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Time to wrest car keys from Obama cabal

hillary_whatdifferenceConfirmations of the oft-ridiculed charges against the Obama administration are emerging with the frequency of eutheria in the “Whack-a-Mole” game. While I have certain encouraging suspicions as to how this information may be being disseminated, catalogued and employed to America’s benefit, I also wonder (somewhat cynically) if they will simply go the way of condemning information that has already been revealed regarding the administration – in short, nowhere.

This week it was reported that Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett gave the “stand down” order during the Sept. 11 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. This would in the very least convict President Obama of negligence in delegating such responsibility to an unelected, inexperienced subordinate, as well as explaining “all of the serial lies and the cover-ups and the obfuscation and all of the efforts that were made to distract people’s attention from this,” as characterized by talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

Also this week, Fox News’ James Rosen (who was illegally targeted by the administration as a result of his investigative work) reported that according to declassified documents, within minutes after the mission in Benghazi came under attack, the White House was informed that the event was a terrorist attack, as opposed to the false narrative proffered by the administration for weeks afterward. Further, it has been determined that the Benghazi survivors who were interviewed by the FBI shortly after the attack did not report a protest (as maintained in the administration’s anti-Islam-film narrative), but a coordinated strike by well-trained, well-armed jihadis.

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