Prosecute Soros for Sedition

Prosecute Soros for Sedition

By Erik Rush

The recent protests against President Donald Trump and his policies pertaining to Muslim émigrés present a valuable object lesson regarding contrived popular misrepresentations of First Amendment liberties. Here, we are able to see examples of individuals and organizations engaging in seditious behavior that is commonly tolerated due to fallacious construals of the First Amendment advanced by American socialists.

Aspects of these interpretations have become conventional wisdom among our citizenry; disingenuously ignoring the error of such versions of constitutional law has been the job of agenda-driven legal experts and the press. Such things as court cases which successfully argued for the right to burn the American flag as a form of protected political expression legitimized the “America Sucks” culture, thereby paving the way for open sedition as an acceptable activity.

Peaceful protests on a large scale were employed to give rise to certain changes that needed to come about during the Civil Rights Movement. Since then, leftists have attempted to use them in their attempts to bring about all manner of malignant social and political change, hoping in each case to capture the same flavor of the 1960s protests and ascribe legitimacy to their causes. This is precisely what we are seeing at present, although the protests seldom remain peaceful.

We have learned that organizations tied to uber-socialist billionaire activist George Soros have had a hand in driving anti-Trump protests since his election, as have certain Islamist groups. The latter is certainly no surprise, since it reflects the 1400 year-old Islamic tradition of insidiously ingratiating Islam to host nations with one hand whilst preparing to slide the scimitar in with the other. All we need do is look to Europe to see how this develops just a little farther down the road we’re on, with riots, no-go-zones, mass rapes, and demands for conversion to Islam having become commonplace.

Recently, the terrorism-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), helped launch demonstrations protesting Trump’s recent executive orders concerning the entry of unvetted refugees from some Islamic nations into the United States. Leftists and the press have supported these efforts in their hyperbolic criticism of Trump’s “Muslim ban,” despite the fact that the President has only temporarily suspended unfettered access to the U.S. for citizens from seven highly-destabilized Islamic nations.

During the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, Islamists had the most powerful friends in Washington, and made great headway in their efforts to establish policy and insinuate their operatives within our political infrastructure. In cases such as this, our tradition of religious tolerance has worked against us. Because Islam is considered a religion (though it is actually a pernicious, predatory social system with a religious component), it has enjoyed the benefits of a religion under the Constitution despite being diametrically opposed to the Constitution, as well as being at odds with Western civilization in general.

Factor in the fallacious belief held by some of our leaders that Islam is inherently peaceful, and we have the situation at hand. Prominent opponents of Trump’s measures (Sen. Chuck Schumer and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spring to mind) are currently proffering the same pro-Islam propaganda as did Barack Obama and his collaborators during the last administration.

As we have seen, this mass brainwashing can prove quite effective. There are Britons, Scandinavians, and European natives who continue to defend Islam in the manner of its American supporters despite the fact that Muslims have already transformed their nations into manifestly dangerous places.

It is highly unlikely that a real ban on Islam will become a reality anytime soon, but considering history and the empirical evidence at hand, President Trump could get away with criminalizing organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR (as some prudent nations have done), pointing to their actions and such phenomena as the jihadi training camps on our soil which the federal government has chosen to ignore to date, and of which the left and the establishment press simply deny existence.

In the case of George Soros, there are ample devices under the law that could be used to neutralize him if we moved away from the paradigm of tolerating the “America Sucks” culture. He has used his billions to institutionalize sedition on a variety of fronts, was instrumental in getting Obama elected to the presidency, and tried his level best to do the same for Hillary Clinton.

Soros became an American citizen in December of 1961, but the Hungarian-born former World War II Nazi collaborator could easily be stripped of his citizenship on any number of grounds and unceremoniously deposited back on Hungarian soil if our leaders found sufficient vertebral fortitude to initiate the requisite proceedings. Tying up his financial holdings and confounding the efforts of his shell organizations would put a stop to many detrimental processes that Soros has in place.

Rather than consciously engaging in sedition, a certain number of the protesters currently being engaged in these Islamophilic rallies are simply well-intentioned if profoundly ignorant and unaware of their own exploitation. Many more have been bought and paid for by the organizers however, who can and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Time to Choose: Representative Government or Thugocracy?

