Civil War Preferable to a Democratic President

Civil War Preferable to a Democratic President

By Erik Rush •

It would be difficult to argue that the political environment in America has not grown significantly more toxic and hostile over the last several years. I pointed out in my column of two weeks ago that the political left cites the culture of the Trump administration for the recent deterioration in race relations. Similarly, the left blames the culture of the Trump administration for this dramatic downturn in civility. Again (as I detailed in the earlier column), this decline actually began during the Obama administration, and represents the left’s reaction to the popular rejection of socialist policies by the electorate.

The fear and desperation of those on the left cannot be understated. With the ascendency to the White House of an individual who could relate to average Americans, had the nation’s best interests at heart and who sought the dismantling of the corrupt Beltway machine, the political establishment faced a threat it had never before seen. This fear and desperation accounts for the augmented hyperbole and venom coming from the left, and the incomprehensibly absurd charges being leveled against President Donald Trump and his supporters on an hourly basis.

We have never before seen as much incendiary rhetoric, calumnies and fearmongering coming from powerful Democrats and their co-conspirators in the press, the entertainment industry and the activist community. Hardly a day goes by without a prominent liberal mouthpiece citing “irrefutable evidence” that President Trump and all of his supporters are vehement racists and fascists, that the president rose to his position via dishonest and unlawful means, and that he and his supporters represent an unprecedented threat to the future of our nation.

The Orwellian propaganda (which Nineteen Eighty Four author Orwell derived from the Third Reich and Soviet Union as the model for the government in his novel) emanating from the left is at an all-time high. “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth,” the phrase frequently attributed to the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, has evidently become the left’s standard operating procedure.

On Aug. 11, Fox News’ Brit Hume took to Twitter, blasting Democratic presidential hopefuls Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for claiming last Friday that Michael Brown, the young black man who was shot and killed by Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson in 2014 after assaulting the officer, was murdered in cold blood. Hume pointed out the abject fallacy of the claim, then chastised the two senators for the incendiary nature of their rhetoric, asserting that it did “nothing to calm racial tension in this country.”

Due to our nation’s history and our collective sensibilities, a racist is one of the worst things a person can be in America. It follows that baseless charges of racism are among the worst calumnies that one can level against another. Despite this, those on the left are dispensing such charges against President Trump and his supporters with a dizzying vigor, along with allegations of their proclivity toward homophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, Nazism, fascism, and so forth. Leftist mouthpieces are instructing their followers to “destroy” Trump supporters, and the instance of left-on-right violence has far outpaced that of the reverse.

If this fire hose volume of lies and histrionics sets the engaged conservative or libertarian off balance (and it definitely does me), one can only imagine the overstimulation and cognitive dissonance it has the potential to produce in the rank-and-file unaffiliated voter. Many of those who succumb to the left’s rhetorical vitriol may be among weak-minded people, but the weak-minded do have the right and the capacity to vote. For the most part however, the battle lines have been drawn; it is unlikely that too many people who don’t believe President Trump is a racist will be convinced otherwise between now and November 2020, nor will any of those already convinced of this change their minds.

Suffice it to say that all of this is going to make for a very interesting fifteen months ahead.

Apart from acknowledging that the Democratic party was indeed the party of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, whatever the party once was, it is clear that the party now represents America’s garbage. I will qualify these as the maladjusted, indolent, emotionally-stultified, covetous misfits who believe that others owe them an existence, immigrants who come here not to assimilate and contribute, but to drain our resources and contribute to crime, civil unrest and social decline, and deviants who wish to subvert our moral fabric to accommodate their proclivities.

The power brokers on the left already know that their divisive rhetoric has the potential to set Americans at each others’ throats; this is why they are dispensing it so freely, and why they have mobilized the above fringe groups like never before.

These facts, along with the incomprehensibly destructive, hard-line socialist policies being touted by the 2020 Democratic presidential field, the left’s “ends justifies the means” deportment and the history of socialist regimes from the early Twentieth Century on clearly illustrate the imperative for utterly neutralizing the political left in this country, and at this point I would say by any means necessary. A protracted civil war would be a superior outcome to this cabal gaining political preeminence, and as dangerous as the left claims Donald Trump is, the next Democrat president—whoever they are, and whenever they come to the office—will represent a level of danger to this nation exponentially greater than even Barack Obama represented in 2008.

