The Obama Method

by Dr. Jim Garrow

obama_darkness1. Screw the people.
2. Find a handy scapegoat for your actions.
3. Fire the scapegoat.
4. Express outrage: “I’m madder than hell”
5. Undermine anyone who gets in the way of your continued screwing of the people.
6. Express outrage if an investigation shows that you are the problem.
7. Change the name of the offending Department.
8. Throw an excessive amount of new money at “the problem.”
9. Continue to screw the people.
10. Have your pet media flunkies report on the vast improvement.
11. Tell the world how great you are.
12. Ignore any suggestions for improvement.
13. Continue to screw the people.
14. Put Marxists or Muslims in charge of the renewed screwing of Americans.
15. Throw money at the Muslims and have it redistributed to jihadists.
16. Blame right wing extremists for the jihadists.
17. Up the arming of the police state.
18. Raid the right wingers, Constitutionalists or Church goers.
19. Load the courts with anti- Constitution, pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim judges.
20. Charge and convict patriotic Americans.
21. Implement No-knock raids on Christians, Right Wingers, and Republicans
22. Shoot a few of them.
23. Conference together to decide when Martial Law is needed.
24. Cause a triggering event.
25. Declare martial law.
26. Round up dissidents and place them in re-training and FEMA camps.
27. Get the guillotines ready.
28. Re-hire the flunkies you fired and give them new titles and more money.
29. Pay the media to praise your administration for their insight.
30. Plead the Fifth.