Time to Choose: Representative Government or Thugocracy?

I feel strongly that the Supreme Court needs to stand on the side of the American people, not on the side of the powerful corporations and the wealthy. For me, that means that we need a Supreme Court that will stand up on behalf of women’s rights, on behalf of the rights of the LGBT community, that will stand up and say no to Citizens United, a decision that has undermined the election system in our country because of the way it permits dark, unaccountable money to come into our electoral system…

– Hillary Clinton

The first salvo from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (or rather, her answer to the first question posed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace to her and Donald Trump at the third presidential debate) was as chilling as it was an exemplar of hypocrisy.

Those on the left are quite fond of leveling the accusation against conservatives of employing “dog whistle politics,” rhetoric that allegedly contains hidden or esoteric derogatory messaging which targets a specific subgroup within the opposition. Ms. Clinton’s response to Wallace’s question (where they wanted to see the Supreme Court take the country, and their views on how the Constitution ought to be interpreted) however, was representative of this tactic.

While women’s rights and those of the LGBT community may seem to be a curious focus for the Court (since objectively, women wouldn’t appear to be particularly oppressed given that one has been nominated to run for President, and the LGBT community accounts for less than 5% of the American population), Clinton’s answer revealed the focus she believes the court should have once she becomes empress.

“Women’s rights” is of course “dog whistle” for unfettered abortion, even late-term abortion, which is essentially infanticide via dismemberment. “LGBT rights” is “dog whistle” for disenfranchising the majority of Americans who hold traditional values, primarily Christians. Leveraging a vocal minority of homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender individuals whom the left has whipped into a froth against Christians is the methodology that was employed to negate the political power of Christians in Europe and Canada. A direct assault via legislation in this area would not work in the U.S. (at least not at present) however, judicial rulings could effectively bring about the same result.

Let us leave aside for a moment the fact that judicial activism is unethical and skirts the Constitution, and that Clinton’s overall objectives are manifestly evil. Hillary Clinton’s stated priorities for the Supreme Court are a clear indicator of her desire to use the Court as a bludgeon against the Constitution and individual liberties, rather than allowing it to perform its designated function. The hypocrisy attendant to Clinton citing the rights of women and homosexuals when she is beholden via financial contributions to nations which institutionally persecute and murder members of these groups remains plain for all to see, despite being conveniently ignored by the press.

Clinton’s reference to “powerful corporations and the wealthy” and the malign influence of that sinister conservative organization, Citizens United, was of course another exercise in blatant hypocrisy. Clinton is quite wealthy, and corrupt or otherwise compromised powerful corporations have been instrumental in bringing about the designs of American socialists. Even if Citizens United was a vehicle for “dark, unaccountable money,” the scope of its influence would pale next to the subversive designs of the Muslim Brotherhood, with which Bill and Hillary Clinton have been partnered for decades, or the myriad tentacles of organizations funded by George Soros, the former Nazi collaborator dedicated to advancing oligarchical collectivism in America, someone with whom the Clintons also have a long association.

One need not attempt to decipher the thinly-veiled intent behind Clinton’s debate rhetoric to discern what a Hillary Clinton presidency might look like. Her actions to date – and particularly those in the pursuit of seeking that office – should suffice quite nicely. Despite the craven complicity of the establishment press (mainstream media), there is ample evidence for even the most indolent news consumer to reach the conclusion that she and the Democratic leviathan supporting her, and which facilitated Barack Obama’s rise to power, are fundamentally malignant.

In recent days, we’ve become aware of all manner of unethical conspiracies and outright criminality that’s been brought to bear in getting Clinton elected, from Democrat officials tampering with the outcome of the illegal email server investigation, to the oversampling of key demographics in polling in order to enhance the public perception of Clinton’s popularity, to the recent revelation of criminally prosecutable actions on the part of the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the White House.