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Despicable Race-Baiters Are All On The Left

Despicable Race-Baiters Are All On The Left

By Erik Rush •

At present, there are a lot of people shaking their heads at the alacrity with which accusations of racism are currently being bandied about. This is for a variety of reasons. One is that baseless charges of racism undermine legitimate ones. Another is the potential for serious conflict given the sensitivities many Americans still possess on the subject. Finally, it dishonors those Americans who struggled against institutional racism throughout our history, some paying the ultimate price.

In the case of President Donald Trump alone, to date literally hundreds of politicos, activists and celebrities have accused him of racism. Many have done so repeatedly, despite the fact that in nearly four years as president and decades in the public eye, not one person has been able to present one scintilla of evidence that Trump is a racist. Some have gone so far as to claim that all of the president’s supporters are racists. This is eminently laughable, because if we count those who do support Trump, we’re easily talking about at least half our adult population.

While the political left would like the casual observer to believe that the uptick in racial tension we’re seeing is top-down and coming from the culture of the Trump administration, it actually began during the early days of the Obama administration.

How Obama and his surrogates deliberately stoked the fires of racial tension was chronicled in great detail in this space during his tenure as president. From Obama’s claims that police “acted stupidly” when they arrested his friend Henry Louis Gates, Jr., through former Attorney General Eric Holder’s interference in the dispositions of the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin shootings and much, much more, Obama set the stage for re-establishing the idea that we are an institutionally racist nation—something I even said he was likely to do in my book, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal—America’s Racial Obsession.

Thus, the increase in racial tensions we’ve seen since Donald Trump became president is only a continuation of that campaign. It would have continued unabated even if Hillary Clinton had become president, only with a different face.

A major objective of the left is division, and we can see via the relevant timeline and the dynamics at hand that although Trump became a handy scapegoat for charges of racism, the hyperbole and accusations were born of the left’s fear and desperation in the face of the electorate’s rejection of Beltway politics and socialist policies.

Last week in this space, I detailed the story of a segment of white small business owners in New York City who are currently being driven out of business by far left racist activism. The requisite research for the article proved unequivocally that this campaign was well under weigh in 2015, which indicates that its inception came about long before Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the GOP nomination.

The article also referenced an even broader emergent and pernicious counter-culture of anti-white bias wherein whites no longer have to demonstrate racist proclivities in order to be considered racists. It is clear that, via the press, activism and the entertainment media, the left seeks to inculcate the belief into every American of color that racism is somehow “built into” every area and system within our society.

Phrases such as “decolonization,” “structural racism” and “implicit bias” are now worming their way into common use among fringe leftists—unfortunately, that appellation includes just about every politically-active individual in our larger cities these days.

Since many people of color have been corralled over the years into enclaves in which progressives hold political power, many have bought into the mantra of an institutionally racist America. As a result, racial hypersensitivity is at an all-time high. Earlier this month, a prominent young black Chicago broadcaster lost her ever-lovin’ mind on social media over a sticker a private individual had on their vehicle. In part, the sticker depicted a noose, but so eager was this incomprehensibly ignorant snowflake to attribute it to nascent white nationalism that she didn’t bother to research the item, which is actually a protest sticker against gasoline prices that’s sold in convenience stores. It is borne by untold thousands of vehicles owned by people of all shades across the country.

This race-baiting has already gotten well out-of-hand and, as I’ve said previously, being cowed into silence by the left is not a sustainable modality in which to operate. The race-baiters are not only despicable beyond description, they are a clear and present danger to our domestic tranquility, and they must be fought.

For Trump’s part, I am confident that he will continue to handle his racialist detractors brilliantly, as he did recently in revealing the political duplicity of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the worsening squalor and corruption in his Maryland district.

For our part, we must continue to stand firmly by the truth that the only thing racism is “built into” these days is the playbook of the political left, and act accordingly.

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Blacks Blind to Their Own Cultural Enslavement

Blacks Blind to Their Own Cultural Enslavement

By Erik Rush •

Considering the media firestorm surrounding actor Jussie Smollett being charged and subsequently released for perpetrating a potentially dangerous hate crime hoax, I thought it would be appropriate to weigh in with some race-related reality to give some context.

