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Expose the Left’s Double Standard

Expose the Left’s Double Standard

By Erik Rush

Many Americans, particularly politically-engaged conservatives, are experiencing a certain frustration at the mock outrage and incendiary rhetoric being employed by those on the left who oppose President Donald Trump, his policies, and efforts on the part of conservatives in government to advance those policies. This frustration has its roots in the hypocrisy of the left, chiefly in light of the kid glove treatment that was extended to the administration of Barack Hussein Obama during his presidency, and more especially considering the surfeit of illegal antics in which his administration engaged.

There have already been innumerable instances of individuals on the left, from school teachers to celebrities to lawmakers, who have articulated opinions and measures concerning Trump, his surrogates, and those supporting him which would never have been tolerated by the press or the Washington establishment had they been voiced by Obama detractors.

A Spanish teacher in Johnstown, Colorado was placed on administrative leave after photos and videos surfaced of high school students smashing a piñata with a picture of President Donald Trump on it during a Cinco de Mayo celebration last Friday. All things considered, what surprises is that the teacher was disciplined at all. The Washington Post made a bigger deal over classes being canceled at the school the following Monday due to “an unspecified online threat” (possibly related to the piñata incident) than the piñata incident itself.

In April of 2012, when rock icon and conservative activist Ted Nugent stated in front of an audience at a National Rifle Association event that he would “either be dead or in jail by this time next year” if Barack Obama was re-elected, he was promptly paid a visit by the Secret Service. Yet when aging pop star Madonna said on January 21 “Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” CNN said that Madonna was “just trying to express herself.” There was no visit from the Secret Service.

Last week, an Art Institute of Washington professor declared on his Facebook page that House Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for passing a long-anticipated Obamacare replacement bill. Despite clarifying that he was not being hyperbolic (meaning he really meant that these people should be shot in the literal sense), there has been no response other than the outrage and disgust of those who recognize this double standard.

In addition to these instances, of course we have Deep State establishment operatives who have come under deep scrutiny since Trump took office; many of these hold allegiance to the former president, and have dedicatedly worked to thwart Trump’s policies and to delegitimize the new administration. There’s the establishment press, which has dutifully thrown its last shred of credibility to the wind engaging in similar efforts. There is the recent revelation that leftist and anti-Trump protesters are indeed being paid to protest against the President, which of course had been suspected since before he was even elected.

Finally, despite gains the GOP has made in state houses across the country over the last decade, and in which many Republicans have found solace and encouragement, there are still states such as Colorado (where I happen to reside) wherein out-of-state money and activism have actually pushed the state farther to the left in recent years, and wherein Democrats such as Governor John Hickenlooper (who once called Barack Obama a “rock star”), Senator Michael Bennett, and the firebrand Representative Jared Polis from Boulder, a gay faux entrepreneur and uber-socialist, continue to vigorously advance an anti-business, social justice, and confiscatory taxation agenda.

Some readers will recall the 2013 fight in Colorado over a rifle magazine ban and other draconian firearms legislation resulting from Democrat lawmakers deferring to billionaire and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun activism apparatus as evidence of Colorado politicos’ dedication to these efforts. This not only resulted in some firearms manufacturers leaving the state (and taking with them jobs they had provided), but also in the sheriffs of 54 Colorado counties suing Governor Hickenlooper to block the magazine laws, and in the recall of two Democrat state legislators who were later replaced with Republicans.

Inasmuch as President Trump was elected by a wide segment of voters along the political continuum as opposed to ideological conservatives, the political clout of such voters has indeed been made plain. As such, the imperative for further enlightening these voters also becomes plain. Millions who voted for candidate Trump because they were suffering and because his message resonated with them remain ignorant as to how progressive policies brought the nation to where it was during the 2016 campaign season, and how deeply entrenched these policies have become.

In the interest of America gravitating away from socialism, Beltway politics-as-usual, “draining the swamp,” and all that liberty-loving Americans would like to accomplish, it is unaffiliated voters who are in sore need of being educated as to the malignant nature of leftism and progressive influences.

The double standard concerning leftists being allowed to get away with all manner of provocative speech, incitement to violence and, in some cases, violence itself where these would never be tolerated coming from those on the right, needs to be brought front and center with all due speed. Doing so will go a long way to illustrating for unaffiliated voters the gutter-level modality in which leftists operate, and how fundamentally evil progressivism and the progressive political machine truly is.

Originally published in WorldNetDaily

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