The bottom line here is that Hillary Clinton represents a class of people who transcend even the loathed archetypal modern politician in their rapaciousness and amorality. What all Americans – not just voters, and not just Republicans – need to realize is that leaders at the highest levels in the Republican Party are every bit as culpable as the gutter operatives of the Democrat Party who pay miscreants to dress up as ducks, instigate fistfights at opposition rallies and, yes – even vote for their candidates.

The burning question is this: In the end, are we to be governed by the will of the people, or are we going to continue pretending that we have a representative government, when we are in effect being ruled by abject thugs operating behind a faux veneer of government?

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Americans ‘the Last to Know’ of Obama Treason

Americans ‘the Last to Know’ of Obama Treason

To someone born in New York City, the place where I now live is a small college town. It’s hard to view a place where the population just breaks 150, 000 when school is in session as anything else. As the crow flies, it’s about two hours north of Colorado Springs, where 57-year-old whack job Robert Lewis Dear decided to go on a shooting spree last week.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2010, the median income for a family here was $89,332. Along with Pueblo, Colorado, ours was one of the fastest cities to “snap back,” as it were, from the 2008 economic implosion.

Yet, there are homeless people everywhere. Their visibility occurred gradually but markedly within the last year. Many are middle-age people, and many are veterans.

Over the same period, the average time for processing a new application for public assistance benefits (food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) jumped from under a week to 40 business days. They’ve also cut back access to case workers drastically, which probably stretches out the overall process even more.

The length of time it takes for Medicaid recipients to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician has increased from a day or two to several weeks. To get in to see some specialists, the wait is now one of months. This is due to the millions who got dumped into Medicaid during the course of Obamacare’s implementation.

Yet, our small college town, and another one about 40 miles east of here, are slated to receive an undisclosed number of Syrian refugees – and according to Barack Hussein Obama, the counties concerned damn well better not balk at putting them on the food stamp rolls. The refugees are part of Obama’s nationwide Syrian refugee drop, which is now being hotly debated.

This week, our treasonous war-criminal president flitted off to France to discuss climate change – an issue that homeless, jobless and dispossessed Americans care so much about – with a bunch of other world leaders. As if it weren’t bad enough that climate change is a counterfeit issue that exists only so Western governments might more effectively enslave taxpayers and business economically.

Perhaps to defray any discussion of his failure to dispatch ISIS (which of course he has no intention of doing), Obama said that the meeting in Paris to discuss climate change was some sort of brave and audacious “act of defiance” in the face of ISIS, given its recent attack on that city.

It isn’t the first time the administration has proffered the notion that there’s some mysterious interplay between terrorism and completely unrelated factors. One may recall the inane blatherings of State Department spokesidiots Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, who have floated ideas such as poverty causing terrorism, and that if the climate wasn’t so screwy, the world’s Muslims might not go feral en masse and kill people.

All this is leaving aside the fact that the treasonous war-criminal president in question created, armed, trained and funded ISIS – or ISIL, Islamic State, Daesh, the Keystone Kamels, or whatever appellation they’re using this month to reference the barbarians. Now, strategically displaced Muslims and strategically placed terrorists are forming a chaotic, angry wave from east to west – a wave that is cresting in Europe and, if Obama gets his way, will break upon America.

The world knows all of this, by the way; here, I am referencing the incontrovertible body of evidence that Barack Obama is effectively the commander in chief of ISIS, and arguably a better one than he is of the U.S. Armed Forces.

At this point, it is only in the West that this is not widely understood.

So, given Obama’s designs and the world’s knowledge of them, all of the public debate over the White House’s anti-terrorism policies is nothing but theater. It’s for us. The boobs. The great unwashed, moronic masses.

We are the proverbial “last to know.”

Our treasonous war-criminal president’s policies have set America up quite nicely for a major terrorist attack, perhaps of a much wider scope than the recent attacks in Paris. These include everything from a refusal to even rhetorically associate Islamic terrorism with Muslims, to the nationwide Syrian refugee drop, to the clandestine importation of Muslims from destabilized nations in the Middle East and Africa, to an absolute refusal to effectively monitor who comes and goes in this country.

Americans will die, and despite his feigned outrage after the fact, it will have been due to the deliberate intention of Barack Hussein Obama.

