Obama is a dangerous, psychopathic dictator – Period

hopeandchange2I agree with the last statement in the Nov. 26 editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, “Terrorist Ayers Confesses Sharing Obama’s ‘Dreams,’ in which the publication states that “It’s high time the national media started asking hard questions” with regard to whether America elected “a fiction to the White House,” and were we “victims of an elaborate con.”

The editorial describes how Obama cohort and unrepentant domestic terrorist bomber Bill Ayers has thrice admitted to having penned Obama’s “autobiographical” compendium of lies, Dreams From My Father. Leaving aside the fact that even Obama’s true parentage has yet to be determined, I find the inconsistencies cited in the editorial which speak to ethical questions pertaining to the book’s genesis and representation to the public troubling. Admittedly, misrepresenting a ghost written book is analogous to jaywalking when compared to orchestrating an EMP attack on one’s own country and murdering millions in order to coalesce political power and bring about the hundred year-long wet dream of American Marxists, but it is nevertheless a good place to start for those Americans who have yet to become aware of this creature’s duplicity and incomprehensibly malevolent designs.

In relating those designs to the American people (as opposed to continuing to act as collaborators in his crimes), the shady origins of Dreams might also be a good place for the press to start. They might then move on to the entirely synthetic story of his past, which contains so many inconsistencies and changes in the narrative itself that Obama ought not have been electable as dog catcher. Who says they have to lead with Obama’s birth certificate having been proven to be a fraudulent device?

As this counterfeit American president continues to attempt to defray suspicion and conceal his treason and lies, I intend to continue to expound upon that treason and those lies. I will also continue to assert that those in government and in the press who have failed to reveal Obama for what he is – considering his actions, the evidence of history, and the damning evidence against Obama which is readily available – richly deserve to share in whatever penalties are meted out to traitors and their enablers. I will continue to do this despite the risks and pathetic Alinskyite Marxist ridicule of those whom I pray one day occupy prison cells on the same block as the man representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama.

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Obama Turned Down IBM Offer To Cut Medicare Fraud By $900 Billion in 2010

On February 23, 2011, Barbara Hollingsworth reported in the Washington Examiner that in 2010, the CEO of IBM offered the Obama administration a free software program that would have cut Medicare and Medicaid fraud by almost a trillion dollars, but he was turned down – twice.

“We could have improved the quality and reduced the cost of the health-care system by $900 billion,” IBM chairman and CEO  Samuel Palmisano said during a Sept. 14, 2010 taping of the Wall Street Journal’s Viewpoints program.  “I said we would do it for free to prove that it works. They turned us down.”

burningmoney1FOX News confirmed that a second meeting between Palmisano and Obama administration officials yielded the same result, even though the proffered fix would have eliminated 90 percent of the nation’s health care deficit – and cost taxpayers nothing it didn’t perform as guaranteed.

Now, why do you think Obama would have turned down such a generous opportunity? Because entitlement fraud burdens the economy – something at which the administration, its cohorts and co-conspirators have been working diligently for decades. Spending half a billion on a website that doesn’t work of course contributes to that burden.

Remember: ACORN was founded (by Obama cronies) to burden the entitlement system to the breaking point; it wound up almost doing so via the mortgage banking industry through the Community Reinvestment Act. Obamacare is another step in the same direction. In accepting IBM’s offer of reducing fraud in entitlement structure, Obama would actually have been working against his own agenda!

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Obamacare: Best chance to defeat the left –– for good

obamacare-420x350Well, it’s finally happened. We have reached the point where it has become so evident that President Barack Hussein Obama is just this side of evil incarnate and that his administration and radical leftists in Congress are constitutional criminals that those who continue to support them and their policies are either ideologically kindred (and thus, enemies of the republic), or so pitifully dim that they may not merit rescue from a burning building. No … I think I’ll save that dog over there; at least he may wind up being of benefit to humankind someday …

Thus, I believe that these supporters – whether politicos, press, or rank-and-file voters – have forfeited the right to be taken in any way seriously.

The ongoing controversy relative to the Obamacare rollout provided another recent object lesson in this vein. The president’s attempt to blame health insurance companies for soaking customers in direct response to regulations enacted in keeping with his health-care law is not only beyond craven, but presumes an almost incomprehensible level of stupidity on the part of American consumers.

The people to whom I’ve referred in recent weeks as those who are waking up but not yet sure what they’re waking up to are the ones it is now our responsibly to reach. The catalyst for their current discomfort is of course the “sticker shock” they are experiencing – or will shortly experience – as a result of their health insurance policies being canceled and their premiums skyrocketing due to Obamacare. Despite their profound vexation, these individuals are still potentially susceptible to the aforementioned spin being advanced by the administration, Democrats and the press.

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“Hosurance” Reveals Left’s Disrespect for Women

“Hosurance” Reveals Left’s Disrespect for Women

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Like many of you, I find the sexually suggestive advertisement by ProgressNow Colorado and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (which has gained national attention) stupid and disgusting. Also like many of you, I initially thought it was a parody, as did many people on both sides of the political spectrum. Many thought it was a GOP tactic intended to ridicule Obamacare.

Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), who was actually my representative until they redistricted and stuck us with a communist homosexual, said the ad is “degrading to women, and it says a lot about what they think of America’s youth today.”

Indeed. And though the paternalism will be lost on the dullards targeted by the ad, it is undeniably demeaning to women.

The new ad campaign follows an earlier intellectually-retarded campaign (which also gained national attention); dubbed “Brosurance,” it featured college-age future alcoholic young men doing keg stands. “Hosurance” features a young woman holding a packet of birth control pills, while a stud (I guess) stands next to her with his arm around her waist. A caption reads: “OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers.”