Jussie Smollett is probably too young to understand how his actions dishonored those who sacrificed in the cause of racial equality over the course of our nation’s existence. In school, I imagine he wasn’t taught anything remotely resembling reality on the subject of history, particularly in this area. Factor in Smollett having been raised in the entertainment industry from childhood, and we can see how unlikely it is that any sense of moral obligation he might have harbored could have survived.

As distasteful as it is for me, I occasionally engage in “media slumming,” this meaning that I expose myself to media that I would never watch for enjoyment in order to remain informed as to what’s going on in media venues. I don’t have broadcast television, nor do I participate in the ripoff of cable TV, but I do have streaming services through which I can glean a fairly decent representation of what’s afoot in broadcast TV.

Similar to the inescapability of superfluous homoerotica, pro-LGBTQ messages and anti-Trump snark pervading TV and films these days, the America-as-an-institutionally-racist-nation message has also taken on new life over the last couple of years. Case in point: Over just the last year, I’ve viewed more TV dramas than I can count in which characters bemoan Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and a host of other real-life black Americans being murdered by racist cops.

Such laments are abject mythology, but when one is in that passive mode of being plugged into the brainsucker box for entertainment purposes, the ensuing effects can be quite insidious.

I was having a discussion with some people on social media the other day on the topic of how the genres of hip-hop and rap debase black people, particularly black women. I offered that while I certainly concur with this assessment, it’s only a small part of the ongoing campaign of the left—and to some extent, our government—to keep blacks culturally enslaved. This is actually a theory I began developing in my teens, when I saw the music being marketed to blacks becoming less mainstream and increasingly geared toward hedonistic and narcissistic themes. Perhaps I noticed this because I’m a lifelong musician, as opposed to being remarkably intuitive.

I paused bemusedly after having employed the phrase “cultural enslavement.” I don’t know If I coined it then and there, and I don’t need the credit, but it’s bloody brilliant regardless.

Cultural enslavement is essentially what the political left has imposed upon blacks since the Civil Rights Movement. I have written previously about some of the federal government’s efforts to keep blacks on the proverbial plantation as popular sentiment around the existing racial inequities in America began to change; these included F.D.R. and Harry Truman conspiring with unions to use entitlement programs to keep black men from taking union jobs, and of course the deleterious effects entitlement programs have had on black families in general.
It’s been said that prior to the Civil Rights Movement, blacks were probably one of the most socially conservative groups in America. Occasionally, someone will point out how stable black communities and families were prior to this period, when wholesale government intervention into race-related issues and the explosion of entitlement programs took place. This is certainly accurate, despite leftists being quick to offer catty little mincing retorts in these cases: So, are you saying that blacks were better off under Jim Crow and segregation—hmm..?

I often proffer the argument that America is not an institutionally racist nation in the sense that black activists and liberals maintain it is. America is indeed an institutionally racist nation however, in the sense that since the Civil Rights Movement (which I’m using as a temporal landmark, not a cause), blacks’ identity has been dictated by liberal whites and their black lackeys, and this has been actualized largely through the entertainment industry. I went into great detail on this topic in my book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession.”

In short, since the late 1960s, blacks in America have learned how to behave and who to be from TV sitcoms, films and the music industry.
Of even more significance is the fact that blacks have learned from these media sources how to relate to other racial groups, and how other racial groups relate to them. The worldview they adopted as a result has been extremely disadvantageous to them, and was predicated upon the desire of influential liberals to influence how blacks relate to just about everything.

More recently, young blacks have been indoctrinated en masse into the sociopathic culture of the lowest-of-the-low in the black community: Criminals. In addition to the gratuitous use of profanity, more often than not the themes of rap and hip-hop purveyors are narcissistic in the extreme, antisocial, anti-authority, misogynistic and racist. The attitudes represented within these themes have been adopted by young blacks in the same manner in which young whites assume the attitudes of their music idols.

Unlike Mötley Cruë however, which promoted the abstract if morally ambiguous “Sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll” lifestyle, in their lyrics, rappers routinely showcase their disdain for authority, multiple baby mamas, dealing drugs, and killing people—even police.

The cure? As simplistic as it may sound, like so many of the threats we face from the hard left, it’s going to come down to people waking up to the reality of what’s going on. In the case of black Americans, with so many remaining mired in the orthodoxy of the left and the Democrat Party, I see this as being a particularly difficult if not an extremely unlikely proposition.