In October of 2013, the White House took down its online visitor logs, blaming a partial government shutdown that had temporarily idled 17 percent of the federal workforce. The fact is that astute individuals in the alternative press and other patriotic Americans had begun widely discussing the Rogue’s Gallery of America-hating scum that paid visits to the White House on a regular basis, some with dizzying frequency.

Obama simply wanted to stop that flow of information.

A nation like ours does not go from respecting personal liberties and the rule of law to “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone” overnight. Are there really so many ethically compromised individuals in our government that there is no hope for any among them finally deciding to exercise the rule of law and remove this tyrant? Are they just cowards, willing to let Obama touch off World War III rather than risk the Black Lives Matter crowd setting America ablaze for “taking down” our precious first black president on account of his proclivity for treason and crimes against humanity?

Or are they, as some suspect, party to a much broader agenda, perhaps one rooted in the belief that our planet’s human population cut by three-fourths – even overnight – would be much better for everyone going forward?

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Prosecute Barack Obama

Prosecute Barack Obama

Based on the marked proliferation of press reports coming out of the world’s developed nations and the statements of government officials therein, it appears as though nearly everyone except for the American citizenry (or at least average American news consumers) are aware that members of our government and their powerful confederates engaged in a far-reaching international money-laundering scheme dedicated to financing Islamic terrorists abroad.

It also remains unknown to fat, happy Americans on the proverbial hamster wheel that dozens of government, military and intelligence personnel have either been harassed, prosecuted and/or imprisoned by our government for attempting to bring its illegal activities (terrorist funding and illegal domestic surveillance among them) to light.

Finally, among many quite verifiable charges of which most Americans appear to have extremely limited knowledge include that the White House:

  • first clandestinely, then later with the cooperation of members of Congress, supplied funds, training and weaponry to Islamic terrorists abroad, including the ISIS (or Islamic State) group;
  • catalyzed the 2011 “Arab Spring” and the downfall of standing governments in Egypt and Libya;
  • was singularly responsible for the rise of the brutal and genocidal regime of Muslim Brotherhood thug Mohamed Morsi to power in Egypt;
  • utilized the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, as a way station for the illegal transportation of weapons to Islamist groups in Syria, subsequently either allowing the facility to be attacked on Sept. 11, 2012, or bringing about said attack in order to obliterate evidence of this treason;
  • is currently conducting an elaborate counterfeit military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, which it in fact supports;
  • has used the aforementioned counterfeit military campaign to spawn chaos within the region, thereby compounding the current orchestrated “refugee crisis” in Europe, which the administration clearly desires to expand to the continental United States for the purpose of further destabilizing America domestically;
  • facilitated the rise of nationalist neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine in 2013, in violation of the Constitution and international law (but in keeping with its Hitlerian character and objectives), and to this end engaged in widespread black operations, counterintelligence programs and campaigns of murder calculated to destabilize Ukraine and implicate the Russian government;
  • is attempting to frame recent military action on the part of the Russian government in support of Syria (the only one to have damaged ISIS and stemmed its momentum) as Russian aggression and interference in the region.

While American analysts and commentators have engaged in a great deal of speculation with regard to these issues over the past few years, outside of the U.S. they have all become more or less common knowledge among governments, press and intelligence interests. Recently, many have been publicly corroborated by government officials and press in Russia and Europe (whereas the Middle Eastern press has been reporting on these stories for two years or more).

There’s a saying that goes something like this (and I am definitely paraphrasing): “If you meet one idiot during the course of the day, that’s no big deal, but if you meet more than three, it might be time to take a look at your own behavior.”

Which means that if it is only our government and the American press that are maintaining the narratives advanced by the Obama administration out of all of the other sources around the globe that contradict them, then it might be time to consider the possibility that these other sources are telling the truth and that the Obama administration is lying through its teeth.

Internationally, the turning point was Sept. 28, at the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. On that day, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech essentially calling out the Obama regime for its crimes, if not enumerating them. In this light, and in the ensuing climate it helped to create, Russia’s subsequent military aid to the Assad government in Syria could only be seen by the world as an effort to prevent its destruction by Obama, as has occurred with other governments in the region.

