The Desperate, Lying Left

insanityFormer Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell calls Obamacare “manna from heaven” during a segment on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC crap-tacular. Sharpton himself invokes the recently-departed Nelson Mandela to legitimize the idea that President Obama is fighting “tougher opposition” than Mandela did. Race-baiter Michael Eric Dyson likewise invokes Mandela to legitimize raising the minimum wage as administration-coordinated communist agitators demand. Obama declares to his cabin boy-in-waiting Chris Matthews during an interview that Republicans are to blame for the problem with the Obamacare rollout – right after claiming that casting blame is not part of his “management style.” New York Times columnist Paul Krugman follows suit, absolving Obama of any responsibility for anything untoward that has occurred during his abysmal tenure as President.

You can’t make this stuff up. In the Obama-Matthews interview (if you could call it that), Matthews openly indicts Republicans for trying to “make it difficult for minority people to vote,” and Obama agrees, thereby adding fuel to the fires of racialism that he has so effectively stoked over the past five years.

I suppose we should be grateful, because this wanton, sloppy, shameless, outrageous, foray into Unicornland on the part of the left (whether Obama, the press, or their pants-pissing idiot followers) is indicative of their terror and desperation. They know that over the past few short weeks, millions of Americans suddenly got Obama’s number, and are now more critically examining all of the President’s words.

And they aren’t believing them.

They now know that Barack Obama is a serial liar, and many are beginning to see the bigger picture – that the entire political framework within which he operates is a lie. Worse yet, they are beginning to see that the common denominator is the American people taking it in the shorts.

This has led to the almost laughable excursion into the most blatant lies and fabrications to which Americans have ever been exposed. Like the maniac who peels off his clothes and dashes off into the night shrieking, his last shred of sanity having deserted him, the wild abandon of the calumnies, allegations, and outright fantasies being put forth are the signs of those who have nothing left to say, let alone anything that makes sense.

Only those possessing the dimmest, flickering intellect will fall for this stuff; they’ll be the ones deriding me for writing this, and you for agreeing.

Quite sad, really.