That’s right; that’s just what we need: Conveying the idea that twentysomething women just can’t wait for the next  stiff one – or that they should harbor that attitude, if they currently do not. And if they do happen to get pregnant, they can just get that sucker scraped, gratis – care of the taxpayer!

Amy Runyon-Harms, director of ProgressNow Colorado, told the Denver Post that the point of the ads is to “raise awareness, and that’s what we’re doing.”

I simply love how the left frames so much of the bilge and poison they purvey as being necessary to raise awareness. It’s the same reasoning they use for teaching the nuances of homosexual acts, vegetable sex, and fisting to grade-school kids.

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250,000 Colorado healthcare plans cancelled under Obamacare

healthcaredotgov1Welly welly welly well! As I said on FULL-CONTACT With Erik Rush LIVE! this morning, the “small sliver” of Americans that Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney said are losing health care coverage due to Obamacare is not only FAR bigger a “sliver” than claimed, but it’s getting bigger every day!

According to the Colorado State Dept. of Insurance, there are nearly 250,000 Coloradans whose health care policies have been or will be cancelled as a result of the Affordable Care Act, up from a recent CBS News estimate of 10,000 for Colorado.

The policies are being cancelled because of stipulations under the new law that force insurers to cover certain things that weren’t covered under the old policies; other plans are being cancelled by insurers because they’re no longer cost-effective.

More to come. No doubt.

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No checks, No Balance

blind_justiceThis week I had a chat, as it were, with a prominent pundit with whom every reader is probably familiar. Although this person is unabashedly liberal, I was still somewhat mortified at how far he was still willing to go in his defense of the Obama administration in light of recent developments.

While some liberals have come to acknowledge that the new health-care program (Obamacare) rollout has been a multi-craft commercial airliner disaster, the president has engaged in overreach with regard to his foreign policy, and that his economic policy is at least wanting, this fellow had an excuse – or a deluded interpretation – for absolutely everything: President Obama’s poll numbers are great, Americans think Sen. Ted Cruz is a fool, and the tea party is on its way out.

In the foreground, of course we have the disastrous Obamacare rollout, which is not only a technical clusterbungle, but it has given rise to rude awakenings with regard to lost coverage and fiscal impact – and we haven’t even gotten into the neutralization of personal liberties therein that will take hold incrementally.

We have Obama’s abject tyranny during the recent government shutdown, which infringed upon the rights of so many that I am astounded it did not result in at least a few deaths stemming from authorities’ reactions to “overzealous” civil disobedience.

The president is in violation of Article III, section 3, clause 1, of the U.S. Constitution; this clearly states that the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy is a treasonable offense. With a wave of his hand, Obama waived that law and is now supplying weapons to al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood jihadists in Syria anyway. Then there’s the host of unconstitutional executive orders and under-reported crimes about which Congress remains mute.

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Obama’s a dictator – what more evidence do we need?

obama_dictator1At the White House on Tuesday, President Obama delivered a statement and took questions from reporters on the partial government shutdown and the ongoing fight over raising the federal debt ceiling. I think that the only thing worse than having to endure the interminable effluvia of falsehoods was having to hear them over and again as he flapped his meaty, deceitful lips for an entire hour.

Obama’s oratory was a study in redundancy, fearmongering and demagoguery. Singling out tea-party Republicans for demonization and repeatedly employing such terms as threats, chaos, ransom, catastrophe and even nuclear bomb, he blatantly lied again and again about having been willing to “work with” Republicans all along and fiscal realities in general.

As I have been wont to say in recent weeks, Obama’s message, and that of the Democratic congressional leadership, at this point appears to be tailored for the most intellectually indolent, vapid couch potatoes. Even more disturbing is the militant rhetoric being used by Obama and his surrogates; in recent days, they have referred to Republican lawmakers as “hostage-takers” and “terrorists” with “bombs strapped to their chests.”

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Why NOT Ted Cruz?

In the midst of the crisis over whether or not the U.S. would execute a military strike against Syria being turned down to simmer, and the impending implementation of Obamacare and threat of a government shutdown, there was one person possessed of a calm voice of reason. Quietly focused on the latter set of circumstances, he prepared his case for the American people rather than to them.

A singularly welcome change on its own, if I do say so myself.

ted-cruz-filibusterIt is unlikely I will ever laud a politician to the degree that might be called “reverence” (the “man crush” liberals accuse people such as myself of having on Ronald Reagan notwithstanding). I won’t shrink however, from giving a politician his or her due when he or she actually does the people’s work, particularly in these days of emerging tyranny, rampant thieves, cowards and outright criminals holding high office.

Texas junior United States Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz was swept into office in 2012 in a tea party-driven campaign. During its course, he defeat the establishment Republican David Dewhurst, Texas’s lieutenant governor, for the GOP nomination and won against former state Rep. Paul Sadler, the Democratic candidate. Cruz has a stellar record, including having been the first Latino solicitor general in Texas and the first Latino to be elected U.S. senator from Texas. Despite all this, he is not regarded as a political wunderkind or Ivy League god by the press because he is all at once a conservative, a Republican and an ethnic minority.

Even though Obamacare is but an acute symptom of the disease of progressivism, and there are indeed more imminent dangers to Americans’ life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (believe it or not) at present, suffice it to say that any effort to stave off the effects of the health-care law is a worthwhile pursuit. As the reader is likely aware, Mr. Cruz has been the most vocal champion of the Obamacare defunding movement, the hallmark of which was his 21-hour Senate floor speech on the 25th of September.

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