Putin correctly pointed out that White House policies have served to destabilize the entire Middle East as well as vast regions in Africa, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands.

The good news is that due to this confluence of events, more people in America and the West are waking up to the deeply diabolical nature of the Obama administration every day.

There are also other things that have recently emerged, which are adding to the atmosphere of global suspicion aimed at the White House. We have smoking guns in the form of evidence presented by government and intelligence personnel who have managed to get their evidence out without being killed or imprisoned, whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden (who recently released new hard evidence of the administration’s crimes) and international researchers who have publicized government campaigns of psychological operations and counterintelligence programs against average citizens.

A new film, “Silenced,” by Academy Award-nominated director James Spione, deals with Washington’s increasingly draconian policies concerning whistleblowers and the catastrophic toll taken on those who have dared to question our government’s national security policy. This holds the promise of enlightening even more as to the Obama regime’s criminality.

Slowly, the truth is being unearthed for the world to see, and this is that Barack Hussein Obama and his Cabinet, past and present, are war criminals of a particularly malevolent order.

In the interest of restoring the republic however, it is imperative that Obama and his sordid pantheon of demons are not allowed to cheerfully pass the torch to the next equally corrupt administration in January 2017. They all must be brought to justice, and in a very public way, whatever the cost.


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Hanging Offenses in High Places

Hanging Offenses in High Places

Between the Soviet-style propaganda purveyed by President Obama and the White House, the undeniable evidence of their collusion with Islamists, and the ever-widening body of government officials and lawmakers of both parties who have demonstrated that they intend to ignore this treason, our nation is faced with a crisis of unprecedented proportion.

Early this week, Sen. Kelly Ayotte called for the Obama administration to declare war against radical Islam. “[Y]ou have to define your enemy,” Ayotte said on “Fox News Sunday.” “The administration should spend less time on political correctness and more time on a strategy.”

As we’ve seen groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaida gain ground in the Muslim world, news organizations have described the White House as “struggling with trying to define terrorism.” Meanwhile, President Obama and his surrogates continue to insist that these terrorist organizations and the atrocities they commit have nothing to do with Islam.

“My God, ISIS is taking over the Middle East, and our president can’t even say ‘Islamist terror.’”

– Lt. Col Ralph Peters, Fox News, Feb. 3

It’s not that President Obama can’t utter the phrase “Islamist terror,” it is that he won’t do so, because at this juncture, Obama has become the chief facilitator of Islamist terror on a global scale.

For the record, I have been personally assured by intelligence operatives from the U.S. and Britain, both past and present, that they and other foreign intelligence organizations are “well aware” of who the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama actually is, the parties who orchestrated his rise to power and that his mission is nothing less than to “bring America down.”

As all indicators reveal, this is precisely what he has been doing, despite the wholesale misrepresentations of the administration and the American press. Intelligence groups from outside the U.S. have approached American media representatives with information concerning Obama’s origins and designs; whether their reticence to engage is due to fear, having been compromised, or ideological affinity is anyone’s guess, but they won’t touch it.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at just some of the most recent evidence that tends to bear out what I have been told:

  • The Muslim Brotherhood called for “a long, uncompromising jihad” in Egypt just one day after a delegation of the Islamist group’s key leaders and allies met with the Obama State Department, which was instrumental in the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power and short but bloody reign in Egypt in the first place.
  • Rep. Trey Gowdy charged two weeks ago that the Obama administration is purposely slowing a congressional inquiry into the deadly 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya. It has also been reported that Gowdy is enduring White House intimidation over his pursuit of the investigation. Evidence suggests it is altogether likely that the White House had a hand in orchestrating the Benghazi attack, rather than merely failing to provide adequate military support in time to prevent casualties.
  • The Pentagon, which said mere weeks ago it was “confident” that it could “mitigate any threat of [military] re-engagement” by five Taliban generals swapped last year by Obama for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, now says that it can do “very little” to prevent same. The trade of the Taliban generals for Bergdahl, quite possibly an Islamist sympathist and a deserter, was called “treasonous” by retired U.S. Gen. Paul Vallely.
  • The administration admitted last week (in rather cavalier fashion, by the way) that its Iran policy had become one of attempting to slow that nation’s development of nuclear weapons, despite the administration’s earlier claims that it would never allow Iran to possess same. This seems to be in keeping with White House policy, which has incrementally negotiated away America’s leverage against Iran. Considering the potentially deadly implications – a nuclear holocaust, after all – one would think that such action would mobilize every political opponent the president has in seeking his head (figuratively speaking), yet this has not occurred.

