A “Grim” Fairy Tale


by Dr. Jim Garrow

Legend has it that the President works for “We the People”, but that only exists in a Republic not run by thugs and thieves and we all know that the reality is that Bathhouse Barry works diligently for the Saudis and George Soros or whoever puts the words on his teleprompter screen. I guess that Bathhouse Barry forgot about the Saudi money that set him up in the beginning, got him his degrees, his apartment, his Paki bed-buddy, and ultimately his protector Valerie Jarrett and Dave (the hammer) Axelrod.

That of course led to victories in Illinois and then for the Senate and his brief (“I’m present, count me!”) fling with doing nothing on the public dole. And then finally in the treatise on how to live large while never working, mere pontification being enough, we have the march to the White House, Obama held aloft by the magic of Oprah Winfrey, Revs Warren and White, and every commie pinko who could get their hand around the throat of the magic hen laying those golden eggs. And Barack and Michelle and Bathhouse Barry’s boy buddies lived happily ever after or at least until the American people discovered they’d been conned, and went promptly back to sleep, dreaming of hope and change.

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