Life Imitates Art With Our Elite Class of Perverts

Life Imitates Art With Our Elite Class of Perverts

By Erik Rush •

There’s a recurring theme in most of the films and TV shows that have been produced over the last decade or so which include futuristic dystopian settings. In such offerings, you typically have a very small, elitist faction that controls everything, and a massive oppressed class that supports the elites through their labor.

In these productions, the elites are usually portrayed as incomprehensibly wealthy, capricious, perverted, ruthless and of course very cavalier concerning the manner in which they treat the oppressed classes, which run the gamut from the starved masses depicted in “The Hunger Games” to the scraping, drugged-up, violent urbanites in “Altered Carbon.” Invariably, these unfortunates have very little control over many aspects of their lives, and very few have a clue as to the dynamic of their governance, other than the imperative for staying in line—or else.
I for one find it quite ironic that such fare should come out of Hollywood, considering that this is precisely the path we’re on. I sometimes wonder if such films and TV shows are part of a grooming process that Americans and others in the West are undergoing, perhaps in the hopes that we will acclimatize to such an existence more readily if we’re exposed to it in this manner first.

One of the most poignant parallels to the elites in these films and TV shows has been the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, the late disgraced financier and friend of powerful (mostly) Democrats who allegedly hanged himself in jail on Aug. 10 as he awaited trial on federal charges relating to running a sex trafficking operation involving underage girls. As we know, the accounts and allegations coming out of this story (which actually reaches back a couple of decades) are appalling; the level of power and influence of the individuals with whom Epstein associated and who were allegedly involved in illegal activities should outrage anyone who is even remotely concerned with the quality of our governance.

Then we have the #MeToo movement, ostensibly a grass-roots effort to highlight the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment,
particularly in the workplace. Although liberal activists and feminists credit the dreaded “patriarchy” and a culture of misogyny as the impetus for the rise of this movement, it is important to note that nearly all of the high-profile offenders revealed since October 2017 were leftists, and that some of the entertainment industry victims were minor children at the time they were victimized. One may also recall the revelation of a congressional slush fund which exists to pay off sexual harassment claims against members of the House and Senate that came to light at around the same time.

Thus, it appears that many of those in power, and many of those poised to seize power are shaping up to fit the twisted roles described in the beginning of this column quite nicely. A notable difference arises in the fact that none of the dystopian entertainment offerings we’ve seen in recent years depicted an elite class that craves sex with children and will go to great lengths—such as traveling to a private island—to get it.
So, how do we get from where we were 50 years ago to the dark future of these films and TV shows? That’s simple: We merely examine the moves leftists have made over the last 50 years and the moves they’re making now.

A strategy in the left’s subversion of the electoral process has been one that proved extremely successful in Europe, particularly Britain: The importation of sufficient numbers of individuals from nations which hold antipathy for the United States, and/or those who believe they are entitled to a share of America’s wealth based on her status in their minds as an imperialist, oppressor nation. Such people then vote for like-minded subversives from among their countrymen to the detriment of our national interests.

Division is of course a major component to the left’s design for breaking America, and much of what we’re seeing in this regard is focused on ethnicity, or race. I’ve covered this extensively in recent months in this space, and the leftist-fostered heightening of racial tensions over the last few years should be apparent to all. Support for violent radicals on the part of prominent politicos adds fuel to the fire, and increases the danger of widespread civil unrest.

A premier example of the left’s intention lies in the recent New York Times Magazine offering, “The 1619 Project.” This began with a series of shamelessly revisionist articles which frame the entire history of America as an illegitimate enterprise and centers on the evils of capitalism and an overblown representation of the role of slavery in building our nation. According to the ‘Times, the publication plans for these topics to remain a chief focus through the 2020 election.

Finally, we have the platform items from the field of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, any one of which could be devastating to our economy and national security. Promises to erase our borders and import millions of unskilled, uninvested Third World denizens, socialize just about everything and redistribute wealth on an incomprehensible scale would have gotten a candidate clubbed to death at the next whistle stop fifty years ago, but from Joe Biden on down, Democratic hopefuls appear to be at perfect ease in offering these proposals in the current political climate.

At this juncture, there can be doubt that we are under siege from within by a lawless, pernicious cabal whose only protection lies in misrepresented interpretations of the First Amendment. Sedition is not a right; it is a crime which should be prosecuted accordingly.

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What ‘Tolerance’ Has Wrought (and it’s Quite Sick)

What ‘Tolerance’ Has Wrought (and it’s Quite Sick)

By Erik Rush •

It is nearly impossible for one not to note that the scandal surrounding billionaire Jeffrey Epstein being charged with the sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy comes on the heels of a veritable tsunami of recent news stories highlighting various forms of sexual deviance and misconduct which are either being advanced or committed, respectively, by those on the left.