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The Truth of White Privilege

The Truth of White Privilege

By David Risselada •

I remember being introduced to the concept of white privilege while attending Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I was in a social work program where the professors were all left wing zealots working feverishly to influence the political opinions of gullible students. One day during class, one of the professors made the subtle suggestion that people had racist family members if they didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008. This was in 2010, during the Obamacare debates. From this point on the entire curriculum was dominated by the concept of a racist America whose white majority had special protections and privileges from institutions designed to benefit only them, while minorities were left to suffer. White men were referred to as oppressors, minorities were victims and every possible thing that could be wrong in their lives was attributed to white privilege. I understood at this point that this was part of a larger agenda to silence pro-American opinions and push forward a socialist agenda by dividing and conquering.

During the intro to social work semester students were required to write a position paper on white privilege. We were to read Peggy McIntosh’s’ White Male, White Privilege and offer our thoughts on the subject. My paper reflected my opposition to this nonsense by citing how programs like affirmative action can actually be harmful to minorities by selecting them purely on a required numbering system as opposed to a merit based system. This has led to highly qualified minority students being denied access to higher learning institutions simply because the school was in a hurry to meet the required quota. If this isn’t an institution based on racism I don’t know what is. As a result of my paper I was told I wasn’t fit to be in the social work profession because I didn’t believe in social justice and white privilege.

Today it is overwhelmingly obvious that there is an agenda to use race as a dividing tactic to bring America down and force a new system of government upon us. The left is determined to erase what they see as America’s racist history by tearing down monuments that they insist represent white supremacism. They won’t stop there, if they are successful in this endeavor they will keep pushing until our constitution is nothing but a burning heap of ashes.

The issue of race has long been used as a tool to divide nations and push unpopular agendas. The term racism itself was in fact, invented by Russian revolutionary Leon Trotskyto discredit all who stood in the way of the communist agenda. It is being used in much the same way now. Anyone who stands in opposition to the left’s attempts to discredit America and implement socialism is labeled as a racist who benefits from white privilege. The concept is so far out of hand that blond hair is now considered privileged.

Racism in America used to be considered hatred for someone simply because they are a different color or nationality. Today, the concept has taken on new meanings as it is considered racist to believe that minorities can be successful on their own without government programs. Minorities are taught they are victims and encouraged to hang on to this victimhood status. Black people who step away from this enslaving mentality are discredited as “Uncle Toms.” In one of my social work classes we discussed a lesson involving a depressed black woman. She was financially successful yet, depressed nonetheless. The lesson ultimately suggested that she could alleviate her depression by casting aside her desires to adapt to the white man’s world and embrace her historical roots of oppression. I vehemently opposed this idea and was shocked when people in class took offense to my doing so. I was arguing that a black woman didn’t need to be a victim and people in class were offended by that. That is the result of decades of leftist indoctrination.

The left works incessantly to convince gullible Americans that right wing conservatives are racist and full of hate. Most of us know that the history of racism in America can be traced solely to the Democrat party. The KKK was founded by the Democratic party. Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the federal government. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, an organization that kills over three hundred black babies a day, was a Democrat who advocated for the elimination of so called weaker races, and finally, President Lyndon Johnson instituted the great society program which ultimately did nothing less than enslave blacks and their future generations to government welfare. In reference to this program Johnson said he would get those ni**ers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years. Over fifty years later we have generations of black people living in run down ghettos whose districts are controlled by Democrats. They are dependent on government welfare and taught that there is no way that they can over come their oppression because of white privilege. Was this part of a larger agenda to perpetuate a permanent underclass that could later be used as a revolutionary army?

To believe in white privilege is to believe that one race is ultimately superior to another.  In other words, you would have to be a white supremacist in the first place to believe in white privilege. Do you believe minorities need special government treatment to get a hand up or do you believe they are just as capable as you are? Through the pushing of white privilege the left is trying to convince society that minorities need special treatment, that more money needs to be spent on programs to help them succeed. If the Democrats believed in total equality why would these programs be needed? The left has systematically destroyed the free will of black people by constantly teaching them they are victims. That is the truth. Now, their victimhood status is being used to launch and justify revolutionary violence based on the false notions of oppression. This is the truth of white privilege.

David Risselada is a former U.S. Serviceman, commentator, and author of the book “Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education.” 

