Obama: The Head of the ISIS Snake

obamalabor_090114Last week, I detailed the conflicting signals and statements to which Americans were being exposed by the press and government officials relative to the threat posed by the so-called Islamic State (formerly the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS). This week, the news cycle has been dominated by the Obama administration’s unfathomable lack of resolve with respect to ISIS, particularly the president’s laconic admission last week that the White House did not have a strategy to combat the terror group.

One of the criticisms the administration has faced is the president having been highly dismissive of ISIS, at one point calling them the “JV team” among terrorist groups. Outrage on the part of Americans and world leaders came to a head on Aug. 19 when American journalist James Foley was beheaded by ISIS. Video footage of the murder was widely distributed by the group.

Then, on Sept. 2, new video was released by ISIS; Steven Sotloff, an American journalist being held by the terror group since last year, was shown being beheaded by a black-robed militant. As in response to nearly all of the disturbing advances, threats and atrocities concerning Islamic terrorists, once again, Obama’s response was as tepid as ever.

As worldwide concern over ISIS has grown, experts and world leaders have admonished one another as well as America that ISIS is currently the greatest threat to peace globally, and possibly one of the greatest threats to peace the world has ever seen. This week, the British government raised the country’s terror threat level to “Severe,” the second-highest of five potential levels. In a speech to the British House of Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron proposed sweeping new anti-terror legislation to mitigate the threat to Britain from ISIS.

Now we have learned (as reported Tuesday by Fox News) that President Obama was given “detailed and specific intelligence” about the rise of ISIS as part of his daily briefing for at least a year before the group seized vast swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq this summer.

According to the Fox News source, there was no mistaking the signals, or the fact that the threat posed by ISIS was building toward that which we are now witnessing.

To add insult to injury, after this latest atrocity, Americans were treated to Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s mealymouthed claims that ISIS is a group the administration had been “looking at for a long time” and State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s reluctance to “put any labels” on Steve Sotloff’s beheading.

This would be comical if not for the real human suffering involved.

Republican lawmakers and assorted conservative pundits continue to refer to President Obama as “disengaged,” “ineffectual,” or “in denial,” and California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein recently deemed him possibly “too cautious” regarding ISIS. These lukewarm estimations and face-saving maneuvers have become tedious.

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Are GOP warnings over ISIS sincere?

mikerogers2If you’re experiencing cognitive dissonance over the mixed signals being conveyed by our government regarding the threat posed to the U.S. by the terror group known as ISIS, you’re definitely not alone.

As we know, the recent gruesome execution of American journalist James Foley and renewed threats from ISIS prompted worldwide shock and calls in America for decisive action on the part of the Obama administration in dealing with them. Foley’s execution topped off several weeks in which ISIS made significant inroads into Syria and Iraq, punctuated with atrocities so macabre that Pope Francis and other world religious leaders (including prominent Muslims) called for direct military intervention.

While the proclivity for jihadis and their surrogates toward outrageous bluster is well-known, given their track record for mayhem, one would be foolish to ignore ISIS members’ recent threats and intimations pertaining to strikes on American soil. When then-future ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi walked away from a U.S. detention camp in 2009, he had some choice – and chilling – words for his former captors: “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

Some U.S. officials continue to assert that despite all of this, there is no evidence of a credible plot against the U.S. at present. This would be laughable were it not for the potential loss of life.

As reported in several publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration (in its infinite capacity for rewriting our laws) unilaterally modified the qualifications for foreign nationals seeking asylum last year, allowing thousands of un-vetted Syrians to resettle in the U.S. as “refugees.” According to the testimony of numerous experts, the recent “humanitarian” border crisis allowed the entry of an inestimable number of possible Islamic terrorists into the U.S. via our southern border.

Yet this week, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey insisted ISIS does not pose a direct threat to America, and that he would not recommend U.S. airstrikes in Syria. The president and others continue to avoid the question, claiming that it is Muslims in the Middle East who are at greater risk from the terror group.

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