Part of the reason for this is that there are now enough potent alternative media sources addressing stories like these (the establishment press will do nothing but run interference for criminal offenders on the left as they extol the virtues of sexual deviance), and because the political left is so vigorously pushing this doctrine of evil that it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to escape it.

In recent months, we’ve been treated to such news items as “trans” men molesting girls in ladies’ rooms, more and more aspects of sexual deviance being taught in schools, the introduction of bills that would soften criminal penalties for pedophiles and several instances of very high-profile liberals being prosecuted for sex crimes against children. Some of these have been so disturbing that even the establishment press didn’t pass on them.

In the wake of the 2017 Harvey Weinstein scandal and the advent of the MeToo Movement, the public was alerted to the fact that some of the sexual misconduct being perpetrated by Hollywood types was against children, as former child stars came forward to attest to having been serially molested and/or raped by adults in the industry. Inasmuch as Hollywood has designated itself the arbiter of morality and culture in America—and that their dictates are often followed by the mindless—this is particularly troubling.

In an interview last week, former Disney star Bella Thorne discussed her years of molestation and rape at the hands of adults in the entertainment industry. Thorne’s claims are singularly horrifying; she recounts numerous instances of being forced into full-on intercourse from the age of 6, with those around her doing nothing despite possessing full knowledge of what was going on.
Leaving aside the inevitable physical injury resulting from adults having sex with children, there is no escaping the deep inculcation of emotional and psychological trauma attendant to same, and that this persists for the victim’s lifetime. Anyone who maintains otherwise is simply lying.

Despite this, the underhanded push for normalizing pedophilia marches on. In October 2014, Rutgers law professor Margo Kaplan penned an op-ed for The New York Times contending that pedophiles suffer from a disorder, and thence ought not be prosecuted as criminals. For those who are old enough to remember, the process of normalizing homosexuality in our society ran the very same course, in that it began with de-stigmatizing said behavior. As I pointed out in last week’s column, The American Psychological Association (APA) itself has been forced to backpedal on its sporadic efforts to normalize pedophilia after public outcry and the resistance of some mental health professionals.

Here, I believe it is important to address the deportment of the majority—or morally-grounded, conscientious Americans—in this context. The political left has been uncannily successful in driving narratives and re-qualifying normalcy, and this is only because we’ve allowed them to do so.

When the LGBTQ lobby began pushing for legitimizing “gay marriage,” all of the censure within that discussion fell upon the majority who questioned the wisdom of the measure, rather than the miniscule faction that sought to buck a societal convention that has existed for thousands—I repeat, thousands—of years. This not only flies in the face of common sense, but it’s completely illogical.

As a result, we now have political candidates proudly flaunting their deviance, trotting out their same-sex partners during campaign events—and winning elections.

In the near future, we can expect that those of us who resist the proliferation of gay children and teens, preteen “drag queens” and the normalization of pederasty and pedophilia will be branded by the left as a bunch of big fat meanies for our disapproval. It is we who will be accused of seeking to harm these children, rather than that charge falling upon those who wish to serially rape them.

At this juncture, I must ask: When did we become a society wherein we reflexively capitulated to destructive public policy with nothing but “accept it or we’ll call you names” being the impetus for our yielding to a disgusting and damaging agenda?

In millennia past, and until very recently in America, most communities would welcome the summary execution of a child rapist. The fact that we have thus far acceded to the demands of the left on the topic of sexual morality in the name of tolerance illustrates that we are well on our way down the slippery slope to a fundamentally sick society. The fact that the left can engage in their advocacy for extreme perversion so shamelessly says more about us than it does about them at this point, and what it says isn’t good.

This is what tolerance, as the left qualifies it, has wrought. The sickness described herein represents who the left is, and what they want for all of us.

Wake up, America. It’s not about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms—and it never has been.

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Normalizing Sexual Deviance: Kids Must be Protected

Normalizing Sexual Deviance: Kids Must be Protected

By Erik Rush •

According to a recent report issued by the State Department, the United States has been ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. In an interview with Fox News, the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT) co-founder Geoff Rogers said that “a multitude of kids” are being sold as sex slaves today in America, and that these children are American-born, with 50% to 60% of them coming from the foster care industry.