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Blacks VS. Cops: ‘Alinsky’ Obama’s Doing

Blacks VS. Cops: ‘Alinsky’ Obama’s Doing

I had occasion to listen to a little talk radio yesterday, a couple of prominent hosts’ take on Barack Hussein Obama’s oratory at the memorial for the police officers slain in Dallas last week. Host Mark Levin was positively livid at how Obama insisted on purveying the “science is settled” argument regarding America being an institutionally racist nation in light of the venue, and how vile and despicable this opportunism was. Of course, I couldn’t have agreed more. Sean Hannity blamed Obama for stoking the fires of racial tension with his tendency to “rush to judgment” (his words) concerning instances of conflict between blacks and police.

While Obama has indeed stoked the fires of racism, rest assured that there have been no rushes to judgment involved whatsoever.

I’m not going to suggest that some months ago, Obama got on his infamous phone and told a minion to cultivate a cell of riled-up black activists, get them armed and insert them into the protest that would be ready to go on the next occasion that the police shooting of a black individual found its way into the national news cycle.

But for all practical purposes, it might as well have gone down in precisely that fashion.

Apropos the high-profile police shootings of black men in recent weeks: There may have been elements of criminality on the part of the cops involved in at least one of these instances, but as we’ve learned, innocence or guilt on the part of law enforcement officers in these cases hardly matters in the current political climate.

It’s undeniable that there is a direct correlation relative to Obama and the increase in tensions between blacks and law enforcement. In every instance during his presidency where a high-profile story of conflict between police and a black American captured the headlines, Obama’s response served to deepen blacks’ resentment not only at the police, but at the big, bad boogeyman of institutional racism, which by his accounts is as pervasive as it was in 1930.

But Obama didn’t say the things he’s said because he’s a buffoon. He said them expressly to deepen blacks’ resentment at the police and whites in general. There are two reasons for this. One has to do with the juvenile sense of retribution political radicals such as Obama feel; they believe that whites must collectively suffer in one form or another for the sins of their fathers.

The other has to do with the tactical objectives of international socialist power players inside and outside of Washington. In America, the strategies involved in grooming America for inclusion into the statist global leviathan over which they will ruthlessly rule with cartoony glee are partly rooted in the writings of iconic communist Saul Alinsky. This odious puke wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals,” which is a holy tome to people like Obama, Hillary Clinton and other notable “progressives.”

Ironically, Alinsky’s second “rule” essentially declares that there are no rules:

“The second rule of the ethics of means and ends is that the judgment of the ethics of means is dependent upon the political position of those sitting in judgment.”

– Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”

Alinsky then goes on to cite the brutal acts carried out by those in the European anti-Nazi underground during World War II as blanket justification for assassinations, terrorism, destruction of property, bombings, kidnappings and the sacrifice of innocents in their pursuit of socialist goals in America.

Of course, in meeting with the Black Lives Matter group in the face of anti-police violence, Bathhouse Barry was attempting to legitimize this racist organization that has repeatedly advocated for the murder of police officers. In the meantime, he postures before the cameras, offering even more inflammatory rhetoric – whilst pushing for nationalization of police departments and more dilution of law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment protections.

In my book Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession, I pointed out that in the cases of police contacting black individuals with which I am personally familiar – and there are many – almost invariably, the latter responded with a marked belligerence to the initial contact. This is because of the paranoia and resentment that has been effectively inculcated into blacks culturally via education, activism, media, and the press.

Naturally, police officers sometimes react to this with a deportment of over-caution and a degree of fear.

As we are also seeing occur with international socialist leaders in Europe who are allowing the influx of hostile foreign Muslims into their nations, the Obama cabal has been gradually destabilizing American society by fostering enmity between blacks and law enforcement, as well as through the importation of our own crop of hostile Muslims and parasitic émigrés from south of the border.

Why have international socialist leaders set upon this course? Two reasons: political power – the emerging international socialist state – and ideology. In their Marxist racialism, they believe that the culturally bankrupt around the world should have their chance at abusing the evil Westerners (read whites) who exploited them and societies that are essentially troupes of monkeys as compared with those in the West ought to have nuclear weapons just because Western nations do.

Once the domestic unrest our leaders have generated escalates and gives rise to sufficient fear on the part of Americans, their expectation is that we will cry for security – much as we cried for health-care reform after the same socialists drove up the cost of health care over the course of a few decades. Many will actually welcome the draconian measures government will employ – with great reluctance, of course – in order to ensure that “security.”

