Islam and the Left

Islam: A Treatable Malignancy

Islam: A Treatable Malignancy

Although average American news viewers remain blissfully ignorant of this, Europeans have been turning out by the thousands in protest of their governments’ intention to throw the doors open wide to innumerable Muslim refugees from regions in which Barack Hussein Obama’s mercenary army (otherwise known as ISIS or Islamic State) and other militant Islamists have made life as they know it untenable.

The ire of these distressed Europeans is certainly not for a lack of tolerance. They have already been subjected to exponentially more tribulation than have Americans as a result of the human garbage with which their politically correct socialist overlords have saddled them over the last 30 years. These new refugees have already proved to be a demonstrable threat to public health and public safety, and have touched off several particularly violent riots.

I use the term “human garbage” not to preserve my good standing as a narrow-minded, far-right racist, because the cultural bankruptcy on the part of the garbage which inspires use of this terminology has nothing to do with race. I’m certain that a hypothetical population of Swedes or Japanese, transported to these regions in infancy and raised with the primitive worldview of its denizens would likely wind up as shiftless, ignorant, crude, xenophobic, misogynistic, duplicitous and barbaric as the Middle Eastern and African Muslims with whom Europe is currently being bombarded.

On Nov. 3, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., posted a letter on his website intended to address recent concerns of his constituents about the encroachment of Shariah law on Americans courts and our legal system. Representing Shariah as falling within the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause, he stopped short of chastising those in his district for their intolerance. A recent Sons of Liberty commentary fact checks Kinzinger’s misrepresenting of the Constitution, as well as reaffirming that America’s Christian roots run far deeper than the press or our government will ever let on at this juncture.

Although University of California Merced mass murderer Faisal Mohammad had penned a manifesto praising Allah and did so verbally as he stabbed his victims, Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke told the community that Mohammad’s Nov. 4 killing spree had nothing to do with Islam, terrorism, or religion. The press is currently crafting a narrative that cites an unrelated personal vendetta, perhaps even one brought on by “bullying.”

This is representative of far too many who, due to reasons of naïveté, stupidity, or collusion, are advancing the notion that some sort of long-term coexistence with Muslims is possible. In truth, they are abetting Islamists in their mission to spread their putrefactive creed across America.

The Muslim is by definition incapable of pledging allegiance to America; if he does, he ceases to be a Muslim, according to Islamic criteria. If he accepts democratic governance (rather than merely claiming that he does for purposes of taqiyya), then he denies the supremacy of Islam, has committed blasphemy and is subject to death under Islamic law.

Thirty years ago in America, it was understood – even by avowed liberals – that Muslims were the backward, belligerent aggressors in the Middle East. With regard to the nation of Israel, it was acknowledged that she ought to have that little strip of land the Jews possessed in antiquity.

When Western elites determined that it was in their interest to undermine their relationship with Israel, defer to Islam and actually use its adherents to destabilize their own nations, they began to import foreign Muslims and enlisted the press in the inculcation of a new, pro-Islamic worldview.

The segment of Americans who currently believe that Muslims are benign and that all would be right with the world if Israel and the West would stop abusing them did not come to this conclusion through deep intellectual discernment. They were systematically propagandized by our government and the press into embracing Islamophilia. With the ascendency of the Obama cabal, pro-Islam, anti-Israel and anti-Western sympathies were even more vigorously promulgated.

Regular readers will take it as given that Barack Hussein Obama’s design of inundating America with Muslims is but one component in his grand plan of sabotage, and that he is also doing the bidding of malignant globalist interests that have long wished to see America brought low.

Regardless of what history’s disposition concerning Obama, his co-conspirators and the Washington corruptocrats we know so well will ultimately be, the most expeditious manner in which America can counter the Islamist threat is through grass-roots efforts that serve to enlighten Americans as to the incompatibility of Islam with our society and the immediate danger it represents. Having accomplished that, it will be far easier for us to collectively acknowledge that Islam is not a religion, but a pernicious political system with a religious component. Thus, its adherents will find themselves bereft of the First Amendment protections they and their brainwashed advocates are opportunistically exploiting to compromise American society.

Given the spirit of inclusion America has always exhibited (human imperfections aside), of course it will be difficult for many of our citizens to consign an entire class of people to the status of persona non grata. For the past 1,400 years however, Muslims – all Muslims – have repeatedly proved that they represent a societal malignancy; they will always perform as a body of enemy operatives, insidiously and incrementally worming their way into non-Muslim nations with the express intention of undermining and conquering them. Every individual has a part to play in this tragic comedy, from the helpless baby to the trained combatant.