“The United States is the number one consumer of sex worldwide,” Rogers said. “So we are driving the demand as a society.”
In a recent opinion piece for Fox News, writer Carol Roth chided the magazine Teen Vogue for surreptitiously endorsing prostitution as a career choice for young women. Earlier this month, the Christian Post featured an article about a mother in Washington state who was physically removed by police from a public library that was hosting a “Teen Pride” event. The woman reported that she witnessed what amounted to hours of child “grooming,” with free exhibitor items that included condoms, sex lubricant and bookmarks shaped like penises that carried lewd messages.

In recent months, we’ve been treated to a proliferation of news stories addressing the phenomenon of so-called transgender children and “drag kids,” as well as an increase in the incidence of individuals being prosecuted for crimes related to pedophilia and for the possession of child pornography.

Some may recall the recent heartbreaking news story about a Noa Pothoven, the 17-year-old girl in the Netherlands who opted for suicide earlier this month after years of mental anguish following repeated rapes as a child. At around the same time, a very telling article surfaced which featured a former Children of God cult member who didn’t believe that the late actor River Phoenix’s childhood with the sex cult was to blame for his death.

Phoenix died of a drug overdose at the age of 23, and he readily admitted that he was around four years old when he first had sex while in the cult. Might his use of the extremely dangerous drug cocktail that killed him have had something to do with emotional scarring?
The former cult member said in the article that “[I]t would be a causal fallacy with not enough information to infer that a few formative years were damaging enough to cause a drug overdose as a young adult.”

I beg to differ.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to do extensive research on an unrelated project pertaining to unresolved trauma, particularly in children. After consulting with quite a few mental health professionals and researchers, I was horrified to learn that seriously traumatizing a child is a remarkably easy thing to do. For a young child, something as seemingly innocuous as a cross word from a teacher having a bad day or a health care provider with a poor bedside manner can result in years of neurosis. More systematized trauma—such as that associated with having a drug addicted or alcoholic parent—can lead to crippling mental and emotional conditions that often lead to profoundly tragic outcomes.

Leaving aside religious arguments and standards of morality, the central problem here concerning our collective moral deportment is that we as a nation have bought into the fallacious premise that morality in general and sexual morality are not only matters of choice, but that this choice is a personal liberty with which no one has the right to interfere.

Here, I would use the emerging controversy over vaccinations as an object lesson. While I fully comprehend the misgivings harbored by those who have become suspicious as regards vaccination programs, the fact is that compulsory vaccination programs came about as a result of public health concerns. In the effort to maintain a population free of life-threatening communicable diseases, one cannot have a segment of that population refusing to take available precautions to prevent such diseases.

Similarly, we as a nation can no longer afford to abide significant numbers of individuals engaging in behaviors that pose a public health threat.

In my column of May 29 in this space, I outlined the methods that the political left employed to break down sexual mores and to sexualize children during the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. These are still very much in play, and the game has escalated.

The permissiveness and moral ambiguity that has taken hold in America since the Sexual Revolution now amounts to a major public health concern, even if it is not recognized as such. This is not only because sexual libertinism can give rise to sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies (although this is certainly true), but because it strikes at the heart of families. In so doing, it has manifested mental and emotional dysfunction on a dizzying scale.

A recent study claimed that diagnoses of major depression have risen by 33 percent since 2013 alone. This rate is rising even more rapidly among millennials and younger people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the suicide rate for white children and teens between 10 and 17 was up 70% between 2006 and 2016. While nonwhite children and teens tend to kill themselves less often than white youth, the rate of increase was even higher, at 77%. Finally, the epidemic of illicit drug use we have seen over the last 50 years can reasonably be factored into this picture as an effect of the overall societal malaise.

Numbers like these reflect a decline in social cohesiveness in this country, and this can be most closely observed in families, which have been the primary and intended target of the political left since the middle of the last century. There can be little doubt that a divorce rate which skyrocketed to 50% in the decades following 1970 contributed to the dysfunction in children who were raised in broken homes.

I don’t expect too much buy-in to these concepts just yet, because if science’s understanding of the human brain and mind is in its infancy, its understanding of unresolved trauma and its effects is in its embryonic stage. As such, and because aspects of this phenomenon are part of a politically-driven program of social engineering, the average citizen is simply not aware of the ramifications.

We can only surmise that, as with other deviant practices the political left has sought to legitimize and protect, the ostensible choice of children to engage in sex with adults is going to be framed as a right that should not be interfered with, and that ironically, opposing same will make child-hating bigots out of those in opposition.

In my view, it is time to rally to the defense of our children, the toxic invective of leftists be damned. As I write this, there are already public policy organizations claiming that adult/child sex is not harmful to children, and pushing for the “normalization” of pedophilia.