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Campus Protests: The Left’s Nostalgic Astroturf

Campus Protests: The Left’s Nostalgic Astroturf

While Barack Hussein Obama’s mercenary army (otherwise known as ISIS or Islamic State) was busy committing atrocities in the region we were ironically taught was the Cradle of Civilization, insinuating jihadis amongst Middle Eastern refugees bound for Europe and carrying out a massacre in Paris, other surrogates were busy mobilizing those on university campuses toward increasing domestic instability.

Subversive leftist organizations have long maintained a presence on university campuses. Craven, intellectually dishonest interpretations of the First Amendment and the complicity of university faculty and staff have precluded these elements from being neutralized. Couple these with the intention of the Obama administration to accelerate America’s decline, and we have the 2015 Black Liberation Movement, university campus-style.

On Nov. 14, Paul Sperry, in the New York Post, penned an excellent exposé on how the radical group Organizing for Action (OFA, formerly Obama for America) “has trained more than 10,000 leftist organizers who, in turn, are training more than 2 million youths” in the tactics of the late communist icon Saul Alinsky. These “community organizers” have been holding “organizing summits” on college campuses in recent months.

Organizing for Action, the Black Lives Matter group and the George Soros-funded Democracy Alliance have all been overtly involved in the recent spate of race-related demonstrations on university campuses, which exploited two fake racial incidents at the University of Missouri as the “catalysts” for their protests.

According to the Post, students at Columbia University have complained that student activists (who are fast becoming known as “crybullies”) have initiated campaigns of intimidation against those who refuse to participate in their protest activities.

At the Dartmouth University library over the past weekend, Black Lives Matter operatives rioted and attacked white students.

One girl was pinned up to the wall as a group of BLM thugs shouted racial epitaphs in her face, terrorizing her in the process. The group of thugs marched through the library shouting insults such as, “F*^k you, you filthy white f*^ks!,” “F*^k you and your comfort!” and “F*^k you, you racist s#^t!” One hundred of the thugs made their way through the library in what they laughingly called a protest. Considering the cost of going to Dartmouth, it is unlikely that many of them are kept down by “Whitey.”

Conservative Firing Line, Nov. 16, 2015

It is certainly no accident that activities reminiscent of the 1960s campus protests are occurring at a time in which those who either romanticized those protests or participated in them (or both) now hold political power in America. The intellectually retarded, brainwashed offspring of that generation even look like throwbacks to the hirsute student activists of the 1960s (who were also heavily influenced by Marxists). I’m sure that orchestrating this fiasco struck a perverse nostalgic chord in some of those involved.

The counterfeit nature of this Astroturf movement for racial parity on college campuses aside, the capricious and infantile character of the activists and their demands reflect not only the capricious and infantile character of the worldview that has been instilled in them, but clearly indicates how pernicious their attitudes are.

Hundreds of Columbia students gathered at the South Lawn Thursday, and some speakers heckled bystanders who did not participate.

“Look at those guys playing Frisbee – that is the definition of privilege,” said one speaker.

Another student wearing a T-shirt with the words “Kill White Supremacy” called Columbia a “white supremacist institution.”

She led the crowd in a progression of chants including “I love black people,” “I love all black people” and “I love queer black people,” before adding “I love black criminals” and “I love black people who steal.”

The New York Post, Nov. 15, 2015

If one didn’t know how deadly serious they are, one might mistake this for comedy.

Impracticable demands for free tuition, fits of apoplexy over “racially insensitive” Halloween costumes and charges that the game of Frisbee is illustrative of white privilege – these are the aspirations and observations of black ignoramuses who were suckled on victimhood and instructed by communist “professors” such as Angela Davis, Bill Ayers and Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones).

As demonstrated by some blacks of prominence, these are people who, even after attaining considerable personal success, will continue to provoke racial tension and antisocialism.

Considering how other racially charged cases over the last couple of years have played out, it is probable that the student activists will ultimately be motivated into initiating widespread campus riots that will lead to an escalation of the police state modality in which our nation increasingly operates.