As I have detailed in this space on numerous occasions, the Obama administration has been directly implicated in innumerable incidents involving Islamist militants. For a long time, I and other commentators expressed frustration as to why Obama’s political opponents universally failed to pursue this despite Cyclopean heaps of evidence.

During a recent interview on Fox News, former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove attempted to marginalize truth-seekers on Benghazi by equating them with Obama “birthers,” an apparent ploy to shield those GOP power players involved in America’s Libya policy at the time of the attack, or involved in the coverup concerning motives for the attack.

Among the most prominent – and probably most compromised of the aforementioned GOP power players – would be the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee in Intelligence at the time, former Rep. Mike Rogers. In 2011, Rogers’ wife, Kristi Rogers, was on the board of directors of a company that was ultimately responsible for outsourcing security at the Benghazi Special Mission Compound. Mike Rogers subsequently and inexplicably stonewalled and obfuscated during House hearings on Benghazi, to the consternation of Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike.

It is said that America’s “ruling class” (as detailed in “the writings of Angelo M. Codevilla) always close ranks to protect their own. It has become tragically apparent that in order to protect their filthy little political fiefdoms, these parties have determined that they must run interference for both the degenerate white-robed sultans and sheiks in the Sunni Muslim world, the black-dress-wearing Shiite mullahs in Iran, as well as the smug, insubstantial usurper in the White House. The common denominator among these is only that little trifle of their intention to destroy America.

This has gone far beyond dishonesty, disloyalty, or even self-aggrandizing corruption. Hanging offenses have been committed by people in high places; the list of such offenses increases daily, as does the number of those who add themselves to the list of the culpable, or dig themselves in deeper with each diversion they craft and lie they utter.

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Is Obama’s treason finally being recognized?

Erik Rush sees president facilitating new rise of caliphate

By now, we are quite familiar with the exploits of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and the fact that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was released from detention by the Obama administration in 2009. These savages have cut a swath from northern Syria through northern Iraq, engaging in the most grotesque mass murder along the way, and by all accounts – including photographs and video footage of their own making – reveling in doing so.

bloody_hands1While many, for some unfathomable reason, remain wedded to the idea that this and countless other developments involving the Obama administration are the result of its incompetence, others have reached the point where their ability to suspend their disbelief has been stretched beyond the breaking point, and they no longer believe it is a matter of political ineptitude or poor leadership.

As I have said before, operating outside of the realm of believability has been a deliberate tactic of this regime, and a largely complicit establishment press contributed to its success.

Thus, despite overwhelming evidence, many Americans will still find it difficult to accept that the rise of ISIS was facilitated by the Obama administration.

As reported in WND this week, ISIS members were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan; this has been confirmed not only by officials in Jordan, but in both the German and British press.

Are Americans now expected to believe that ISIS is among the “moderate” Muslim factions the administration has maintained it is imperative to support, for which Obama went to the lengths of first clandestinely arming and supplying, and then unilaterally amending U.S. law so that he might do so overtly?

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The conservative press: Too easy on Obama

obama_sshIt’s a foregone conclusion that the liberal press (mainstream media, establishment press) will never admit that our miserable excuse for a president even possesses normal human frailties, let alone gross character defects. Across the industry, I would say that this is largely rooted in a combination of ideological kinship, ignorance, fear, or top-down directives, depending on the case.

I’m also aware that some journalists and press outlets have been reticent to report negative information about Barack Obama over fears of being attacked for being racist, as inane a concept as this remains.