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Why Opposing the LGBTQ Agenda is Not Bigotry

Why Opposing the LGBTQ Agenda is Not Bigotry

By Erik Rush •

Back in April of this year, Michael W. Chapman penned a column for CNS about Ana Samuel, Ph.D., the research scholar and pro-traditional marriage activist who warned 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg that his homosexual ideology is “dangerous to the nation.” Samuel maintains that while civility is paramount in the debate over this issue, she also asserts that her following (representing millions of mothers with traditional family values) will resist “policies that assault our values, harm our families, and hurt our children.”
Ms. Samuel is a notable figure, not only because she is dynamic and well-educated, but because she is Latina, and therefore is bucking the system to which a majority of Americans of Latin descent hold allegiance. Samuel happens to be the daughter of Mexican immigrants and her husband is an Argentine immigrant. The couple have six children.

It is a sad commentary that with the “normalization” of homosexuality in the public square, even many conservative Americans have either accepted the notion that the attendant ideology (as Samuel put it) is not harmful to society at large, or they just don’t press the point anymore.

There is a distinct difference between being tolerant of people in the LGBTQ camp and summary acceptance of every notion advanced by leftist mouthpieces ostensibly advocating for them. By the same token, there is a distinct difference between people who self-identify as LGBTQ and those who claim to represent them, i.e., politicos and activists, since these have widely divergent objectives.

As I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, the political left successfully inculcated moral ambivalence into millions of young people through the propaganda and so-called sexual sensibilities that came out of the Sexual Revolution of the late 1960s. They simply denied the fact that sexual libertinism was harmful to society at large, and stigmatized anyone who disagreed.

Similarly, leftists have chipped away at the sensibilities of the public as regards homosexuals. Tolerance for people in the LGBTQ camp has become synonymous with the summary acceptance of the LGBTQ agenda, lock, stock and barrel—and some of it is decidedly frightening as well as disgusting.

Pre-teen “drag kids” are now being showcased in media and at LGBTQ events, and we are admonished to embrace them or be branded as bigots. We are also supposed to accept the idea that these children came up with the idea all on their own, as opposed to having been groomed by activists, media and twisted individuals around them. Finally, it is demanded that we capitulate to the preposterous idea that this lifestyle does no harm to these children.

But the left has always been duplicitous, stealthy and craven. We were told in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision that abortion would only occur in the most extreme of circumstances. Now, aborted baby parts have become a cottage industry, and leftists in some states have widened the criteria to qualify babies that are literally in the birth canal as abortable. We were told in the 1960s that sexual libertinism wasn’t harmful; it was just a lifestyle choice that we all ought to accept. Fifty years later, as I said in my earlier column, the results speak for themselves.

We were also told when “gay rights” became “a thing” in the 1970s that it was unfair, even bigoted, to suggest that homosexual men have a penchant for pederasty. Yet, now we can find preteen “drag boys” at Pride parades; when they are showcased, these are invariably surrounded by homosexual men—usually pretty skeevy-looking ones at that.

The bottom line is this: The leftist power structure, which claims to advocate for minorities of every stripe, has no such interest. Their chief objectives are to sow division amongst various groups while grooming the population at large for every manner of maladjustment they can conceive, whether drug addiction, sexual dysfunction, or the idolatry of Earth worship, to name but a few.

The danger of a guy like Pete Buttigieg (and the difference between him and his “husband” versus a homosexual couple living quietly in their community) is that Buttigieg is a socialist activist promoting the LGBTQ agenda. As such, he already knows that his ideology is dangerous—at least in the eyes of those who hold traditional values.

Do not doubt that the LGBTQ agenda has as much to do with the civil rights of LGBTQ people as the agenda of reparations for blacks has to do with the long-term well-being of black Americans—this being none at all.

Like Dr. Ana Samuel, we need to start making the distinction between people in minority groups and the socialist power structure which exploits them—and fast. Following this, we need to act accordingly. If you oppose the preteen drag queen festival being proposed at your child’s public school, you know that this is not the same thing as being in favor of shipping homosexuals off to concentration camps.

So, help to organize the protest against that dragfest, or attend it in accordance with your conscience—but be prepared to defend yourself. When words fail, leftists are very quick to resort to violence.

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Journalist’s Admission is One Step Closer to Legitimizing Pedophilia

Journalist’s Admission is One Step Closer to Legitimizing Pedophilia

In my youth, I tended to devour any popular fiction (books, films, etc.) that depicted themes so bizarre and personally challenging that they defied the protagonists’ ability to retain any semblance of humanity throughout the course of the story. Such fare was all the more plausible when the story’s hero was a young person who was still in the process of developing his or her value system.