If the foregoing examples of narcissistic indulgence aren’t enough: Over the last few days, certain Black Lives Matter activists grabbed headlines with their outrage over the terror attacks in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13. They were incensed not because nearly 130 fellow human beings had been killed by terrorists, but because the incident had stolen their thunder. In order to establish some sort of moral equivalency, they began referencing fabricated slights against black students as “terrorism.”

These people cannot be considered citizens exercising their rights of free speech or free assembly. their hirsuteness notwithstanding, these are groomed enemy operatives who know exactly what they’re doing, even if they are intellectually challenged in the extreme.

We may not be able to stop America’s enemies from exploiting these incognizant students as useful idiots or even cannon fodder, but we can impede their momentum through refusing to acknowledge that they have a legitimate complaint in the first place – which is what the left always relies upon when they pull out the race card.

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The ‘Great Black Hope’ Who Threw the Fight

The ‘Great Black Hope’ Who Threw the Fight

Once again, some folks got a little upset at glitzy billionaire businessman, TV star and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump. Capitalizing on The Donald’s “controversial” November 2014 tweet declaring that since Barack Obama has done such a lousy job as chief executive, we were not likely to see another black president “for generations,” Jonathan Karl took up that line of questioning when he had Trump on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday.

Despite his initial enthusiasm at Obama’s election, Trump said that the president “has done nothing for African-Americans,” and cited blacks’ declining income and errant youth as examples. In answer to why Trump believes we won’t see another black president for generations, he told Karl that this is because Obama has set “a very poor standard,” and a “very low bar.”

To elucidate: I believe Trump was saying that since the average voter perceives candidates very superficially, some will come to believe – even if subconsciously – that they’re liable to get the same performance from the next black presidential candidate as they got from Obama. Thus, they’ll be inclined to pass.

As indicated earlier, I have my doubts as to whether Trump intends to stick out the campaign any longer than it will take to polish up his brand. However, he’s being well-received by Americans across many demographics at present because he is articulating what people are thinking and feeling, rather than saying what he thinks they want to hear.

When Obama was elected in 2008, a lot of people wanted to know what I thought he was going to “do” for black Americans. My response was a suggestion that those asking the question might look to what Obama “did” for blacks in Illinois, or more specifically Chicago, in order to make that determination for themselves.

Not only have economic conditions for blacks tanked under this president, Obama is responsible for the deterioration of blacks’ outlook and collective self-image as well. Employing divisive and subtly racist rhetoric as well as radical surrogates (such as Al Sharpton, The New Black Panther Party and Black Lawyers for Justice), Obama has cultivated an attitude amongst blacks that is more belligerent and cynical than any we saw during the Civil Rights Movement.

After a three-month orgy of murder and other violent crime following the death of Freddie Gray (a black man who was mortally injured while in police custody this spring), the city of Baltimore has agreed to partner with federal law enforcement in an attempt to curb the outbreak in violence. Simply allowing the police to do their jobs is racist, you see, because when that’s the status quo, black criminals occasionally die.

My confidence that this plot was hatched in the White House and is an overture toward the implementation of Obama’s federal police force aside, the policies enacted by Baltimore officials (many black and all ultra-liberal) prior to Gray’s death, as well as during and after riots that occurred in its wake, were typical of those policies that invariably leave blacks alienated and angry.

Last week, it was determined that four members of a Dallas family who beat a pregnant 14-year-old relative over a period of six hours in order to induce her to have a miscarriage, then roasted the stillborn baby on a charcoal grill two years ago will not be charged with murder. This despite the state’s Prenatal Protection Act, a 2003 law designed to guarantee the rights of the unborn. Instead, the four will face the almost laughable lesser charge of “Engaging in Organized Crime.”

Now, why do you suppose the authorities decided to go that route with these defendants?

I’ll tell you why: Because they’re black. Dallas officials envisioned the kind of race-baiting circus civil rights activists (and pro-choicers for whom the unborn aren’t alive) might have turned that city into if they proceeded to prosecute four black people for the murder of an unborn baby. They decided they didn’t want any part of it.

Black Lives Matter? Only when it’s politically expedient. I could provide literally thousands of anecdotes illustrating the hypocrisy of politicians, government and activists who have a stake in perpetuating alienation and anger in black communities. As detailed in my book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” the following tragic comedy has been playing out, over and over, for decades:

  1. Policies in liberal-controlled urban black communities foster poverty and crime;
  2. activists bemoan cops not caring enough to protect poor black people;
  3. law enforcement steps up its efforts to do so;
  4. the same activists bemoan cops inordinately “targeting blacks” for arrest and prosecution.