When the Muslim population finds its numbers sufficient, for the non-Muslim it’s either conversion, death, or an indentured status. Prior to such a time, it is the duty of non-Muslims to take up the mantle of “infidel” with pride and neutralize this threat with every means at their disposal.

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Islam and the Left: United Against Christians

Islam and the Left: United Against Christians

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”

– John 15:18-19 (NIV)

We are living in a time when the government, press and entertainment media tell us that our economy is on the rebound, Obamacare is facilitating health care for millions more Americans than before its implementation, unemployment has plummeted, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has apparently become America’s ally. So I suppose it should be no surprise that we’re also being told there is nothing at all sinister in the myriad anti-Christian exertions on the part of certain political factions, and that there certainly isn’t any “war on Christianity” going on.

Apart from recognizing that there is emergent and coordinated antipathy toward Christians in America, it is of paramount importance to understand some of the universal mechanisms behind the misrepresentations (or lies) I listed, because this will not only facilitate combating these mechanisms, but could serve to rally the troops, as American Christians come to comprehend the level of abject evil within our government and other institutions.

Last week in this space, I described how the political left has advanced a phony “gay rights” agenda, which in reality is calculated to demoralize Americans at large and coalesce political power – that of the left, not homosexuals. Neutralizing the moral anchor of Christianity is essential to this objective, so homosexual activists have been given the latitude to designate as “discrimination” essentially any speech or practice on the part of Christians they choose to condemn.

As ironic as this sounds, America’s enemies have made great use of our Constitution itself as a weapon against liberty. From flag-burning to adopting Marxist principles into our political process, leftists have routinely cited the Freedom of Speech and Equal Protection clauses as explicit license for all manner of permissible and imposed cultural subversion.

As more activist jurists took to the federal bench, civil rulings increasingly tended to favor leftist policy. This is one reason states such as Indiana found it necessary to pass legislation in the vein of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, despite guarantees of religious freedom in the Bill of Rights. We have reached a point where the affronts against religious liberty by government have become so common, people perceive few alternatives. There oughtta be a law …

Well, now they have one. It’s redundant, but these are the fruits of our ongoing neglect of civic issues.

Earlier, WND reported on the case of a judge in the United Kingdom who convicted a street evangelist for quoting Leviticus 20:13, which prescribes the death penalty for homosexuality. On April 2, former paratrooper-turned-Christian-evangelist Mike Overd was fined, as well as being ordered to pay court costs and compensation to the homosexual activist who lodged a complaint against him.

The presiding judge, Shamim Ahmed Qureshi of Bristol Crown Court, is a Muslim who serves with the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, the overseer of the U.K.’s Shariah courts. So despite homosexuality being a capital crime under Shariah law, this supposedly observant Muslim judge was happy to persecute a Christian in the realm of secular law for an alleged slight against homosexuals.

The alliance between leftists and Muslims against Christians may be more apparent in Britain than it is in America, since the process has advanced much further in the U.K. – but not to worry; President Barack Hussein Obama has been moving the course of Islamist infiltration handily along.

This week, The Hill reported that Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., had introduced a federal “firearms buyback” bill. The “Support Assault Firearm Elimination and Education of our (SAFER) Streets Act” would provide America’s more gullible gun owners with the “incentive” to turn firearms in to local law enforcement. It’s supposed to make the streets safe from all of the law-abiding gun owners who run around randomly shooting people, I guess.

DeLauro, a far left lawmaker, had not only other uber-progressive and socialist Congress creatures co-sponsoring the bill, but Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., as well.

“This should come as no surprise,” wrote Tim Brown at Sons of Liberty Media, “since we know there are many Muslim Brotherhood front groups working in America to undermine the ability of Americans to keep and bear arms.”

Many have asked how those on the far left and Islamists plan to co-exist once they have done away with America’s Christians, the Constitution and the republic. Perhaps they do not plan to co-exist at all, each group believing that they will ultimately overcome the other. Maybe both groups suppose that the pre-eminence of either is immaterial so long as America has been laid waste.

I haven’t settled on a plausible answer to this question, but I do know that once they have done away with America’s Christians, the Constitution and the republic, it probably won’t matter too much to you and me who winds up in charge.

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