When such circumstances materialize in the world in which we actually live, I cannot say they hold quite the same allure.

About a month ago, I wrote a column detailing a prediction that in its ongoing efforts to debase society, the political left would soon see fit to begin legitimizing pedophilia. To this end, pedophiles would form activist groups as the North American Man-Boy Love Association did in the 1970s and 1980s – but this time, they would have prominent, deep-pocketed supporters.

Those who believe that child molesters should be fed into the handiest wood-chipper will be characterized as bigots by snarling liberals – just as occurred when citizens tried to prevent other sexual deviants from running roughshod over individual liberties. In my commentary, I maintained that just as the “rights” of transgendered people came to supersede the privacy rights and safety of our women and children, the “rights” of people who include sex acts with children among their lifestyle choices (which a panel of scrawny, pony-tailed university professors will declare are hardwired into their DNA and therefore “normal”) will supersede the rights of all American children to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Ever talk to someone who was repeatedly raped as a child? I have. A lot of them. “Happiness” tends to be a tad elusive in their experience.

In my previous column, I cited several examples of recent news stories indicative of trends that could aid in bringing about this abomination. Among them were the Obama administration’s Department of Defense facilitating the homosexual abuse of young boys at the hands of Muslim allies in Afghanistan, the American Psychiatric Association’s attempt to reclassify pedophilia as a sexual orientation rather than a mental illness in 2013 and instances of British children being kidnapped – in Britain – by Muslim men for exploitation as child prostitutes and sex slaves.

The response on the part of some on the left to my commentary was utter apoplexy. What kind of twisted person could fabricate such unfounded paranoiac drivel, let alone publish it? How dare I equate homosexuals and transgendered people – who are biologically normal, don’t ya know – with someone who would rape a kid?

And pedophile advocacy groups? What utter twaddle! Those simply don’t exist, one seething individual said, despite clear indications to the contrary. And besides – it’s been proven through a study done by a panel of scrawny, pony-tailed university professors that the prevailing sexual orientation of child molesters is straight, not homosexual. They’re probably registered Republicans, too.

Well, in an almost made-to-order elucidation, Breitbart reported last week that Todd Nickerson, a writer for Salon, recently released a video wherein he admitted his sexual attraction to a 5-year-old girl and attempted to justify those feelings to his audience. The video also promotes an online forum for pedophiles, which supposedly attempts to explain the “morality” of pedophilia.

It is eminently important to take note of the language being used here, because it is typical of many malignant liberal policies: Nickerson’s feelings are referenced as “love for” the girl, rather than “sexual attraction” to her.

In his video, Nickerson describes the deep compulsion that arose when as a teen, he babysat a 5-year-old girl. While most of us would have immediately run screaming to the nearest neuropsychiatrist after the experience, apparently Nickerson – although he claims to have never touched a child – opted to either ignore or nurture his sick fantasies to the point where he would have to dash off to the bathroom to masturbate during his subsequent babysitting stints, lest he transform into a hare-lipped, hunchbacked, raving pedophiliac lycanthrope and actualize these fantasies.

Replete with the innocuous language calculated to assuage our fears and concerns, Nickerson’s video sets the stage for pedophiles to be characterized a “just folks” who genuinely care for the welfare of the children they damage. Nickerson says that society must “find some sort of middle ground” when it comes to pedophiles – whatever the hell that means – or these poor unfortunates may be consigned to depression, self-loathing and suicidal tendencies.

So, what’s really the problem here? Well, I will say that it lies more with us than with people like Nickerson. Why? Because collectively, Americans have universally capitulated to the agenda of the left with regard to promoting sexual deviance, whether that means the promiscuity of the 1960s, or the “gender fluidity” of 2016.

The smoking gun is that we have a journalist who feels perfectly comfortable attempting to normalize his sexual attraction to a child in a very public forum. Years ago, when I was a molestable young lad, a guy like that would have kept his feelings to himself at all cost, rather than run the risk of his neighbors or perhaps his own family caving his head in with baseball bats.

The slippery slope down which the nation of Britain is still sliding has now come to America. There, the rape of children has been effectively legalized, since law enforcement isn’t allowed to identify Muslims as the perpetrators of crimes against children out of political correctness. Rest assured that the power structure of the left, as it has sponsored homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenderites, will similarly come to the aid of pedophiles, summarily decreeing that the rape of children is a normal and harmless sexual expression.

Today, my public declaration that a pedophile should have his head caved in with a baseball bat would give rise to far more outrage in the press than if I actually molested a child.

And that, ladies and gendermen, is the real problem.


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