As if it were Donald Trump dealing drugs and shooting black people in Baltimore, Chicago and Milwaukee …

Whether he is sincere or not, Trump’s message is resonating with people because it is clear to them that he at least pays attention to what is occurring in the lives of average Americans. If you’re paying attention, it’s harder not to care – unless you’re a narcissistic sociopath who is fundamentally disconnected with respect to other people. Barack Obama couldn’t be bothered with what is occurring in the lives of average Americans, and race is nothing more than a means by which he can foment division.

If Obama’s narcissism did not transcend notions of race, his Marxist worldview certainly would. Ethnic solidarity did not prevent Stalin from exterminating millions of Russians, nor Mao from exterminating millions of Chinese, nor any other Marxist despot from persecuting countless individuals of the same ethnic background as themselves.

So, when people talk about what Obama could have done for blacks, I almost have to laugh.


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Race-baiting: From the Slime to the Ridiculous

Race-baiting: From the Slime to the Ridiculous

The blowback from two recent grand jury decisions exonerating white police officers in separate cases wherein their use of force resulted in the deaths of black individuals has taken on a decidedly surreal tone. While to an extent we have grown to expect provocateurs like Rev. Al Sharpton and his ilk squeezing as much face time out of anything even remotely controversial in vein of race, the willingness of uninvolved (and often wholly uninformed) Americans in jumping on the bandwagon in this dark travesty is discouraging, to say the least.

Some have engaged in asinine, shallow displays of solidarity, such as the hands-up gesture on the part of five players on the St. Louis Rams football team, Singer Garth Brooks canceling a Thanksgiving appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show” and Columbia Law School allowing students to postpone final exams due to “trauma” attendant to the grand jury decisions. Now, we also have the burgeoning “I can’t breathe” campaign, memorializing Eric Garner, who died after being placed in a chokehold by a New York City Police officer.

While some may argue that these gestures were harmless, they are indicative of a complete lack of critical analysis. Like the Ferguson rioters themselves, most of these people came to their erroneous conclusions despite the clear-cut nature of the Wilson-Brown case.

Some reactions were less harmless. Last Wednesday, student protesters at East High School in Denver, Colorado – ostensibly demonstrating in solidarity with the Ferguson crowd – actually cheered as a police officer on a bicycle was hit by a car and dragged underneath the vehicle.

As I’ve been saying for many weeks, agitators, operators, and politicos have been setting the stage for this tragic comedy since August. Activists and community organizers so vigorously advanced the idea that Michael Brown had been murdered by Darren Wilson that they have been able to parlay the incident – and subsequently the Eric Garner case – into a nationwide call to action against America’s institutionally racist police. Their rhetoric has been deliberately inflammatory, whether on the part of Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, who admonished Ferguson rioters to “Burn this bi–h down,” or Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who said prior to the Ferguson grand jury announcement that if the demands of protesters for the indictment of Darren Wilson were not met, “we’ll tear this g–dd–n country up!”

We cannot discount the influence of the press in this matter, however. They have not only been instrumental in shaping the flawed worldview of so many Americans, but were instrumental in validating the sentiments of those who wished to make the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner into hate crimes.

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Is Obama about to create a race incident?

jesse-jackson-obama-7-15-08I don’t know if the following simply reflects standard operating procedure or, given past contrivances of the radical left and the current administration, a harbinger of things to come. In either case, we should probably know one way or the other in fairly short order.

Last Wednesday, in one of the most despicable displays I’ve heard in a long time, racial provocateur Jesse Jackson outlined a paranoid vision of America pertaining to race relations, misrepresenting the politics of one conservative politician and one conservative president, neither of whom were able to counter his slander because they’re long-deceased.

At Furman University in Greenville, S.C., Jackson claimed that former President Ronald Reagan and former presidential candidate Barry Goldwater had been proponents of segregation. “Goldwater and Reagan – had they been successful, it would have been illegal for blacks and whites to play together on a Saturday afternoon,” Jackson said, claiming that the American South is “the land of the free, the home of genocide.”

Where the hell he gets off spewing such incendiary and inaccurate calumnies at this point in our history is anyone’s guess. That some still heed, let alone respect this creature is the real problem.
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