All of the above, of course, could apply in the practical sense to our elected officials as well, but we have grown to expect a certain level of duplicity on their part. This is not to justify their actions – particularly now, when some have bordered on treason – but the purpose of the press has always been in safeguarding our liberties through their function. This is largely why so many Americans have yet to come to the conclusion that the establishment press has become a subversive propaganda arm for the political left. People still trust them.

But what about the conservative press (the “new media” or “alternative press”)? Despite the power this body has been able to successfully wield, in the face of the grave and dangerous actions of the Obama administration and the deteriorating geopolitical landscape, too much of their coverage remains disappointingly superficial.

For example: I have noted that many conservative press outlets have gotten caught up in this theatrical bluster between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the situation in Ukraine. This is no different a tack than that taken by their liberal media counterparts. It occurs to me that the interests of global peace as well as our domestic situation (with this president) might be better addressed by examining the actions Obama has taken to precipitate that crisis.

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I’m also aware that some journalists and press outlets have been reticent to report negative information about Barack Obama over fears of being attacked for being racist, as inane a concept as this remains.

All of the above, of course, could apply in the practical sense to our elected officials as well, but we have grown to expect a certain level of duplicity on their part. This is not to justify their actions – particularly now, when some have bordered on treason – but the purpose of the press has always been in safeguarding our liberties through their function. This is largely why so many Americans have yet to come to the conclusion that the establishment press has become a subversive propaganda arm for the political left. People still trust them.

But what about the conservative press (the “new media” or “alternative press”)? Despite the power this body has been able to successfully wield, in the face of the grave and dangerous actions of the Obama administration and the deteriorating geopolitical landscape, too much of their coverage remains disappointingly superficial.

For example: I have noted that many conservative press outlets have gotten caught up in this theatrical bluster between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the situation in Ukraine. This is no different a tack than that taken by their liberal media counterparts. It occurs to me that the interests of global peace as well as our domestic situation (with this president) might be better addressed by examining the actions Obama has taken to precipitate that crisis.

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Stop pretending Obama is our president

obamas-puppet-masterWhen are we going to stop pretending that the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama and currently holding the office of president of the United States is anything other than a foreign-backed, Marxist operative and Islamist whose objectives include the effective destruction of America as we know it?

As I advised my streaming show audience this week, I – or anyone else, for that matter – could crack the façade concerning our president’s motives in seconds on any one of the national television news shows on which I’ve appeared by asking one simple question:

“Why is it that everything – everything – Obama has done has had a detrimental effect on America?” Enumerating them and clarifying said motives would, of course, be child’s play.

Nobody is that stupid, save for those shuffling around in institutions or under lock and key in the care of loved ones. Nor do I believe anyone is as incompetent or unlucky as one would have to be to have consistently botched everything from America’s economy to national security. In light of the developments of the last few months, the evidence of Barack Obama’s sabotage and treason has not only become agonizingly clear, but it convicts both those in the press who still consider themselves journalists, as well as anyone who has taken an oath to uphold our Constitution.

The elephant in the room – which even conservative pundits seem to be skirting – is that it has all been done deliberately.

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Conservative lawmakers’ secret Mideast trip could foreshadow Obama downfall

bachmannkinggohmert1Apparently, there are at least three American lawmakers who have determined to do their jobs, this being to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Unlike the craven, egocentric, self-aggrandizing majority of our congressmen and senators, at great personal risk, Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Steve King (R-IA) conducted an off-the-record trip (“mission” might actually be a better description) to the Middle East this past week.

As reported by the Washington Times, the three utilized commercial flights “into high-profile danger zones like Beirut, Cairo and Tripoli,” meeting with top-level officials in the region.

According to The Washington Post, Bachmann, Gohmert, and King met with embassy officials in Tripoli “to receive updates on the Benghazi attack and on the general situation in Libya.” The attack on the compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 has led to a myriad of questions on the part of Congress and the American people, but none of these have been answered satisfactorily by the administration. The ostensible efforts of the State Department to determine what occurred have been perfunctory at best, yet information coming out of Libya, Egypt, and certain independent parties has all but condemned Obama and his State Department, suggesting everything from a cavalier abandonment of the personnel there, to premeditation and complicity in their deaths.

Read more… you know you want to.

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