached by the President of Canadian Solar to work with them to find suitable land and circumstances in America for which two purposes could be met.

  1. Building a manufacturing facility to produce solar panels, and
  2. Building solar farms.

Now, why was I asked by the President of Canadian Solar and his Vice President of Marketing to help? Because I had a reputation in Guelph Ontario Canada (headquarters of Canadian Solar) for my connections to the Chinese leadership and as a man who could put things together and get things done. Because of connections I had we arranged a meeting with the Lt Gov of Michigan to discuss what government assistance and cooperation might be available for the 2 above listed purposes. The same thing was done with Nevada with different players.

But as you now know, all roads lead to Harry Reid. In the meantime the ownership of Canadian Solar changed and the Chinese moved in as 100% owners with intentions of moving forward quickly with the Nevada connections and dropping the Michigan endeavor. Canadian Solar and the currently identified American solar company working with Harry Reid are all owned in the background by the Peoples Republic of China in total irrespective of what names you might see appearing on the ownership of certain LLC combinations. That is how it is done for China.

So China wanted land and Harry Reid saw to it. Bundy was merely collateral damage until America awakened from its slumber and said “wait a minute.”

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Harry Reid, Dems selling out the Southwest

Harry Reid, Dems selling out the Southwest

harryreid1Tuesday of last week, astute observers of politics were treated to an object lesson in the elitism and unbridled audacity of those ostensibly governing us in the form of Attorney General Eric Holder’s heated exchange with Rep. Louis Gohmert during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. The next day, Holder, apparently still smarting from the exchange, whined to an audience at the opening day of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) Conference in New York City about the shabby treatment he and our poor excuse for a president have received from Republicans in Congress.

Holder’s intimation at the NAN conference was that this is due to Republicans’ racism, but later denied that this is what he’d been trying to say. Of course the damage had been done; the press, Democratic politicos and career civil-rights hustlers came out in force to blast Republicans for their racist tendencies.

This week, we are witnessing more of the same elitism and unbridled audacity, though in a different vein, from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In the aftermath of federal agents withdrawing from the Nevada property of rancher Cliven Bundy, Reid commented to students at the University of Nevada that “… it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

Rancher Bundy has been involved in a decades-long dispute with the federal government over his cattle’s grazing rights. His family has been grazing their cattle on public lands since the late 1800s, but Bundy claims that increasingly onerous regulations and fee structures imposed by the federal government have forced some 57 ranchers in the county out of business in recent years.

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